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Aug 2, 2011
Apr 2, 2007
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November 27
The Labyrinth

Catch the Rain

As the world falls down ♥, from The Labyrinth

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Aug 2, 2011
    1. Yozora
    2. Xephos
      Ah. Nice~ I like the idea. :3 And thanks. ^^ *purrs*
    3. Korra
      Late reply ahoy, sorry @_@

      Convention was awesome, I went as AC Tifa and had a lot of fun. It was so hot though, black vinyl and summer heat is just not a good combination. xD
      I kind of can't believe I'm 18 either, time really flew by. Graduation was long and irritating but in the end I graduated with honors, so I guess that's not bad. Now I just have to wait for my college schedule and's so weird to me.

      And nah, just some weirdo started talking to me about anime in a restaurant. xD

      Ah :c Don't work yourself too hard, you need breaks too. I would definitely like to see you write again. :3
      Fffff so do I, I have like six books lined up that I've wanted to read all year. I Am Number Four was on that list but after reading reviews and watching a bit of the movie...I think I'll pass on it. >>

      Also England is absolutely beautiful. I really wish I could've met up with you, but the combination of my internet being an ******* and the schedule my mom planned didn't seem to allow for it ;~;
      I am for sure going back one day soon, hopefully we can arrange something then D:
    4. Moodkip
      Then dance! xD
    5. Inasuma
      kay the post box is ultra badass. just an fyi. <3
    6. Yozora
      Yes, yes it is.
    7. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      Thank you, dear. <3
    8. Darkcloud
      Hey. (fillerz)
    9. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Thank you.

      I think I recognize who these are from too. I think I recognize the way these people type.[IMG]
    10. P
      Sabby explained the post you mentioned. Skycat had posted a link to her own Voxli room, and had apparently done so before, explaining why it was her 'last warning'. Sabby was referring specifically to Skycat, not to Voxli in general.
    11. Sakura Angel
    12. The Twin
      The Twin
      Aww, thank you very much! <3
    13. Moodkip
      Lol my bad wasn't trying to compete. But yeah, I hate when that happens, after it rains it should be sunny darnit.
    14. Dinny
      Haha, I'll try and keep up / balance my school life with the internet as best as I can 8D
      Aww, thank you! c'': <3
    15. Mike
      Thanks for letting me know CTR. =)
    16. MadDoctorMaddie
      Good, had the first class today (=total awesomness 8D)
      Actually not really, I'm kinda chalking it up to being really tired, t'was after 11pm and I'd been working 13 hours that day (and brilliantly included a trip to the park x.x)

      Aww, hope you're enjoying it at least!
    17. Doukuro
      Bet you don't even have to try o:

      Also, I love you avi. :3
    18. Mish
      I know that song off by heart now because I've been listening to it pretty much non-stop. @__@

      I know you ain't ever had a man like that, buy you everything your heart desire like that~
    19. Makaze
      Asocial. I haven't felt like dealing with large groups of people lately...
    20. C
      I apologise D: Don't worry m'dear, it was nothing <3
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    November 27
    The Labyrinth
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