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Jul 26, 2007
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Oct 11, 1993 (Age: 30)

Guardian Soul

hella sad & hella rad, Male, 30

    1. Fork
      And I actually go to sleep when you get back home from your night classes ;~; I guess the world just doesn't want us to be together.

      Oh crap, I totally forgot about that xD I'll send it to you tonight.
    2. Fork
      Oh god that's brilliant xD

      Yeah I looked at the time then I remembered that there was only a 5 hour difference between us, and you usually tend to sleep at midnight >_>. lol good night GS.
    3. Fork
      I listen to this every time I wake up and before going to bed.


      Srsly though it's the ****ing best.
      Why are you still awake?
    4. Fork
    5. Kites
      you are hella sugoi
      like..hella sugoi
    6. Makaze
      I was under the impression that rather than globalization as you call it, the US is borrowing from everyone and buying from everyone. We are the biggest consumers of any product in the world to my knowledge. If we stop buying or cannot pay our debts, other countries will be thrown completely off balance because they will not have us to sell to. People will lose so many jobs worldwide that it will cause a depression of the world economy as much as a crash of the US's. If one of the countries supplying the US with stuff crashed, boo hoo, they'll find another or create a nation out of the rubble—they would invest in that economy, give it a bailout of some kind, or incorporate their own central banking scheme to keep things afloat.

      I consider the imperialistic attitude of the US at the moment to be different than the imperialistic views of the countries from the past. As you said earlier, the US seems to police the world at times trying to stop wrongs and replacing them with what it believes to be right. But it doesn't seem to expand its own territory by claiming countries it has defeated. Instead it tries to help them start up a new government. How right or wrong this is just meh in my opinion. I would prefer that it stay out of some countries' businesses but can see it being helpful in other cases. But I personally find this better than expanding your own territories into another country and annexing their land, effectively robbing people of what's theirs, and then sucking the resources out of the land dry for yourself and then leaving a old husk behind when you're done.
      Here I disagree; you are forgetting that the US thrives on technicalities and works their way in from underneath the radar. When the US wants to effectively banish the right to bear arms, they won't make a law banning them. They will make the process of getting a license so rigorous that it as good as banning them.

      The US helps the people start up a new government but it sets up a central banking system of its own and can virtually control the nation from there. The government is nothing without the Federal Reserve, for an example in the US. The private bank that is called the Federal Reserve has been the source of all US dollars for a long time. And the US has a tendency to set up mini-Feds in countries they 'help', which then allows them to do any number of things in the nation, all without military might. At the very least, they hold a ton of sway over the nation and can get almost exclusive access to the resources it produces after being 'restored'.

      Never assume that a group as big and powerful as the US is doing something out of the good of their heart. If they really cared that much about this kind of thing, they would take care of people like Kony, of whom there are several. When they turned down a request to do anything about Kony, they said that their economic interests did not include his capture. If you argue that they didn't do it because it would be an inefficient use of resources with no gains, then ask yourself why invading Iraq and Afghanistan was not even more inefficient if they were not expecting to make the money they spent on the war back and more by attaining victory.

      Every time they "help" a nation, it is out of economic interests, and nothing more.

      I'm sort of missing how the latter half of this part, the part about inmates and the numbers of blacks in prision, is relevant to what we're talking about. xD It feels like it came right out of left field.
      Ah, sorry. I consider all victims of the state victims of the nation. I thought I made that clear. It does not matter if you are inside the borders, someone who is victimized by the nation is victimized by the nation.

      Soviet Russia is the only one that comes to mind. Whether or not it has caused more damage than the US is a subjective opinion. In the end, both of us can acknowledge that they did a lot of stupid ****. Which one was worse is up in the air.
      Eh, Soviet Russia didn't really try to invade anyone that I know of (though I believe other Soviet nations did), nor did they significantly change the face of the earth in any way. The problems that they caused, while major, stayed within their borders as far as I know.
    7. Makaze
      Ah, fine, I back down.

      I say that the US is the worst because I know of no country that is as ready to invade another as the US is. I know of no country that could say, "If our economy goes down, you will too," to most of the world. I know of no other country to have used nukes on a foreign nation. I know of no other nation to have engaged in a civil war that killed more people than any war they have been in since. I believe that the US was one of the last countries to get rid of slavery, and even then, they reinstated it in the form of black codes and vagrancy laws which still affect society today.

      There are other countries with bad histories, but the US the most dangerous nation in existence today. If you are not a US citizen, when you think about a nation that poses a threat to you, the US probably poses the biggest threat for several reasons.

      I know well of Britain's empire, but for some strange reason I have heard so little about any country being as imperialistic as the United States for at least a century other than Nazi Germany as to make me assume that the US is the most imperialistic nation alive today.

      Granted, this is probably because they have made themselves into an oppressive superpower. The others would do the same if the US did not feel a need to police the world, but all other wars have been very hush-hush if they have been going on. And when I say war here, I mean "we invade your country and take your lives from you".

      The US has invaded however many nations in the last generation, occupied them, inspired 9/11, and gone to war over it. The US has the largest largest number of inmates per capita in the world (or that was the case last I heard, it was a pretty big gap though so I doubt anything changed). The number of blacks in prisons is higher than the number of slaves at any point in the nation's history.

      Please note that when I refer to the nation, I refer to its state; government and military, not necessarily the people who happen to be there.

      If you can out to me where those empires have done as much damage as the United States has in the past, say, fifty years, even if they combine to be equal, I would appreciate it.
    8. Makaze

      That isn't fair, they locked the thread on me.

      Yeah, I want to see some statistics about those other countries invading and slaughering like the US has done in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. And then show how they have occupied half of the land the US has.

      Because I haven't heard anything about them doing that I get news from several countries. I mean every nation has a history of bloodshed but the US is guilty of genocide. Just consider the Native Americans—it might not have been purely about race but I'm pretty sure that wiping out almost an entire continent's (well the space of the Unites States anyway, whatever you call that) worth of people is something that none of those on your list can claim.
    9. Fork
      Goddamn I just noticed that you changed your name D:

    10. Jayn
      Are you still Yukiatsu, or are you not themein' with us? o:
    11. Krowley
      Did you end up posting the challenge in the thread?
    12. Llave
      I'm the Deputy Stalker.

      And I just noticed that our VM relationship is rather one-sided. We only talk on MSN lolol.
    13. Llave
      ZOMG I see you.
    14. Krowley
      Ah, I had a friendship one in mind but I'm flexible. Just post the conditions and I'll abide by them.
    15. Krowley
      I use Vegas now. For a long time I used WMM...

      The conditions seem fine to me. Also what do you mean by "Action"
    16. Krowley
      Speaking of time, what should the maximum be? I was thinking maybe 3 minutes.
      Also, Time given for completion.
    17. Krowley
      It would seem weird to select the same song. Or is that the point of the battle?... O.o
      If you want, we could just select a theme and work from there.
    18. Krowley
      I only have KH
      I have to re-download KH (Curse the memory wipe...)
      As for music selection, I'm not very fond of the "couple" amvs.
      I have nothing against Romance, they are just way too common. Also the song choice is usually bad.
      I find nothing wrong with using KH for the first time battle.
      Song selection is free for you to choose.
    19. Krowley
      I didn't really have any terms. O.o
      I expected some one to give them...
      Do you have any terms you want? I have no real standards, I'm just doing this for fun.
    20. Fork
      Yeah, it was when Kamina comes back. I'm glad they showed him again one last time. Kittan's sacrifice was super sad too, and I almost teared, but Kamina was the one that finally made it happen :C
      The ending was somewhat bittersweet (albeit less than Madoka lol), but I was incredibly satisfied with it. It really gave us the closure we wanted.
      All in all, I'm glad I watched it. Definitely worthwhile. Now I'm going to make some of my RL friends watch it too 8D

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