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In a world covered by endless water.


Gummi Ship Junkie, Male, from In a world covered by endless water.

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Jan 11, 2015
    1. strfruit
      I suppose things are okay. Haven't quite been myself here recently and things have been crazy! >.<
      Thank you so much for checking up on me though -hugs-
      You are a really good friend, Bloo! ^^

      Haha yes....the strange white figure with a grey background avatar definitely gives that mysterious vibe! XP
      Oh yes! Uncharted 3!! <3 My PSN is TalwynX
      I will definitely add you when I get back on! ^^

      Hope you have been well! :)
    2. Vanitasfetus
      Yeah the showing of the wonderbook was a disaster with that lady sitting there trying to do the spell and the playstation eye wouldn't read it or whatever... it just took forever. You should definatley try to rent heavy rain at some point it is just.. epic... also a bit crazy at points kind of a psychological thriller. Anyways I thought the whole idea for Watch Dogs was pretty cool it seemed like you could control the whole city and thats just an interesting idea to me. Oh another game I'm excited about is AC3.. I'm a huge Assasins Creed fan and that game looks insanely cool!
    3. Vanitasfetus
      Yeah same here.. I thought Beyond and Watch Dogs looked really cool. (I loved Heavy Rain and Ellen Paige is my favorite actress so thats a plus for beyond, haha) But the last of us looked eh. Seemed alot like Uncharted.. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing or not.
    4. Vanitasfetus
      Sup, you been watching E3? Doesn't look like there is going to be a HD Remix. :(
    5. strfruit
      Aw Yayz!! ^^
      It would be nice to have another evil female character XD....well there is Maleficent haha but someone new would be awesome! :D
      Larxene really is mean....>.< lol

      Oh! Your welcome XD! Glad I could help you out! Haha ^-^

      My apologies for the late reply :)
    6. strfruit
      You are very welcome ^^
      Yes....I love to draw too...common characteristic!!! XD I like her story too and she has a kind personality. :)

      Hmm....well...what are some of your interests? KH of course could have a character from KH or hmmm... What other games you like? I can search around for you and help you gather ideas ^^
    7. strfruit
      lol! Oh my! -gives tissue- XD
      Thought I would switch up a bit....I really liked the photo haha and Namine is one of my favs as well :D
    8. chibiwings
      Sure! ^.^ This is my audition compilation of the best auditions that I've done from January to May (now). And each voiceover is labeled so you know what audition they were for.
    9. chibiwings
      Omg everybody's asking me to voice Kairi lately! LOL Thanks! XD
    10. strfruit
      Haha ^^ I would usually call you bloo for short :P but either way you prefer I am alright with X3
      Well I was working on my project and fell asleep O.O don't even remember! ahhh! haha! Just woke up. I apologize for the late reply.
      So now I am getting back to work on that ^^

      How about you?
    11. Vanitasfetus
      lol, that sounds funny... i'll probably use it in the second episode.
    12. Vanitasfetus
      Ok, im glad you are, I ust sent them. :D
    13. Vanitasfetus
      actually can you just give me ur email, it would make it much easier to send the lines
    14. Vanitasfetus
      Ok thanks, tell them to message me if they want to do it... and i've already written the script, so i guess i can send it to you now if you wanna get your lines over and done with...?
    15. Vanitasfetus
      I was wondering if you knew anyone who could play Kairi, Roxas, Axel, or Xehanort... for the series?
    16. strfruit
      Lol! That's a good job! They get paid a lot XD!!
      ^^! Not creepy at all XP I can be quite cheerful indeed haha! I will have to record something just to show you....though my mic is probably not the best but that way you will have something at least XD
      You are very welcome ^^
      Have a lovely night and talk to you soon!! Bye for now! :)
    17. greater_bloo
      It ended up looking like an upside down triangle, with eyes and kinda ended up looking like one of those Police sketches lol.
      Well I hope to hear from you soon! I'm curious to hear what you sound like...that sounded less creepy in my head. I meant like I'll have something to go along with your posts, you always type so cheerfully lol.
      But yeah thanks again! ^_^ I'm gonna log off now ttyl! :D
    18. strfruit
      Lol! Aw....well at least you got the hair!! XD I find myself erasing a lot at I try to draw without an eraser anywhere near me :P
      O.o least you were friends for a little while! :D haha!
      XD! I, sadly do not a this point in time. I have only voice-acted twice actually...and don't have the voice clips....the people who asked me to voice for them do v.v -sigh- but I am hoping to put some up soon! ^^
      The talent came naturally to you! That's too awesome!! A wonderful amazing gift!
    19. strfruit
      Not really hard....just time consuming is all XD ^^
      The human body is not my favorite thing to draw.....would rather be drawing cartoons haha!
      O.O She stalked you...hmm...XP that's very cool that you have fans! I am glad she wasn't harmful!!! :DDDD Hehe!
      I'm really interested in voice-acting actually. I took drama classes and acted all through high school....acting/voice acting is so much fun!
    20. strfruit
      Drawing human torsos! yay....T.T haha
      aaaaand browsing the internet, checking out the forums! XD
      Great to hear you are doing well!
      See you are voice acting for some other videos! Awesome! You have a lovely voice! ^^
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