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Sep 9, 2012
Oct 2, 2010
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Black Star

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Sep 9, 2012
    1. Love
      its not a sequel its a remake of the prequel way before it,
    2. riku1186
      You alive *Pokes* Hey BS you there?
    3. Love
      recap for breath: Well what happened is we escaped the castle that never was and Atem and the kids jumped onto a ship that the mysterious man instructed was their only way off the world. While they are safe aboard the ship the consumers are attacking the worlds and the world Mixt's palace is on is the last safe haven, but now the mysterious man has come to attack Mixt and those who hide in his palace. A strange boy appears and defends Mixt while he fights the mysterious man but the boy is impaired when the attacks of the mysterious man are too strong.
    4. Key master Sora
      Key master Sora
      I've been alright black ^^
      how are you?
    5. riku1186
      I have a hard time understanding alot of it, but I think that might be labuage diference. But I think it also needs a bit more added to it.
    6. riku1186
      No, I haven't had the chance yet, but my friend read it and he said he didn't understand it.
    7. riku1186
      No I never got it, but send it to me and I will see what I can do.
    8. riku1186
      You know if you want you can join my rp, right now would be a good time actually.
    9. riku1186
      Thats right, unless harmony gold lets them.
    10. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Perdoname, pero ya hay gente que no quiere postiar en Bleach y ya no estoy interesado en el Bleach RP.
      Lo voy a cerrar.
    11. riku1186
      The original three seasons of Robotech where three different series of Japanese anime. edited and mixed toghter. Macross was one series. Now in japan Macross is succeseful but none of macross can be released in english because Harmony gold who hold Macross license won't let them.
    12. riku1186
      Well do you want to know a fun fact about Robotech that started an internet war?
    13. riku1186
      Oh, so your a Robotech Fan.
    14. riku1186
      Yatta, used to be Naobi in Signs and Wiseman in the original game.

      Have you ever heard of Robotech or Macross?
    15. riku1186
      Ah Pi, used to be Ender. She started off very B****y but turned out to be nice after you save her from Aida, she really soft up after that.
    16. riku1186
      I find it funny that there are so many .hackers and sign characters in G.U and they don't tell you, not at where I'm at anyway.
    17. Love
      Lol yup xD Atem is becoming mentally unstable. A weakness for a strong warrior like him.
    18. riku1186
      Well then, I pick Shino, mostly because I watched .Hack//ROOTS.
    19. riku1186
      A challenge.

      Pick, Shino or Atoli? Which do you prefer?
    20. riku1186
      The dopplganger. I heard it is always a lot stronger then you.
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