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Jun 23, 2014
Feb 26, 2008
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Merlin's Housekeeper

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Jun 23, 2014
    1. johann
      01c9515c 0000003c
    2. thecoder180
      Your siggy is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to big.
    3. EvilMan_89
      i wouldn't count on it
    4. Zsofi13
      you have to ask for pics ,remember?Should I mean the comment as asking?If yes then use it as u want
    5. Mako Tsunami
      Mako Tsunami
      Not with me right now. . . . And I don't remember which Anti ally I used for that one.

      I'll see if I can find it later.
    6. Mako Tsunami
      Mako Tsunami
      Yes, but a rom hack.
    7. Aurangzeb56
      sorry but no
    8. johann
      play as:
      E002FEFF 0035B55C................Boss Warp (L2) [optional]
      2033E830 00002802
      2033E834 00000100
      E003FDFF 0035B55C................Model Mod (R2)
      20751b58 00b1e890
      20751b68 00b584c0
      21cfbdec 02050205
      E016F7FF 0035B55C................Animation Mods (R1)
      2081a438 00dcf800 (Jumping)
      2081d5b8 00dcf800 (High jumping)
      2081d6b8 00d98d50 (Glide)
      2081d778 00d2b5e0 (Glide)
      2081b158 00dd6f40 (Fire)
      2081b1d8 00de54d0 (Arial Fire)
      2081b218 00db3d50 (Blizzard)
      2081b2d8 00df5f60 (Thunder)
      2081ce98 00da1c30 (Guard)
      2081c918 00da1c30 (Attack)
      2081c958 00d7dc60 (Attack)
      2081c998 00d7dc60 (Attack)
      2081cc18 00da1c30 (Attack)
      2081cc58 00da1c30 (Attack)
      2081cc98 00d7dc60 (Attack)
      2081ccd8 00da1c30 (Attack)

      E002FEFF 0035B55C................Boss Warp (L2) [optional]
      2033E830 00000104
      2033E834 00001600
      E003FDFF 0035B55C................Model Mod (R2)
      208bfb58 00c8c890
      208bfb68 00cca0c0
      01c95344 00000000
      E054F7FF 0035B55C................Animation Mods (R1)
      2098b5b8 00f93610
      209884b8 00fabb60
      20988438 00f93610
      209884b8 00fabb60
      209885f8 00fb68c0
      20988638 00fc3050
      20988678 00fd0b80
      209886b8 00fdf910
      209886f8 00fedb50
      20988738 00ff8a30
      20988778 01006600
      209887b8 01010570
      209887f8 0101cc90
      20988838 01026a10
      20988d78 0101cc90
      209890f8 01026a10
      2098a918 0104cd70
      2098a958 0104cd70
      2098a998 0104cd70
      2098a9d8 0103dd50
      2098aa18 0103dd50
      2098ab98 01075700
      2098ac18 0104cd70
      2098ac58 0103dd50
      2098ac98 0104cd70
      2098acd8 0103dd50
      2098ad18 0103dd50
      2098ae18 0103dd50
      2098ae58 0107ff30
      2098ae98 01075700
      2098b098 0107ff30
      2098b0d8 0107ff30
      2098b118 0107ff30
      2098b158 0107ff30
      2098b318 0107ff30
      2098b358 0107ff30
      2098b398 0107ff30
      2098b3d8 0107ff30
      20988dd8 01075700
      20988e18 0104cd70
      20989158 01075700
      20989198 01075700
      209891d8 010a24a0
      20989218 010c4620
      20989258 010de7b0
      20989298 010f4f30
      209892d8 010f4f30
      20989318 010a24a0
      20989358 010b6aa0
      2098b5f8 00f93610
      2098b638 01033b10
      2098b678 0103dd50
      2098b6b8 01033b10
      2098b6f8 01033b10
      2098b738 01033b10
      2098b778 00f79840
    9. johann
      01CB9796 00000006 <Valor Form gets Antiform's Moveset>
      21C95308 0A070764 <Drive Gauge doesn't Deplete>
      201C78B8 0000102D <Full Party Durning Drive>
      01CB9736 00000005 <Floating Keyblades>
      E002FEFF 0035B55C................Boss Warp (L2) [optional]
      2033e830 00001312
      2033e834 00000100
      E003FDFF 0035B55C................Model Mod (R2)
      20859b58 00c26890
      20859b68 00c513c0
      01c95344 00000000
      E046F7FF 0035B55C................Animation Mods (R1)
      209225f8 00e44560
      20922638 00e4e4c0
      20922678 00e593e0
      209226b8 00e62600
      209226f8 00e6e7f0
      20922738 00e78000
      20922778 00e811d0
      209227f8 00e78000
      20922dd8 00ec7400
      20923158 00f3fd60
      20923198 00f3fd60
      209231d8 00eef0d0
      20923218 00ec7400
      20923258 00ec7400
      20923298 00ed94e0
      209232d8 00f3fd60
      20923318 00f3fd60
      20923358 00ec7400
      20924918 00ed94e0
      20924958 00ed94e0
      20924998 00ed94e0
      209249d8 00ed94e0
      20924a18 00ed94e0
      20924b98 00ec7400
      20924bd8 00ed94e0
      20924c18 00ed94e0
      20924c58 00ed94e0
      20924c98 00eef0d0
      20924cd8 00eef0d0
      20924d18 00eef0d0
      20924e18 00ed94e0
      20924e58 00eef0d0
      20924e98 00ec7400
      20925098 00ed94e0
      209250d8 00ed94e0
      20925118 00ed94e0
      20925158 00ed94e0
      20925318 00ed94e0
      20925358 00ed94e0
      20925398 00ed94e0
      209253d8 00eef0d0
      20925638 00e3a570
      209256b8 00e3a570
      209256f8 00e3a570
      20925738 00e3a570
      20925778 00e20850
    10. johann
      Fly EVERYWHERE L2 to not fly R2 to fly
      E002FDFF 0035B55C
      002C2570 00000008
      002C0950 00000008
      E002FeFF 0035B55C
      002C2570 00000000
      002C0950 00000000
    11. johann

      Click here to level up my license![/QUOTEhelp
    12. johann
    13. nickkingdomhearts2
      hello i need some help well i was wondering on the kingdom hearts when i use action replay max i was wondering if there is an easier way of inputting codes instead of going one by one like putting the code on a flash drive i was also wondering if u knew the code for sora donald and goofy for them to be forced into the battle with sepihroth and do u have a code with roxas and riku or riku and mickey i hope u could answer my question^_^
    14. Explode
      It can't be made for regular KH2, and it already has been made for Final Mix.
    15. 00Roxas00
      Sorry, there's no such code. At least...not for PS2. But there is for the emulator.
    16. chargedcloud
      i do need help
    17. johann

    18. johann

      KH 2 RULE
    19. johann
    20. johann

      go,go,and goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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