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Nov 10, 2021
Jan 13, 2009
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Nov 10, 2021
    1. KeybladeKyle101
      aha it all takes time i guess, plus i used to play hockey when i was little, fer like .. a year then i quit because im a lgiht weight and kept getting tossed around like a rag doll into the boards .. wasn't fun at all.
    2. KeybladeKyle101
      lol, yea, i slipped a lot as well. i wanted to go skating to play hockey with some friends but .. its been too cold, and the snow here last for like .. 4 months or so =/ its not all that great
    3. KeybladeKyle101
      no, just winter time, but obvs, the further north you go the more snow =/ luckily im in central/southern part of canada =D
    4. KeybladeKyle101
      yea, there like TONS of snow here, and the wind is freakin cold, and thats cool, my step mother is from Estonia, and my great grand father is Norwegian =D although i dont speak anything else except english and some french .. not alot =/
    5. KeybladeKyle101
      ohhhh, shweet, i live in a small town in canada =/ pretty bored .. and uber cold
    6. KeybladeKyle101
      lol thanks for continuous dissing of my mother, any who. i never heard that =/ but hearing that guess changes my view bout the whole growling thing =/, and that must suck having music class liek that,you in a small town or something?
    7. KeybladeKyle101
      lol thanks "mom" but i agree, piano is a beautiful instrument .. easier on the ears then distorted guitars n stuff.
    8. KeybladeKyle101
      lol, well i wanna learn piano next, i love the sound of it .. but never got around to finding one, but im not much of a singer .. working on more of a growl/scream type of thing .. cuz im jsut that hardcore bwaha
    9. KeybladeKyle101
      Sounds Cool! =D so you into music as well?
    10. KeybladeKyle101
      haha, oh well, i swear im on the verge of getting the boot =/ musicians in the way of my work =D but not my fault, i should went to a college of music and arts =]
    11. KeybladeKyle101
      yea, its cool, i still dont know the ways of the forum, =/, but yea school is ghey, college is booooring
    12. KeybladeKyle101
      lol thanks, yea im barely on here, too busy with my music life lately n e ways =/
    13. KeybladeKyle101
      hello, welcome ^_^ yea im a noob at this site as well haha
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