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May 10, 2008
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Sep 27, 1997 (Age: 26)
Aberdeen, Scotland


Finny, Fin of the Feenie Fish, Male, 26, from Aberdeen, Scotland


Added tumblr link to my sig. Follow at your own risk lmao Dec 30, 2016

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Sep 20, 2022
    1. Jayn
      It's okay, I understand. Sounds like a lot to handle. Good luck with everything.
    2. Cat~
      OMG, it all makes sense. Rose is telling us his story using the BBC so we know that he's saving some other universe...

      Thank you. I am crying tears of joy (not really, but yeah). ; ;
    3. Rean
      Apology accepted, Feenie. I don't hold grudges.

      I had only set Invisible Mode on and left it that way for most of the day because I wanted some privacy after the "fiasco".
    4. Rean
      Unfortunately, I could say the same thing, and this is coming from someone who honestly considers you a good Internet friend.

      It's not so much the tainted victory nor the stealing of the spotlight, it's the disrespect you guys showed me (at least that's what was implied) in your responses, notably Makaze's.

      I couldn't care less if I'm the thread creator, but it's the whole "Let's make Amaury a target and get after him for everything we find wrong with him" that's frustrating me right now. A prime example is the last time this happened. I didn't know how the game worked back then, and I made the next thread, and you guys jumped all over me (I'm not sure if you did back then or not, though). This time, I happen to get lucky and win, and I'm still jumped all over.

      Now you can probably see my view of it and why I had an "attitude".
    5. Jayn
      Can you post when you're able? It's been five days since someone other than Krowley and I posted, and everyone else has only posted once. If you don't know what to post, the OOC thread keeps you up to date and you can ask questions.

      ...You can expect these kind of messages from me when things go slowly, lol. Anyway, if you're having trouble staying active in the RP so far, please let me know you have to resign before the game-aspect starts.

      Thank you.

      9) Stay active. Jayn will hunt you down if you don't (Krowley won't stop her). If you join, you're agreeing to be committed and stay in the RP unless there's an emergency. Take a good look at your schedule and make sure you're going to be able to actively post and respond. This RP does not require long posts (considering some posts will really only have to be a command). It requires dedication and response.
    6. Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Riku-Sama's Shadow
      It's okay(: I apologize too for not reading the post numbers lol ^^'
      Anyways, thanks for the apology I appreciate it. You too, and good luck with winning this next one!(:
    7. Rean
      Well, I don't like that you stole my spotlight, but I guess I'll say thank you for the acknowledgement in your OP.
    8. Jayn
      Pfff. I'm just experimental.

      Well, it's no trouble. I have a PSD set up for the RP in case anyone wanted me to make them one. But if you want to make one, I looked up some floral brushes and drew the overall layout of the banner.

      For mine, I drew the picture that I used so I had to make the blue background and do some fun hue/sharpen/curves stuff, etc before all of this.

      But for Midnight's I just used the same shape that I made with the floral brushes and my art tablet, and I recolored the pink tiles with a 'color' layer (orange since it's her color). I used a free pixel font for the text. Then I applied the image to a new layer on top, made another layer on top of that and filled it to orange. Then I made that orange layer a clipping mask and merged the two. Afterwards I dragged the 'orange' layer down beneath the main applied image and shifted it a big. (The white 'shadow/outline' in mine, the orange one in hers'). Erased what I didn't like.

      For the 'lvl ???' information with the icon, I made a square with the selection thing...Filled it with orange with a pattern overlay (I have some custom patterns and used those). Set blending options to an border with a drop shadow. Used the rectangle tool again to create the strip thing that goes along with it, with a border, at the bottom of the square icon. Then I took the sprite I made and put it in place, setting it to normal and a clipping mask. Used the same pixel text to insert the information. Did another apply image and tweaked some colors and lighting and set that to vivid color (low opacity).

      Tada. For the most part.

      Also, ib is great. ;c

    9. Cat~
      lol, I never could've seen that one coming (and I'm a bloody Cupid!).

      Yeah, probably.
      and how dare you! threatening to slander the name of my beloved RDJesus!
    10. Cat~
      lol, we got paired up?

      Well, this shouldn't be too hard, especially considering we used to be friendly and all that stuff.
    11. SORA!
      Hiya ^^ I was wondering if i remade our angel rps would you be interested in joining again ? :)
    12. SORA!
      Hi :) I'm fine too thanks
    13. SORA!
      hey how are you? ^^
    14. (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
    15. Llave
      Message for you in the Postbox!
    16. Ienzo
      ;-; B-b-but... I made an avatar especially for my name change- it involves some block holding this torch thing... somethnig about the Olympics :lolface:

      I will bring back Sticky for your birthday- how about that? :D
    17. (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
    18. (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
    19. (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
      (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
      Mwehehehehe~ I am so epic. >w> I am Juubey~
    20. (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
      (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ


      Just to cheer you up <3
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    Sep 27, 1997 (Age: 26)
    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Past Usernames:
    hercules, Feenie, Mammaries Tomoe, Watanuki, Satoshi, Dahlia Hawthorne, Togashi Yuuta, Azelf, Kennen
    Default Name:
    After 8 years of nothing, I'll tell you something.

    I'm Feenie. I like games and books and anime. My debut in 2008 was upsetting and embarrassing and if you're 11 years old like I was you need to watch yourself.

    Or something.


    Discord ID:
    Adam Beech#4454



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