May 7, 2011
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Jun 17, 1994 (Age: 29)


King of Conquerors, Male, 29, from Texas


Believe you can and you're halfway there. ~ Theodore Roosevelt Jun 19, 2014

    1. Krowley
      Yah, one of the games I still need to get around to playing. Also keeping up with my SOS RP but I will be updating the page in the near future.
    2. Krowley
      Its fine to think outside the box, but my goal for this challenge was simplicity and to make sure it wasn't overcomplicated. Like I said if there is a way to make them work, I may consider adding them in the future. I like make sure I beat Conquest once before experimenting with it. I also have yet to try mystery dungeon, so I may try experimenting with that.
    3. Krowley
      By that logic, I could add the gamecube games and eventually Pokemon Conquest (Depending on the rules)
      Since it is a gym leader challenge for the canon games, I think I just might stick with the portable GBA/DS games for now. If it runs more successful in the future, I may add different game.
    4. Krowley
      I plan on updating it eventually
    5. Iskandar
      yeah, I'm all for it. just let me know if you have a time set for it
    6. Shinichi Izumi
      Shinichi Izumi
      I have room for you in my group still want in?
    7. Amaury
      Rainmeter what?
    8. Jayn
      It's all good. xD
      And, I'm planning on opening up suggestions again either when we've completed the list, or when it gets down to a reasonable number again, depending.
    9. Jayn
      Duet = Two People.
      Trio = Three People.
      Quartet = Four People.

      | KHV Chorus Rules&General Information | In-Progress/Completed Choruses | KHV Chorus Voting and Suggestions | KHV Chorus Applications |

      Hey there, and welcome to KHV Chorus' Duet Roulette project! As you all know by now, we have a really, really, really long pending list and we can't open up suggestions again until all of the songs are done. The purpose of this project is to help up us variety to the chorus as well as power through that list so we can get a chance at some other songs and keep the chorus alive and active!

      What is this?

      Duet Roulette is a project in which you can sign up to sing a duet, trio or quartet with other KHV members! Maybe you'll make a new friend, hm? All you have to do is post in this thread after filling out the small form at the bottom. As usual, I'll be composing the video and mixing the vocals for you, so all you have to do is send in your parts to The finished product will be uploaded to our Youtube and posted on KHV.

      The songs for these duets/trios/quartets will be pulled from our Pending list, helping us get through it faster. Songs that are done in a duet/trio/quartet can be re-suggested for our full chorus (everyone) when suggestions are opened up. (Which will also eliminate songs that no one really wants to do and are thus never re-sugessted, lolol.)
      x .
    10. Llave
      I'd be more than happy to help. Also, is a splendid uploading site to hold your images. It's free of course.
    11. Llave
      You are aware that your signature picture is a broken link, yeah?
    12. Amaury
      I don't have psychic powers. I didn't know you were going to create that. XD
    13. Amaury
      What, the Iglesias typo? I didn't. I just noticed it.
    14. Amaury
      You're under arrest for conventional errors! Errors include Iglesias and your most common error of spelling ridiculous rediculous. =P

    15. Krowley
    16. Krowley
      If you know the trainer's name, I can fetch it for you, (or what it looks like at least)
    17. Krowley
      Curious as what you wanted to have as your trainer sprite?
    18. strfruit
      Cool! I can play by ear extent...takes me a few tries to get it down though :P
      The videos you recorded were really well done! You play good! haha!
      The amvs were nice as well.
      My skype is strfruitkhv :) sorry it took so long to get back to you on that. Yesterday, I wasn't able to get on my laptop to check what my username was.....username was quite obvious, however, I forgot that I had made a skype for khv....oops!
    19. strfruit
      Very nice! Do you play by ear?
      I do have Skype ^^ however I forgot my username haha so whenever I get the chance this afternoon, I will send it to you. :)
      Sorry about that
    20. strfruit
      Awesome! Honestly, I liked all the bands you mentioned, except for Our Lady Peace. I'm not entirely sure if I've heard them or not :) will have to check them out :D! Have to say Linkin Park is one of my favorites
      Same here with liking different genres. Daft Punk for instance hehe. I really like the OSTs from movies and games as well ^^
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    Jun 17, 1994 (Age: 29)
    Past Usernames:
    Ryou Misaki
    Defender of Light
    Blond hair, sea blue eyes, about 6' 1"

    video games, manga, piano, art, watching Nostalgia Critic



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