May 29, 2008
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Feb 22, 1994 (Age: 29)
    1. lil woj
      lil woj
      Agin im sorry here engoy
    2. Deathsight44
      Lol. no its not. after all, if its a language that people actually like then its worth giving a dam about :P

      lol, well ya, but I always say that to people ^_^

      I could comment to that, but it would involve perverse and rude language XD

      but why would u do that to meh? What did I ever do to u and your shortness? :P
    3. Deathsight44
      lol, wait, so then why do u have to learn it though? is there a purpose to it?

      lol, silly blonde. :P

      lol, oh really? where did u get that silly idea? :P

      lol, but ur not 6'1". right? There for, u are short :P
    4. Deathsight44
      why is your country named after a sea mammel? :P

      why are u confused? :P

      lmao, u dont stop growing until ur 18. And I'm 6'1", so ha, I'm WAY taller then u. silly short person :P
    5. Deathsight44
      england has a language? :O

      is that an expression to? :p

      wha? But in ur pic u look so.......tall. I thought u were something like 16 XD
    6. Deathsight44
      well ya, but what is the purpose of it? o_O

      all that jazz? XD

      nah, its all good. I'm more of a lone wolf, cuz I'm cool like that :P *stands in a pose looking like one of those cool serious anime dudes*

      lol, ik exsactly what ur sayen. I actually found out that 2 people on here live pretty close to me. I was just like "Woah O_O" when I found out XD

      lmao. how old are you anyways?
    7. Deathsight44
      why so many languages?

      lol, ya. We all do. I've been the one who's been taken it the worst (besides her husband. fyi, she's in her 30's, cuz all of my siblings are older then me like that), but all I can do is hope for the best, lol

      wait, what? o_O oh wow, lmfao. Dam, cuz I was just about to say, cuz I live in ny.
      and trust me, if u wanna live in the US, then move when our economy doesn't suck. I mean, no joke, EVERYTHING is messed up. Taxen just about anything that they can
    8. MadDoctorMaddie
      *takes over the couch*
      Be my guest, I'll just be taking this place.
    9. MadDoctorMaddie
      *triple pokes profile*
    10. Deathsight44
      you learn two languages? O_O

      lol, life is as good as it gets for me at the moment, lmao. As fate would have it, my grandma just found out that she is in the earliest stage of cancer so she has to go in to get it removed (it isn't that big a deal since it is the early stages), and my older sister might have chest cancer (not sure yet)

      lol, u have winter vacation i take it, right?

      oh ya, and I saw ur pics and i saw the ny shirt thingy. U live in ny? o_O
    11. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      I going to sleep right know D:
      But tomorrow is gonna be a Beautiful Day <3
      I feel all warm inside
      Bye Dearie
      I'll chat to you Tomorrow
    12. Deathsight44
      I asked "How are you ms.scarlet" :P

      its the only spanish I know, and I'm in Spanish level 2 =D

      lol, so what's up?
    13. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      So your stating that I scream alot
      Awesome 8D
      But my bites are deadly ;]
      I'm Great <3
      and how are you Deary?
    14. Deathsight44
      Moshi moshi? Como esta's senorita scarlet :P
    15. Fayt-Harkwind
      There'll be a chance eventually XD
    16. Fayt-Harkwind
      Not anymore, I just ignore it.
    17. Fayt-Harkwind
      Damn straight XD
    18. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      I don't Bite that much Dear ;]
    19. Advent
      I love you, sweetie. <3

      Am byth a byth. x3
    20. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      Of course you are <3
      Where do you think I get the Meat from ;]
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    Feb 22, 1994 (Age: 29)