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Jul 14, 2015
    1. Dinny
      I'm sure it will c:
      Good luck!
    2. Dinny
      I am so so so sorry :c

      But yes, quite true ~
    3. Dinny
      Awesome! Much luck to it!

      I'll try and check it out if I have time but I keep my RPs in a very, very minimal nowadays. I'm in about 3 right now and that's already a lot for me with school ongoing and what not. I'll definitely take some time to check out your RP though - it would be nice to RP with you again n _ n
    4. Jayn
      Hey, moving the conversation here, haha.

      I approved your thread so you should be all good to go. Just try to post in a few more post counting sections.

      Also, regarding the anniversary pins... In order to have gotten those, you had to actually be active on the site at the time, sorry.

      And thank you! I appreciate it. I wish I knew who you were talking about and could help but I have no idea. xD I've only been staff for a little over a year now.
    5. Saxima
      I'm active in a few sections. I check all of the other sections daily, but the one I'm most active in (as for everyone else) is The SpamZone. I also like to keep to the RP Arena, and am in a few roleplays myself. I also dabble in story writing a lot, so there are a few stories you can find by me in the Writer's Nook.
    6. Saxima
      Very strange indeed . . . Did it say who the mod was? Or is it just a mod that has to approve of it?

      I see . . . Well, so long as you press the edit button that's on the post you have your story in, there shouldn't be any issues.
    7. Saxima
      So you don't have the permissions to post a thread there? How strange . . .

      I would be more than happy to take a look at your writings. As for updating it, all you have to do is check the bottom right of your post and click 'Edit', and you can change and add however you'd like. What kind of story is it?
    8. Saxima
      That depends. In which part of the RP Arena did you make it?
    9. Saxima
      Are you a returning member? I can't remember from your introduction. Looking at your member number, I guess you are.
    10. Chendler
      This is getting on my nerves slowly...
    11. SORA!
      lmao :P....
    12. Chendler
      *goes into impatient mode* xD
    13. SORA!
      awww i see
    14. Chendler
      It is probably because i use VERY many letters it would seem
    15. SORA!
      Thats weird...doesnt do that with mine :s
    16. Chendler
      It says mod must approve of it...:(
    17. SORA!
      im dunno :S
    18. Chendler
      Great, just made my own RP...might be a little confusing tho. Why isnt the post showing right away? :(
    19. SORA!
      Heya :) how are you?
    20. Chendler
      Glad to hear that :)
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