Dec 17, 2006
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lmao idk
Mar 2, 1993 (Age: 31)
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A good and beautiful child, lmao idk, 31, from Yes.

Idk what Arch did now but #blamearch Jun 29, 2017

    1. ShibuyaGato

      Ten saw Eleven falling and couldn't help but lunge for the clumsy Time Lord. He grabbed his arms and carefully stepped up beside him, helping him down the last four or five steps.

      "You've gotta be more careful there. You wouldn't want to have to regenerate just because you tripped in the TARDIS, would you?
    2. ShibuyaGato
      Ten smiled. "Right."

      He pushed himself away from the console, almost a bit too excited to meet his future companions. He knew in the back of his mind that this shouldn't be happening, but it's not like it would rip a hole in the universe or anything. No, if a paradox was going to destroy the universe, it would've done so long before now. He stepped up to the door and waited for Eleven to catch up, still caring about his safety. It's not like him tripping over his own two feet on his way down the stairs would get them out there any quicker.

      (Sure. My mom likes to give me a 10:00 curfew, but since it's the last week of school I could probably get around that.)
    3. ShibuyaGato
      Ten couldn't help but feel awful about making Eleven apologize for something this mundane. Still, if push came to shove, he would've (well, technically he will, but you get the point) done the same thing.

      "'T's fine, I was just a bit surprised is all. No need to apologize."
    4. ShibuyaGato

      Ten said, feeling quite embarassed. He focused his attention on the console, sending them on their way with the coordinates Eleven has put in.
    5. ShibuyaGato
      (lol, and hey, maybe we can Skype later; I got some new XYZs and other cards and sleeves)

      Ten looked at Eleven, surprised at what he'd just said.

      "How? Have I met them before or something?"
    6. ShibuyaGato
      Ten smiled, wondering whether it would be a good idea to go introduce himself to his future companion. He could always go under the John Smith alias, but it was just getting too obvious. He tried hard to come up with other good names and ultimately decided on Matt Smith, though he couldn't quite place his desire to use that specific name.

      "Alright, we'll head to Amy's, but I have to use a new name. I'd rather not have her know that we're the same man and John Smith is just getting to be a bit too... obvious."

      He pulled a lever that was right beside him and the TARDIS began to make the familiar VWORP-VWORP that he had grown to love.

      (lol, remember our convo on Skype? This is officially his new alias. xD)
    7. ShibuyaGato
      Ten put his empty cup of tea down on the console and heard a soft ringing in his ears.

      "Ah, that'll be the tractor beam."

      He handed the package and its remaining biscuits to Eleven, dashing off to the other side of the console to make sure that his TARDIS had been succesfully freed. He smiled and walked back over to his elder.

      "Well, your TARDIS is out of the snow. She doesn't seem to have been damaged in the slightest and she won't be moving without one of us. So..." he started, moving beside Eleven again. "Any specific place or time in mind?"
    8. ShibuyaGato
      "Really? Well, I see our taste in companions hasn't changed much."

      He chuckled softly, repeating his biscuit and tea routine.
    9. ShibuyaGato
      "True enough. Bedides, sharing is caring, and if you don't share with yourself, what does that make you?" Ten swallowed the biscuit and took a sip of his tea, pondering his own question. "Well, I might like that, though I don't exactly know how Amy'd react. How's her temper?"
    10. ShibuyaGato
      Ten smiled at his counterpart, glad that he still knew himself well enough.

      "Well, I was hoping we could share these. They're my last pack, and you know how much I dread going out to shop."

      He playfully shuddered at the thought and bit into one of the biscuits.
    11. ShibuyaGato
      (Guess who can ask her mom right now awkwardly about Skyping?)

      "Alright then, I'll be right back."

      Ten walked out into the hall and opened the third door on the right. Once he stepped inside, he set everything up to brew the tea. As he waited for it to heat up, he searched through a few cabinets for something to munch on. Settling on a pack of Jammy Dodgers, he took out two cups just as the kettle began to whistle. He carefully took everything back to the console and handed one cup to Eleven.

      "Here you go. I hope you still like it the way I do."

      He smiled, offering a few Jammy Dodgers to his elder.
    12. ShibuyaGato
      (Guess who wants a Doctor outfit? :=D:)

      "Yeah, that might not be easy. Especially with your TARDIS still out of commission."

      He thought things over quickly and decided that they shouldn't really go anywhere else yet.

      "Are you hungry? I'm sure I could find something in the kitchen for us."
    13. ShibuyaGato
      "Well, it doesn't get much quieter than the frigid tundra."

      He smirked and crossed his arms.
    14. ShibuyaGato
      Ten began to compose himself and reply.

      "Oh, i-it's no problem at a-"

      He wasn't able to finish when he noticed Eleven stumbling as he got out of the chair. When he walked up and put his arm around his shoulders, he looked down. Though he smiled at his reply.

      Yea, it certainly beats what we've ben doing, he thought to himself.

      "Sure. Hopefully we can go somewhere a bit more... exciting this time."

      He looked up at him and playfully pushed his arm off of his shoulder.
    15. ShibuyaGato
      (Oh yes, I do. And that was all impromptu; plus, I figured he would be a bit awkward about starting a casual conversation with anyone, much less himself)

      Ten cleared his throat once Eleven had finished speaking. They were acting like some awkward teenage couple that could never seem to speak to one another.

      "Y-yea, that's alright."

      He fell silent again. Right now, he hated himself for feeling so stupid, but it couldn't be helped. No matter what they claimed, Time Lords and Humans were still similar enough when it came to emotions.
    16. ShibuyaGato
      Ten nodded, knowing that too much strain on him would hardly be a good thing. He leaned against the console and began to search for the right words. He was never quite good at just... talking. Well, not talking per se. It was having a casual conversation with, well, with himself, that was getting to be a bit awkward. He didn't know why, but he had this odd fear that he might be blushing. At that moment, he looked down at the floor, trying to avoid eye contact with himself. God, why was this getting to be so awkward?

      (Because Ten blushing over Eleven is probably a dream of yours and I felt like making him adorably awkward for no reason)
    17. ShibuyaGato
      Ten chuckled.
      "Well, your TARDIS should get pulled out in a minute or two. What exactly do you plan on doing once it's out?"
      He was curious. It would be hard enough to park one inside the other again, and it would be incredibly awkward for them to take two TARDISes to one point in time and space. It was hard enough to be subtle about parking one in plain sight.
    18. ShibuyaGato
      He smiled, glad that he wouldn't be any less clever in his next regeneration.

      "Y'know, I'd thought about a heat beam. Sadly, that light on top of the TARDIS is really only good for show." He walked back away from the monitor, pressing a few buttons here and there to activate the tractor beam.
      "The tractor beam's probably our best bet, even though it might be... boring." He put his brainy specs back into his bigger-on-the-inside pockets and saw Eleven sitting in the captain's chair.
      "Well, are we sitting comfortably?" He smiled that cocky smile of his, still remembering his encounter with the Wire vividly.
    19. ShibuyaGato
      Ten clasped Eleven's free arm as he struggled to his feet, getting up slowly so he could still use his shoulder for support. When they were both up, he made sure that he wouldn't suddenly collapse and walked to the console, trying to free his TARDIS from the snow. As he analyzed the monitor, he put on his brainy specs and began to ponder each individual possibility, letting his mind wander from a tractor beam to sonicing the light on top of the Police Box to try and melt the surrounding mush.
    20. ShibuyaGato
      Ten smiled, knowing that it was true. The TARDIS always took him wherever he was needed, that was for sure. It may not always be most convenient for him or his companions, but he never really cared about himself in these situations, did he?
      "Well", he tilted his head towards Eleven. "I can't exactly say that she's wrong either. I mean, given all of... this."
      He thought about all the times she had taken him off course and about how many lives her detours had saved. His good old, dependable sexy, she was. She would always be there for him, no matter how much he'd change.
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