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Nov 2, 2011
Mar 16, 2007
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Games Design student, part-time lazy bum.


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Nov 2, 2011
    1. Korra
      True...I'll have to get my new laptop first though and set up everything.
      What other ideas do you have?

      Also is it possible you'd be able to figure out the dates you'd be here soon? I'm gonna try and get us tickets for The Lion King again.
    2. Korra
      You do? Like what?
    3. Korra
      Yeah, I guess. But I'll probably be too busy to talk much, and that's going to suck.
    4. Korra
      It's gonna be a long wait till December, too...
    5. Korra
      I miss you.
    6. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hello good sir.:) It's been awhile.:) Are you still interested in using Dark Tuners and Dark Synchros?

      If so I have them ready now:

    7. Korra
      You miss you too? *shot*

      And I haven't seen you online yet today...hope everything's alright.
      If you come back and I'm not around, I went to visit my friend. Probably leaving around 1 my time.
    8. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      They are my allies <3
    9. jackdaniel0
      Thanks for the info.
    10. Korra
      I still really miss you you know :c

      Thankfully it seems to be working now, hopefully it will for the rest of the night. >>
    11. Korra
      Lame >: Just come and visit me okay?

      Also I'm gonna try ebuddy again, let me know if you see me online now.
    12. Korra
      Oh, so you need an excuse to see me now? :c

      Did you get a chance to ask your parents?
    13. Korra
      But I gave it to you. >:

      Thanks <3
    14. Korra
      Why? :c

      And back.
    15. Korra
      Ah okay xD
      Good x3 See? It didn't kill either of us for you to take it. :c

      Yeah >> I'll be back in a bit though, have to eat dinner <3
    16. Korra
      Ah, okay. xD
      I was hoping it wouldn't get lost between London and your house :c
      Still have my bracelet?

      btw I think eBuddy's screwing up so we may be better off talking here.
    17. jackdaniel0
      Before you start your roleplay in the general(or any other) section, can you first work it out in the OOC Lounge? I am not making much sense, am I?
    18. xigbar.nom
      Hello dear sir
    19. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Hey, remember a Power Rangers RP you started sometime last year? I can't remember the name (I want to say Cyber Rangers >>), but I know that Arch and I joined, but the RP never started. It was about computers and internet and the such.

      Anyway, I was playing with the idea for a Power Rangers RP and as I was finalizing it, I realized it was familiar. I ended up taking your theme and mechanisms (cyber rangers and the five roles thing from TVTropes). Don't get me wrong, I didn't take the entire RP of yours, but it does seem to borrow heavily.

      I was wondering if you minded if I borrowed those ideas from yours? I didn't want to just post my own RP that was similar to yours, while it be a bit or by a lot, and have you think I purposely ripped you.
    20. jackdaniel0
      Hey, I want to ask something that might be stupid. Are you allowed to first work out your plot in the RP OOC Lounge section before giving a link to your roleplay in the other sections?
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    Games Design student, part-time lazy bum.
    I hail from the land of crumpets and rugby

    Gaming, games design, animation, comedy, fantasy/sci-fi stuffs, swords, dragons, etc


    Wolfie <3