Oct 8, 2006
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Miami, FL


Hollow Bastion Committee, Male, from Miami, FL

Fighting for that better tomorrow. Sep 16, 2015

    1. Aelin
      You may want to double check your counting there Hexin XD
      1. Hexin
        LOL Oh whoops! Thanks for the heads up xD
        Aug 7, 2016
    2. Hexin
      Fighting for that better tomorrow.
      1. . : tale_wind likes this.
    3. Hexin
      Insert Status Message here
    4. Beucefilous
      Just letting you know it's your turn in the Arena.
    5. Beucefilous
      1. Beucefilous
        Do you think you'll be able to post in this any time soon?
        Aug 26, 2014
    6. Glen
      Good job on the musical missions for SOS, you honestly did a really good job with them! I enjoyed listening to them both!
      1. Hexin likes this.
    7. Hexin
      Waiting for good fortune to smile on me.
    8. Fork
    9. CaptainMIG
      adding your FC
    10. Zarexu
      yo punk! the rps started! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!? XDDDD GET ON IT!!
    11. Zarexu
    12. Zarexu
      aight,aight,aight,aight,aight. this website confuses me. where the hairy heck do i go tom post a new thread? is there still a roleplaying section?
    13. Zarexu
      i'm ready to go when you are cheif, just give me the go and we'll light this **** up.
    14. Zarexu
      hey i'm still here. ha, sorry i've been busy this week. with the holidays coming up i got busy and such. You wanna et the rp started? or should we decide on a few things first?
    15. Zarexu
      hexin my friend you are a genius. haha, i completely forgot about king triton. yeah i like that idea. Also the pride lands (though i hated that world), i guess during mufasa's reign or something. Perhaps Fantasia, though i've never seen that movie, and Atlantis the lost empire. And remember, we all start out as enemies, for we are all seeking the keyblade to save our own worlds. we most likely won't team up until we discover the grand key and obtain each of our own keyblades. I'm still trying to figure out ways to bring Xehanort into the picture. Also, we need to create our own special kind of world where the Grand Keyblade exists. Perhaps a world between light and dark like The World That Never Was.
      ps: haha, incase your wondering whether to call me Zaven, dude, Zarexu, whoever. i think i've known you long enough to know your not a 40 year old pedophile. haha. you can call me Brenden.
    16. Zarexu
      hahahahaha. did you just make a zelda reference??? I GOT IT! HAHAHAHA xD. dmanit i missed you man. K moving on. As for worlds, i thought a treasure planet world would be interesting. an ff7 world. Radiant Garden. I can see Olympus Colliseum, doing some stuff for Hades or Zeus or something. A new world called Bright Castle (Xehanort's homeworld), uhmm...Endless Desert (just a battleground, it is what becomes keyblade graveyard. hmmn....eh.....urrghh...Twilight town! traverse town! Disney Castle....gee idk. we never really used many disney worlds in previous rps. if you can think of more worlds let me know. and i get busy too, so its not a problem.
      lol, she has a boyfriend. nothing is going on. we're just good friends and it'll always be that way. haha. she already dated my best friend so thats a definite no-no. ha. we're going with my best friend and her best friend to go bowling.
    17. Zarexu
      yeah exactly. I planned to make Xehanort a knight of some sort, and he becomes corrupted like Terra. He recieves a strange note as well and hunts the keyblade as we do. I was going to have my character follow the path of darkness. (oooh do i have plans for my character >D muahahah). Yeah, but it'll be a fun rp if it all comes together well. we'll be the controllers of the whole thing so it doesn't go all screwy. But yeah, Xehanort will be much younger, and we discover his decent into darkness and his wicked magical power (recall how he raped terra, aqua, and ven with a keyblade tornado, pwnage right thurr). I'm excited.
      pss: Inu's great! i cant believe i forgot to mention it to you. me and her are pretty good friends now. we're even hanging out this friday.
    18. Zarexu
      yeah, Xehanort is going to be, once again, the main villain, infact the mastermind behind the whole plot. about the keyblade, This rp really goes into the origin of it, how it was created, who created it, and its connection to Kingdom Hearts. But yeah, the idea is that there is 1, single, grand keyblade in the beginning with supreme power. If the rp lasts long enough (WHICH IT BETTER CAUSE I'VE BEEN BRAINSTORMING IDEAS ALL DAY xD), we will all eventually recieve our own Keyblades, tieing into the concept of the keyblade war between light and darkness. The only thing i'm frusterated about is that we don't know anything about unbirths or their origin, but, i suppose we could tie them into the keyblade somehow. I'll set up the Character Info sheets and type up the summary. I'M PUMPED FOR THIS.

      ps: I didnt want to bring Eraqus into this, for the reason that he would be relatively young as well.
    19. Zarexu
      hm...well i have no idea xD haha, that was a loooong time ago. I brainstormed a few ideas for a completely new story. My idea was: a Group of young teenagers from various worlds recieve a strange bottled message, warning them of a terrible cataclysm known as "the Darkness" to engulf their worlds, and that their only hope of salvation was in a mysterious keyblade.
      I just thought this was interesting because it broke away from the monotony of the whole "keyblade knights" thing (which i LOVED dont get me wrong), and allows a bit more freedom. You can use whatever weapons you want, ranging from daggers to guns, or even be a mage, whatever. And since everyone is after the same keyblade there will be more perosn versus person rather then us just continuously hacking and slashing our way through heartless and organization XIII members. uhh...the enemies would be unbirths, this takes place before Terra, Aqua, and Ven are in the picture, and it ties in with the Keyblade War which i think one of them mentioned in some of the scans. I'll set up the story and outline of it. just point me in the right direction. this new website outline confuses me xD.
      Well tell me what you think, i'm all ears.
    20. Hexin
      Eeerm, I was kind of hoping you'd put in the basic....structure. =x I was just going to help ADD to the story. ;D Soo, by all means go ahead. Though, where did the LAST story leave off? I don't think we ever finished it. =o
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