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Ego Imperium

Twilight Town Denizen, from I reject your reality, and substitute my own.

A therapist suggested that I vent my anger by writing letters to people I hate and burning the. May 30, 2018

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Dec 13, 2018
    1. Love
      Well this is a actiony fast moving rp, we don't take our time to wait because then it will surely die off and I noticed that you are having trouble keeping up maybe? Since you seem to only make one post every few days or so. Maybe thats the reason why you are loosing interest due to the fact you are missing most of the main events and maybe if we get your little friend Cornelius to do something eventful like capture dear old Ansem and the twins, then maybe we might get the council involved and maybe more people who are still technically loyal to the Light Kingdom. So we will have the bad guy's(light kingdom etc) side of the story as well as that of the Rebels.

      Remember if you are ever having trouble let me know, I can always help out.
    2. Love
      Phisoxa gave you a device that is good for one more use of the portal void since Phisoxa used it back then in the light city, she didn't pick you up since she secretly gave you that device as a present for being a good help to her, so if you ever feel the need to jump from place to place, use it for Zei.
    3. Mixt
      Love and I were talking about that. We don't have very precise plans for it but it would be some kind of magical artifact. A talisman, crystal, energy sphere, etc.
    4. riku1186
      Hey ego, what you up to?
    5. Love
      Ah okay just making sure I not asking you to do anything at the moment Riku will just do the rest really so you are all set oxo
    6. Love
      When you get the chance will you choose one or a few of your characters to be chosn to be picked up by the Tohemi ship so you aren't so you know left out, this is a plan we have been forming to at least get some of you guys into the action you know oxo so try at least commenting on Riku's pro to know which one you would like to be picked up or just reply to my post with ansem's question on it you haven't replied to yet and put into the ooc letting him know. I think it's best to do the comment since someone might post too much and loose your post. You can continue on with the events that some of your other characters are currently in, you don't have to stop em, just try to have character you know decided who you would like to have more action for.
    7. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Hm I think I understand what you mean.

      If you know exactly what you want, PM me the details.
    8. Boy Wonder
    9. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Ha no worries.
      I've been busy with finals, probably shouldn't have made a couple of RPs while I should've been studying.
      I thought it died, but to be honest, I was relieved for some study time.
    10. Love
      So the next chapter will happen around the same time on the kh timeline as when Sora first leaves destiny islands and the worlds get out of whack for the first time in 15 years, The dark and light realms are still sorta enemies but they are not as agressive as they were in the war and coexist without too much conflict. The Knight's Council still exists but they are not as powerful anymore since the previous emperor's brother who was next in line for the crown earlier in the series will take over the throne for his dead brother, knocking the knight's council out of the lead. And now the council is sort of a seperate power from the realm of light now and is still allies with it, yet Nathaniel is plotting to overthrow the new reining the ruler. So its sorta like the side story of events that run behind the scenes of kh1. And also some Kingdom Hearts characters will be available for use in the next chapter since they do at different times do come in contact with us,but not too often to make a impact.
    11. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      I'm pretty sure it is.
    12. Love
      Yeah :o I was thinking about remaking chapter two as well which happens around 15 years apart from the current one, which is like a sequel and has a lot of action going to happen. But that's the only one I prefer as well. So yeah xD In chapter one rewind and press play a couple of my characters are going to die off as well, but one is going to be revived in chapter two. So just to let you know each chapter of the series has it's individual story and rp.
    13. Love
      Yes :o, but this only the first chapter of the entire series that I was attempting to remake that is all xD
      There is like what eight other chapters in seperate rps that I finished up a long time ago.
    14. Spaze
      Me neither. x.x I mean, what on earth is the point of the chat?
    15. Mixt
      really? sorry about that. I've guessed wrong plenty of times but I thought it had come up at some point. I must be thinking of someone else.
    16. Mixt
      Love and I gave you a position in this sub plot. At least a reason for Xiao to be included in the action. Just start raising chaos and we'll come to you.
    17. Love
      Can't wait to see that :U And the best thing is Mixt is there, shes going to like that :U
    18. Love
      now you can use Xiao more since alot of people are in Twilight Town now.
    19. Mixt
      Seems in my rambling in Mixt's head I never actually said where he went. Mixt's home is in Twilight Town so Xiao can find him there in her wanderings.
    20. Love
      ah okay :o its just I don't like when I get stuck, because the rp needs me xD
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