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Dec 9, 2020
May 24, 2011
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Merlin's Housekeeper

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Dec 9, 2020
    1. TheOnlyChuJelly
      Hey! :). I just started a Kingdom Hearts LP on my channel and I was wondering if you could check it out. I won't force you to, but if you do and like what you see by all means subscribe. Again I won't force you to do anything. Just thought you'd like a channel with some Kingdom Hearts :)
    2. Kelly630
      this is for health i hope you guys like it
    3. Kelly630
      This is for health i hope you guys like it
    4. Key master Sora
      Key master Sora
      hmmmm.... that sucks
    5. Key master Sora
      Key master Sora
      it is an irish flute like a recorder... XD

      no offence but your band sounds like it sucks... XP
    6. Key master Sora
      Key master Sora
      My piano lessons are free cause i was part of a program called "Heart of the City Piano Program". It is a program established to teach and give children and teenagers the chance to learn to play piano. ^^ i love the program soo much <3.

      *grin* yup! ^^ i've learned quite a few songs on the tin whistle that way ^^
    7. Key master Sora
      Key master Sora
      actually it's piano lessons and pretty much you study a set of things from a book then you sign up for an exam... XD my piano teacher is the one who signed me up so don't quite know the details...

      garage band is interesting... XD only used it once...

      and other instruments are hard to teach yourself... i can only really play piano and recorders and stuff like that so i stick with them... XD 10 years of piano can do a person good! can't play guitar worth garbage lol
    8. Key master Sora
      Key master Sora
      I am good... just finished my grade 5 practical exam for piano today. Did it with the royal conservatory of music! man the technique is hard ^^;;;

      And i am currently trying kingdom hearts and gaming music right now. The kingdom hearts piano collection stuff is kinda hard to play XD.

      The song i am currently learning from kingdom hearts is ven's theme for bbs. <3 got the beginning down pat...
    9. Key master Sora
      Key master Sora
      i know hey? XD how are you?
    10. Key master Sora
      Key master Sora
      hi there! ^^ nice to see another piano player! XD

      i saw your post for your where to find kh sheet music thread and posted there...
    11. Kelly630
      really thanks a lot
      it doesnt sound that well when you play half of the song
    12. Namin3
      Hey, umm... I just read your visitor message thing, and i might be able to help!
    13. Kelly630
      hey does anyone know where i can get some free kh piano sheet music
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