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Ego Imperium

Twilight Town Denizen, from I reject your reality, and substitute my own.

A therapist suggested that I vent my anger by writing letters to people I hate and burning the. May 30, 2018

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Dec 13, 2018
    1. Jayn
      It's alright. I understand. c: It's all good. Hope you had a good time while you were away, at least.
    2. Jayn
      Hey, fellow role player.
      Just a friendly reminder to try to nominate and vote for the KHV Awards this year!
      The role play section of the awards has always been pretty dead. So please try to support us! Nominate your fellow role players, any fun role plays you're involved in, etc. Even if you've already sent in your RP nominations, if there's anything you left blank, try to fill it! There has to be something worthy of nominating in your time role playing this year.
      Please try to let other role players know. We don't want KHV to think we really are a dead section. There's plenty of life, so let's prove it!
      Spam zone is great and all, but the RP Arena needs a little love too. :]
    3. riku1186
      Thanks for informing us that your having trouble getting on, when you do get back on proper I will give you a recap if you want.
    4. Arch
      Yeah, it is. Godsmack is my favorite metal band. Re-Align is one of my favorite songs too(especially the acoustic version). You a Godsmack fan too? 8D
    5. Love
      oh thank you so much, its nice someone told me that today <3
    6. Love
      hey would you be interested on joining a rp offsite on gaiaonline? We are requiring more characters <3 and it seems like something you would like. Please join gaia if you haven't already just to attend the roleplay please <3 c: When you are ready to join pm Love on khv with your gaia username and I shall go on gaia and add you to the roleplay. My username on gaia is Phisoxa. If you have any questions or need help on gaia or the rp please contact Love through vms its faster.

      Here are some samples of the roleplay we have done so far, but don't worry we have only started and no major events have begun yet. But join quickly since a large event is drawing near.

      Here are some samples of characters from the rp:

      Here is the plot

      Set predominantly in Germany, this role play takes place in modern times where a powerful group of abnormal beings that has remained relatively hidden for possibly hundreds of years begins to cause trouble.

      The Blackguards are made up of human-hybrids of various mythical creatures, and even some that have no human blood in them. Even though the 'Purebloods', as they call themselves, have self-proclaimed themselves as having no human blood within them, this is a common misconception amongst their kind. All beings such as werewolves, vampires, elves, etc. were all created by the ancient Wizards and Witches. They took humans and experimented on them... transformed them into hideous creatures for petty things such as entertainment or mere slavery. The Wizards were tyrants. This is what caused the humans and creatures to eventually rebel and nearly kill off all wizard kind. But after the great war, the humans cast out the creatures and estranged them from their society. They betrayed their allies. Many of these creatures mingled into the population of humans, while small factions of them remained alone. So in short, not one being can claim themselves to have no human blood in them... that is, all but the pureblood wizards. However, they're more rare than anything now-a-days.

      Panzer, a specialized military group that has dealt with many affairs within Germany's best interest, has recently come to a conclusion that this group called "The Blackguards" needs to be apprehended. Though they've never heard of them before they started kidnapping civilians, they weren't going to tolerate such actions. It was odd how the stories they heard about them seemed to stem out of nowhere... since they'd been able to keep hidden for who knows how long. But Panzer is determined to track down these creatures and either incarcerate them, or, if they prove to be too dangerous, exterminate them. They have been searching for the best of the best to recruit into their ranks. Even if these individuals aren't the perfect "upstanding citizens". With the leadership of an experienced veteran of the German military, Kasimir Schmidt, Team Panzer will attempt to free the world of the Blackguard freaks.
    7. riku1186
      Ok, I will reply in my next post.
    8. riku1186
      Ok, After I have the nurse talk to him I was going to have my main character come in and explain to him everything he missed, and seeing as your character survived getting infected by darkness would imply strength and my main character is still seeking his 'pawns'. And then being maniplitive as he points Di towards the shadowlands and towards Phisoxa. If you like I could do that or just have the doctor come in and explain the darkness and light thing.
    9. riku1186
      If you want I can post as the NPCs if you want, or I could bring in my main character to help get you back into the RP.
    10. Mixt
      Yeah, I honestly wasn't expecting it to. Well not completely anyway, just a sentence or two longer than they normally would.

      Personally I've never been good at doing extended RP posting. When an opportunity presents itself, fine. But if it doesn't I feel like I'm either god-modding or going into pointless detail.
    11. Love
      Yeah it was put on pause for a bit since alot of people had personal things to attend to, now its just starting back up. Also if you want to catch up, there is a link to a summary that lists everything that has happened so far in the OOC forum.
    12. Mixt
      Thank You.

    13. Love
      .... hopefully this is light reading for someone like you >.>:

      After being thrown literally from the sky, many of the surviving students make messy landings in the city of Janina after their home world was eclipsed by a darkcore, both Mike and Mixt end up being taken to the Hospital after finding them quite beat up. There they are treated just for minor wounds but Mixt seems to heal up nice, a palace knight who went by the name of Rould is inside the hospital supposedly there to check on his daughter who is a doctor but some force seems to lead him to Mixt's room. With the door closed Rould speaks to Mixt, recognizing him as a surivor of the tragedy at the academy, he seems like a normal guy as he talks to Mixt but suddenly he mentions that sensed the darkness in Mixt's heart and with that took of his glasses which made his previously blue eyes turn to a evil yellow shade and a massive dark presence is unveiled. Rould remains calm and cheery while he gives Mixt a royal invitation to the meeting and then Rould leaves to escort his friend to the palace who is standing just outside. A man with a equally strong dark presence and a elderly appearance. Later on Mixt begins to become more of a accomplice to the two men and feels more comfortable having them around him then anyone else in the palace.
      The surviving students met with the emperor at the palace and they had meeting over dinner, after a messy negotiation with the leader of the Tohemi Company whom the emperor wanted to meet with earlier, the Tohemi company supposedly "leaves" the sight of the meeting till Nathaniel the head knight catches up with the CEO known as Torxber and makes a deal with him. If the Tohemi company carries out the deal asked of Nathaniel to make a coverup and assassinate the Emperor for him in exchange for this Nathaniel plans to recognize the Tohemi company as a war neutral group and will try to stay away from them for now on. The CEO orders his soldiers to attack the palace and make their way towards the emperor who was inside of his library unprotected. A series of screams from the emperor's servants is enough for Phisoxa and Mike to try and intervene to save the emperor. They are intercepted by the Tohemi soldiers after Phisoxa tries to guard the wounded emperor. The fight continues till the CEO arrives and knocks them all back and finishes the job himself. The next morning the students sleep in missing the funeral service of the emperor. While the others are already awake, Phisoxa is still dreaming but that dream later becomes a vision that portends something about to happen to Phisoxa in the future. A tall monolith inscribed with strange scenes and pictographs contrast against a white abyss and it calls to Phisoxa whispering for her to come near, but when she refuses a unseen force drags her forward and forces her to touch it. Just below the area she touched is a stone carving of what appears to be a pair of people, perhaps twins holding hands. In the dream she experiences being branded with a strange tattoo that consists of twin dragons and a small spinning symbol in the middle. When Phisoxa wakes up she finds that the the event is just the dream, but was it ? The tattoo branded just below her collarbone that she finds actually to be consistent with the one in her dream provides a answer. But Phisoxa brushes it aside as she is called to the office of the headknight, we later find out since the emperor has no legit heirs and so Nathaniel was promoted to be the national leader in his place. So with that new power Nathaniel ment to have some changes made where the Emperor couldn't and so Phisoxa was accepted as a new incoming member of the knight's council and first female one at that. After that she and surviving students are sent to eat brunch where Mixt and his new "friends" Rould and oldman speak to him about possible options for him, either he could stay here and help the oldman finish his plans or accompany Phisoxa or the oldman's "sister" on her first mission as a council member in training. It is unclear on how the oldman and Phisoxa are siblings though since the oldman seems old enough to be her grandfather but when Phisoxa speaks to him later in seclusion about that "old"man things become clear, it appears long ago her brother made a deal to have great knowledge and power made his own in exchange his youth was the price to pay, but Phisoxa suspects something else was made in the deal because youth of one person wouldn't be enough to make such a deal and she suspects that she might be part of it. Phisoxa is given her first mission which is to accompany Rould and another highranked knight Victor to the Shadowlands to make some observations that might aid them in the upcoming war which was foretold to be a possibility after the darkcore consuming one world so easily. The shadowlands is a cluster of worlds that lay out of the light realm's possession and provide a haven for those dark residents, their families, and their societies being exiled during the secret war when the Emperor ordered all dark residents to be exiled. Living secluded from the rest of the worlds, the people of the shadowlands have learned that differences or hierarchy by blood or wealth didn't matter and ranking was based on who proved to be the strongest and if you proved yourself able to survive you were a member of the shadowlands society. This society managed to support and take care of itself without the help of the light for many years and proved you did not have to rely on someone else to survive. Phisoxa and others ventured to the shadowlands by use of a worldly portal, with two knights in the lead Mixt, Mike, Dante, and Phisoxa traveled into the nearby city on the main world of the Shadowlands society, a city which appeared to be a eclipsed version of Janina in size and prosperity but it's architectural makeup was much more greater and advanced and it's population of people was much more diverse then that of the light realm. It was less orderly then society at Janina but there appeared to be more people flooding the streets together then there. Rould made a plan for everyone to travel anonymous through the city in search of clues and information and then meet up again at a hotel known as the Raven's roost. But as Rould and the others traveled through the lower districts of the city first before heading to the main part, Phisoxa and Mixt slipped away and decided to explore the middle part of the city known was the Lions den where the military and important affairs are taken care of. But this would get them into trouble faster and soon Phisoxa and Mixt were captured crimsoned haired, tan skinned woman who was a slave trader and a dark knight who had been paid to capture Phisoxa by someone else. Her shadow goons captured the two easily and she took them to the dungeons of the dark castle nearby where she began checking Phisoxa over as she spoke to Mixt who she hadn't harmed because she could sense the darkness in his heart which made him much more trustworthy then Phisoxa. Mike who had been following the main group still wasn't that safe and he found himself taken hostage by a few streetgoers when he awakes he attempts to break and manages to and goes in search of the Raven's roost.A woman, a accomplice of the man who ordered Phisoxa captured appeared to check Phisoxa over as well only to have Phisoxa break free of her capture and escape. Phisoxa tries to outrun the woman who pursues her but is cornered and recaptured again, but the woman is in for a surprise with a strange armored figure attacks her, defending Phisoxa and the woman is forced to withdraw and return to back to the castle, her client is forced to go look for Phisoxa on her own when Phisoxa is left to wander a particular dangerous part of the city searching for a hotel known as the ravens roost, hoping to find her away to safety.
    14. riku1186
      Its alright, I live here so I can think that. The east has suffered cyclones and floods alot in summer. But on days that it sunny are really great.
    15. riku1186
      I'm not even in america, I'm across the pacific ocean in Australia. I tend to use GMT Time.
    16. riku1186
      I'm in the east as well.
    17. Love
    18. Love
      Actually Phisoxa has offered to duel with Mixt. Everyone else is watching since Phisoxa invited them to witness it.
    19. riku1186
      My timezone is GMT +10:00 if you want to know.
    20. Love
      Hmm, sure I guess, I might post that later actually.
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