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    Yes. You just place the order, then you pay before it ships. Just don't forget about it! It was the same with the FFXV collector's edition.
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    Don't forget you have until January to get the money. You don't pay until it ships! :)
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    January 29, 2019

    January 29, 2019
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    Think this is going to be considered as an Ultimate Edition or do you guys think there will be something at the Sony conference later tonight?
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    In my opinion I think this would've turned into a disaster for core fans. Disney would try to turn it into a children's show with Sora GROWING UP and LEARNING about teamwork and dedication and... the power.. of....oh, wait....
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    Why hello! ^_^

    Why hello! ^_^
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    Remind me: So I remember picking a username for the Japanese version (which I only played a little since I can't read Japanese), is the username permanent or can I change it to whatever, whenever? Also, I don't remember if the name has to be Unique or not. I don't think so since I picked a common name but I just need a refresher.
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    Very cool. Love the voice of Aqua. Absolutely perfect.
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    Really? Only 9??? It felt like they were singing every 10 minutes... Well like I said, imo, it felt like more than 9. Granted I wasn't really excited for it which may have had an effect. I watched it once just to say that I've seen it and that's about it. It could also be that I haven't watched a Disney film in a few years and I've grown further and further away from musical type movies as I think they're cheesy (Which is why I cringed so hard in KH2 Atlantica. Thank God it wasn't a necessity unless I wanted Ultima, which I've only gotten once just to say that I have). Alright. Point taken then.
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    Yea but Frozen imo was more of a musical than any other Disney movie I can think of off the top of my head at this very moment and I personally am not too big on musicals, but I'm fine with MOST Disney movies with a little bit of singing. There are a few where it makes me cringe a bit.

    Okay I can see how a Frozen world would work after about 15 minutes of typing a reply of how it wouldn't work but then thinking of a way it would work and deleting it and re-type more problems then figure them out again. And the process happened about 20 times before I finally thought of an entire world playthrough for it. The only way I can think of this working is that Sora and them appear maybe during the party they have for Elsa and the story continues where she runs off and Sora, Donald, Goofy, and new Friend Anna go chasing after her (but since Anna doesn't really have anything special for combat, it'd just be like normal playing with Anna isn't there if that makes sense) They meet Kristoff, he joins, maybe Square will somehow make him be able to fight and join the party or you are on the sled and you have to protect it from the wolves, then you progress to Elsa's castle whom you convince to go back and fix the town, and that's when you're able to have her as a party member. Then the story continues from there.
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    I really hope that one of these worlds that are included aren't Frozen... Because since that movie was a musical, I don't want to repeat KH2 Atlantis... That imo was God-awful. Also, I've noticed that the orange bar says "Focus" now instead of "Ex". So my guess is that Keyblade Transformations are going to be like Shotlocks in BBS.
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    Well from the trailer here is what I picked out:
    1. (this is obvious) You don't start out with new cloths since Sora's wearing his KH2 stuff while fighting the Rock Titan. Meaning that these new cloths are probably special and allow you to perform certain actions which I am guessing is bringing DDD's abilities to the real world. His new clothing somewhat resembles that of his in DDD so it makes sense to me...
    2. Because of #1, Rock Titan is probably one of the first few bosses meaning Olympus Coliseum (or whatever that world is) is pretty early in the game like it usually is
    3. Obvious flowmotion is obvious
    4. Along with flowmotion, it looks like the viking ship, tea cups, Pegasus, etc. work like reality shifts. Just from the footage from the Rock Titan, it seemed that when sora blocked the stomp and hit its leg, a little turquoise shard thing appeared and I'm assuming that the player pressed triangle and circle to activate it, just like you would press X and A on the DS.
    5. In the trailer, there is a calendar behind Eraqus that matches up EXACTLY with the month of October of this year. Maybe a teaser for its release date? I hope so.
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    Ehh I'm not too sure on this one honestly... Just watching a few videos, the dialog looks really cheesy (I can't stand cheesiness. It makes me feel like it's for 8 year olds. Anything cheesy makes me cringe so hard *cough cough* re:coded ending *cough cough*), and it isn't a crucial I-need-to-play-this-in-order-to-know-wtf-is-happening- part of the main story-line. So I might try it out since it'll be free and go for maybe one world before I finalize my decision.

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