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Mar 31, 2007
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Jul 13, 2010
    1. xemsai-superfan
      i never hated Lex... i just dont know much about him. if i had more info, then i could say what i think of him. ive seen bash on Saix and its true. theyre all saying how hes like a clone of Xemnas and he should have deserved to die. THATS NOT TRUE AT ALL!!!!! im not saying u hate him b/c its always good to find that someone likes him but everyone else i know they either hate him or dont care.
    2. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      He likes to play on his sitar instead of work? lol
    3. xemsai-superfan
      i guess so but my two fave members r Saix and Axel... and always will be. how come people hate on Saix all the time? i dont get it...
    4. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Yeah, I know. I was looking forward to learning about Marluxia, Demyx, and Luxord the most. But of course, theyu're not important enough in Square Enix's eyes
    5. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      yeah i agree. That would be pretty niice. Have it start off from when Ansem the Wise found Xehanort and the experiments and go all the way through the end of KH1 Final Mix
    6. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Ooo I see. I wish Nomura would have put some other characters in the spotlight. I would've loved to see Saix and Axel when they first joined teh Organization. Even before it.
    7. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Yeah, I scanned through it. Couldn't really read it...but the pictures are pretty good lol
    8. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      lol well I guess you'll have to give off the appearance of a new member for awhile
    9. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Ooo I didn't see your join date. Yuo had a low number of posts so I assumed lol but yr welcome
    10. xemsai-superfan
      saix and axel fan... yes. xemnas fan... used to then found out he wanted KH for himself. what a jerk. i just like the fact that hes Saix's lover. <3 there4 XemSai!!!!! also akuroku fan...
    11. AxelFireDancer
      X'D be damned if I could remember, the sites changed a lot since when I first joined up, you use to be able to edit it easy enough I'll have a look about and see if I can't figure it out for you though.
    12. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Yo, how did you make the text under your name say Fox Fire...Dare you Commit that to Memory!!??
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