Sep 30, 2006
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Jul 7, 1995 (Age: 28)


This silence is mine, Female, 28


Pink?! Aug 5, 2021

    1. Fork
      Oh, now you answer? ;~;
      And well the thing about Gaston, being the town hero and all, is that he's just like every other hero in Disney movies, except he's the "bad guy" in this case. It's quite a paradox. That's why I like him.
    2. Fork
      No one's slick as Christhor
      No one's quick as Christhor
      No one's neck's is incredibly thick as Christhor's
    3. Korosu
      Frash Frash is staring into my soul. MY SOUL.
    4. The Great Gatz
      The Great Gatz
      Damn *****! How u been?
    5. Shizzy
      Ah, you really had me goin' there.
    6. Shizzy
      Wait. Dude, are you THE MrChrisMad? Like, fo'reals and stuff?
    7. Fearless
      She also might be lying, though.
    8. Llave
      Hello there Chris, you have two messages in the Postbox!
    9. Fearless
      Dunno about you, but I think Jayn did it. Thoughts?
    10. Lauriam
      Thanks, I know we weren't ever good friends, but seeing you around was always fun.
    11. Fearless
      They're just jealous because our love knows no bounds. B|
    12. Makaze
      No, I do not. That should be obvious by my having asked you which you consider yourself.

      I wish for you to be sincere. Furthermore, I wish for you to make it clear whether or not you are being sincere. If I knew already, I would not have to ask. You are copping out again.
    13. Makaze
      Expected. "Oh, that's my prerogative," but...

      You cop out when asked a direct question like this. Now, you may or not may not agree with the premise, but the options are the same. The options are these:

      1. You are the way you act.
      2. You act like that for the sake of acting like that.

      Pick one.

      The premise is that that the way you act is a way a dick acts. You may choose an option whether you agree with that premise or not. Please do so.
    14. Makaze
      I see. I still have a lot of trouble trusting you. Oh, that's my prerogative, but the way you carry yourself is extremely troll-like according to more than me alone. The choices are that you are actually a dick, or you just like to act like one in front of others. There is no other option. Which is it?
    15. Firekeyblade
      Well all right if you say so. And yeah...school's..starting to absorb more time than I thought it would.
    16. Makaze
      No... I meant people that you would consider yourself 'attached' to. Would you say that they know you very well? Other than Risk and Kelly, if Kelly does. I consider how much you show of your personal feelings a measure of just how much you 'like' someone.
    17. Makaze
      Do you consider yourself close to or good friends with anyone here other than perhaps Risk and Kelly?
    18. Makaze
      The more I get to know you, the less stock you seem to have in anyone here.

      I see.
    19. Makaze
      Who are your little friends?

      Also, I forgot to ask, but what made you change your impression of me?
    20. Makaze
      Nah, I have a really hard trouble believing that you actually support starseeker3's position. A successful troll does not go overboard. They ride the line between, "Is he serious?", and, "He had better not be serious.". I would rather believe that you are not as much of a dick as you make yourself out to be. The pattern does show that you simply wish to play devil's advocate against the regular members. Do you still deny it?
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