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Dec 13, 2018
Jul 10, 2009
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Ego Imperium

Twilight Town Denizen, from I reject your reality, and substitute my own.

A therapist suggested that I vent my anger by writing letters to people I hate and burning the. May 30, 2018

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Dec 13, 2018
    1. Love
      oh ok, but I can't keep my character in one place all day is all.
    2. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      I'll judge your, as long as everyone else's, use of Aether in the thread itself.

      Feel free to start posting.
    3. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Well let's not get too drastic. For anything decent sized, she should come in physical contact. Then wrap her Aether around it or whatever and then she can control it, but she's fine for now.
      I'll add her to the roster.
    4. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      I was going to post in the thread, but my internet is being weird on my laptop so I'm using my PS3 for now. Your female character is alright, as long as her power requires her to be in contact with the object. Aether comes from her own body, so she can't be at a distance when she manipulates an object. If that's what you mean, I'll add her once I get my laptop working.
    5. Love
      :o you will catch on to the idea soon enough :U
    6. Love
      Naw, theres still much worser events to come, ones that might involve the deaths of a few of our characters and the secrets of what lies within the battlefield, of a power that a keybearer might kill his own companion just to be worthy enough to fight to the death for it. A power that the leader Nathaniel may wish to take himself, before the dark forces can leech it from his hands. Its sort of a secret weapon of some sorts.
    7. Love
      No theres more to come, this is only the part when the plot starts taking it's turn, when the Knight's Council starts getting more desperate for power. :o xD so don't fret xD Anyways just to say yer avi is awesomelicious xD :U !!!
    8. Spaze
      Cool. 8D So am I. I rarely do it here, but I go to other sites for it. Ever heard of Roleplay Gateway?
    9. Spaze
      Big fan of RP-ing? :v
    10. Vladimir Makarov
    11. Alex856
      Understood I'll Talk To GS ASAP.
      30min Difference wow You Must Live Nearby me xD
    12. Alex856
      Okay So At What Hours Can you be online?
      I Can Almost All Day It's 12:28 am here
    13. Fayt-Harkwind
      Yeah. Some of them seem to start with the two crossed over as if it was normal.
    14. Fayt-Harkwind
      The arena used to be quite active with detailed RPs but now people just want to make their favourite crossover couples without having to go through a load of rules.
    15. Fayt-Harkwind
      Yeah, some roleplays are really bad to put it lightly but some unfortunately don't break the rules.
    16. Fayt-Harkwind
      I see. Well, I'll have to check the RP section over again, I must of missed a some.
    17. Fayt-Harkwind
      I don't see every thread, it's kinda difficult keeping up which is probably why there's meant to be two of us. For example, your thread was reported which is how I knew of it.
    18. Fayt-Harkwind
      It does tend to work in the spamzone if RPers see it and quite a few RPers go to the spamzone.
    19. Fayt-Harkwind
      The first time someone posted a thread like yours in that section when I was put there to moderate it I asked as was told to move it, the reason for it being that the RP section on this site is for roleplaying in roleplays that are fully created. Discussion and creation of roleplays can be done in the spamzone if other roleplayers see it, in an off site conversation through IM/e-mails/etc or it can be done as a social group.
    20. Fayt-Harkwind
      It's not an RP. It's an RP in the works thread. Therefore it doesn't go in the RP section. Not spam but there's no discussion sub-section in the RP Arena.
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    "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." - Marianne Williamson​