Sep 30, 2006
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Jul 7, 1995 (Age: 28)


This silence is mine, Female, 28


Pink?! Aug 5, 2021

    1. Yozora
      Clear some space dawg
    2. Yozora
      CHRIS you're back ;;

      Don't do that ever again or I'll remove you from my FB. (jk)
    3. Yozora
      Where you go

      It's been like years COME BACK TO THE INTERNET
    4. Fork
      I miss you ;~;
    5. Ienzo
      You never know! *dramatic music* xD I'm just gongi for nicest member again, but not sure I will keep my title...

      Yes! What a coincidence xD I break up from school tomorrow which means my summer begins but I'm off to India for two weeks to start with... the madness never ends really. I shall be on MSN hopefully later :D
    6. Ienzo
      Hottest male member 2012?

      Hehe. Let us hope the buns win xD
    7. Shizzy
      I like the fact that you & Kelly like VGA c: I totally got Haseo into the show the other day, too.
    8. Makaze
      Yeah, but he was being gimmicky, it wasn't picking on or targeting. Disliked that specific mistake.

      He felt like you guys where targeting that habit just because he was using it, not because it was annoying to you. (I think.)

      He might, but then he'll remember that he got himself banned. We'll see.
    9. Makaze
      It's not a matter of being offended, he doesn't like being picked on at all. It doesn't have to be a big deal.

      He felt it was too common to put up with.
    10. Makaze
      It was more that he is pretty much the only user to use
      on the forum, and it was his usage that started the discussion.

      Hating on the use of greentext on a forum was hating on his behavior.
    11. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      Ugh... You know what, never mind. Just scrap it. Not in the mood... Besides, I started it this time.
    12. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      That laziness makes you look rude. You could at least go as far as to explain yourself better.

      I'm not gonna go in circles with you. The choice is not the issue here, it's the way it's delivered. Sarcastically. If I was convinced you actually wanted to let this drop, I might. But the fact that you keep taking shots at me whenever I so much as touch one of your posts leaves me thinking you're trying to pick a fight. You're not telling jokes. You're taking stabs. I'm sick of it.
    13. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      All right, see, now you're doing the thing that ticks me off. You did not say your humor isn't my style. What you did was parody it in a clearly venomous manner. Don't try to pass it off as something else, I'm not a shmuck. At least I assess; you just mock.

      And don't try to play the "agree to disagree" card after pulling that crap. If you really want to let bygones be bygones then quit trying to stir up trouble.
    14. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      Strongly disagree, and it hardly works online anyway. You just come off as lazy, or like you're pretending you were joking any time somebody calls you on what you said. I also don't appreciate the rib at my style of humor; you might not appreciate it but you don't have to be a dick about it.
    15. Fork
      Yeah I left it on a lot of times too xD
      So did you like the ending? The story really comes together towards the end, even if it tends to be really confusing haha. What is your final of the game now that you've finished it?
      Also, did you really get anything about the story? o;
    16. Cloud.Strife.
      I've been fine, what about you?
    17. Fork
      Yeah the one with the highest affinity is the one who gets captured xD Mine was the Duchess. And after that quest where she sold you out to put you in jail, I came VERRRY close to sacrificing her. But then I decided against it because of the whole Duke thing. Some people apparently got Asalam (The innkeeper) xD. You should have sacrificed her to see what happens. It's one of the "bad endings".
      If you need some explanations about a few things, then don't be afraid to ask. Some things are confusing >_>

      But yeah, the dragon fight is super awesome. Probably one of the best boss fights I've had in a game in a long time. I like how he spouts philosophical things at you whilst he's trying to claw your face xD
    18. Cloud.Strife.
      Hey you there, doest thou remember me?
    19. Korosu
      I did. I like, screamed since I love Animal Crossing since I'm super lame. I only got to watch an hour of it, sadly. I'm waiting for him to upload it. I wonder what possessed them to play it. Becky, probably? Idk.
    20. Korosu
      I know, I know. We like, have the same minds. Except, not really. :v AND CHRISSY. THEY PLAYED ANIMAL CROSSING, I WAS SO HAPPY, OH MY GOD.
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