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Dec 31, 1993 (Age: 30)
Central U.S.A
Student and Babysitter


Merlin's Housekeeper, 30, from Central U.S.A

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Mar 31, 2012
    1. fadedphantom
      Haha yeah, that's way too much effort. Lol ideas are spilling out of our ears!!!

      I know :( Sigh.

      Hahahha me too!! That's okay, I forgive you. And now you know :D So when you hear Ed's voice, you'll be like "Oh, he's voiced by that Vig Mig... something or another guy!" Lol :P

      Yes it does. Too often.
    2. Maggy
      oh wow 7 years older? O_O lol
    3. Maggy
      I know some ppl in class who LOVE anime and are obsessed lol, they would probably know more about cons
    4. fadedphantom
      I know, that doesn't seem like it would be very hard, but apparently it is -_- Hmmm that's a good question lol...

      Aww :( Like I said, one of my friends actually really likes anime, buuuut we always end up having different schedules whenever we want to go to a con :/ Sigh.

      Yeah, totally. GASP!! You don't know who Vic Mignogna is?!?! He's like one of the best anime voice actors in the industry!!! He's the voice of Ed Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist (which you haven't watched yet...) and he's also a bunch of other voices, like Tamaki in Ouran High School Host Club (which is another anime I discovered recently and immediately fell in love with :D ). Basically, he's just awesome :D

      Yeah, I hate when plans fall through like that. Sighhh
    5. Maggy
      LMAO! your anime friend moved to Florida?! i live there xD
    6. Maggy
      yea i guess lol
    7. fadedphantom
      Gahhh I hate how that always happens on the radio!!!! Grr it's like a conspiracy!! Haha I know... maybe we should just make some haha

      Hahaha yeah same here. I wish I knew more people who liked anime... sighhhhh.

      Same here!! Going alone would be no fun :( I reeeeeeally wanna meet Vic Mignogna!!! I almost went to a con with him... but then my plans fell through and I couldn't go T_T Wah!!
    8. Maggy
      I've never cosplayed either lol
    9. fadedphantom
      Yeah, I was thinking Air-ith too, but more like three syllables, so like Ai-er-ith... or something hahah. I know right?!?! Come on, just make some more stuff I know please!!

      Haha looks like our lives aren't exactly the same after all :P Hahahhahahahhahaha that is a funny question. Fruits Basket is actually the only anime/manga my sister likes, so sometimes we'll watch the DVDs together :D Yay for sisterly bonding!!

      Yes I am!! And yet I'm still lounging in front of the tv... okay, I'm actually going to get some work done now hahahaha

      WOW!! LUCKY!! I've never cosplayed before T_T None of my real life friends really like anime (except for Fruits Basket lol) except for one friend, but we always have different schedules so we've never been able to go to a con :( I wanna go to one... wah!!
    10. fadedphantom
      Hahaha I know!! But I never really thought about it... I just say it the way it looks... hopefully I'm not saying it wrong lol. And yeah, it's hard finding stuff to audition for when most of the are fandubs of things I've never even heard of -_-'

      Hahaha I loved Tohru's reaction :D My dad's more into stuff I like than my mom is, but still, I'm the only one that actually watches anime. My sister likes to make fun of the characters when they're talking... which is sometimes funny, but sometimes then I can't hear what they're actually saying :/ Lol what did she ask??

      Hmm I've never seen commercials, but I know what you mean. Kids can be pretty smart!

      Finally!! My internet seems to be back to normal!! Now I can record stuff... I should probably get started on that lol. I'm so impatient with my internet, so thank goodness that it's working again!! Haha I was about to go insane last night!! And of course I didn't wake up early like I said I would ^_^' I was just kidding myself haha I can't wake up early.
    11. fadedphantom
      Hahaha yeah I was gonna try out for a FF dub, buuuuut I didn't know how to pronounce some of the stuff... so I decided against it hahaha.

      Omg, I laughed so hard at that too! You're lucky your mom likes anime. My parents don't really understand it... they just know that I like it, and that my sister doesn't :/

      Ahhh I love that episode!! That was so adorable!! He's a pretty smart kid lol :D

      Gahhhhh I can't take this freaking internet anymore, so if I don't post again, you'll know why. I may just go to bed in a few minutes and then wake up early (and by early I mean like 10:30 haha) and record stuff -_- Oh well. Hahaha I've been singing and recording myself just to pass the time cause I can't load any of the pages with the lines I need to record... I'm improving lol!! My first recording of my singing SUCKED but now it seems to be getting better haha.... wow I must be really bored. Okay, I'd better go to sleep. Hopefully my internet works better in the morning. Goodnight!!
    12. fadedphantom
      Haha same here!! I watched Advent Children just because I knew the characters from KH hahaha. I was so confused for like the entire movie... but it was still good :D Lol we DO have a lot in common!!

      Black Cat is sooooo good!! Omg, Train (the main character) is awesome. I have a little fictional crush on him (...I get crushes on fictional characters. A lot more often than I get crushes on real guys. ^_^'). Fruits basket is really cute, but not as good as the manga. That was the first manga I ever read, and was actually what introduced me to anime :D BUT if you have not watched Fullmetal Alchemist, WATCH IT!! It's seriously like my favorite show. It's sooo good! And watch the english dub, cause it's actuall better than the original (in my opinion... and in lots of other people's opinions too haha)

      Yes House is definitely the best doctor show out there :D I love it!! It's one of my "can't miss" shows lol.

      Nooooo it's not that I can't log in, it's that I can't CONNECT to the site. Gah, this happened before... but it wasn't just me that time. I think this might be my internet... it's giving me troubles (which is why I took so long to respond btw). GRRR STUPID INTERNET!! *shakes fist* >_<
    13. fadedphantom
      Haha David said my Aerith was the best, which I agree with. I think it's funny that I can imitate her even though I've never played any FF games hahah.

      Lol yeah I am definitely Anime Illiterate too. The only things I've seen are Fruits Basket and Fullmetal Alchemist, and as of recently I've also watched Black Cat and Lucky Star. I know of others, like Bleach and Naruto and stuff like that, but I've never seen them. Every now and then I'll turn on the Funimation channel and watch a few random episode of something, but that's about it hahah.

      It was the episode with the 6 year old who was showing the same symptoms as this old woman (Esther) that House had failed to diagnose 12 years earlier. It was really good. I love that show :D

      OMG *hyperventilates* I can't log onto VAA!!! Can you?!?!? CRAP!!! I was going to audition for this thing that looks SO FREAKING AWESOME and the deadline is in a few days and it's going to take me a reeeeally long time to record my auditions because there are so many roles... GAHHHH!!!
    14. fadedphantom
      Yes. Let's never speak of it again :P

      Noo I'm sure you'll do great at the roles. Hopefully we'll both get parts in that lol :D

      I just discovered Lucky Star like three weeks ago. It's this really adorable anime, and I loooooove it, so I'm so happy that I got cast in a dub for it :D :D Hahah yes, I'm going to be very very busy. But that's good cause I've been bored lately...

      Gahhhh I left you hanging again D: Sorry!! My computer died, and then I was gonna go charge it, but then I noticed that an episode of House that I'd never seen before had recorded, so of course I had to watch it... it was a really good episode haha :P

      But NOW I shall actually get to work and record stuff lol.
    15. fadedphantom
      Hahaha bedtime?? I do not understand. What is this strange word??

      Ohhh yeah I sent in my Final Master auditions last week. I auditioned for all the girls lol.

      Let's see, I'm cast in a Lucky Star dub as Yukari and then I'm also Miyuki's understudy (but the person who's supposed to be Miyuki hasn't confirmed yet and it's been a long time, soooo I'm hoping she doesn't confirm hahaha). And then I'm Vivi in a Kingdom Hearts dub, and I'm Madame Hooch's understudy in a Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone dub (this dude's dubbing the ENTIRE book hahah). That's all I'm in for now. But I've auditioned for a lot of other stuff that I haven't heard about yet :D

      Lol this time I'm the one who left you hanging... oops sorry ^_^'
    16. fadedphantom
      Hahah that's a good saying :D Okay!! I'll be up late (what else is new?) so I'll either put it together tonight or tomorrow (possibly tomorrow cause I've got some auditions for other stuff I need to finish... I'm cast in like 3 things now :D Yay!!)

      (Haha that's okay I was eating so I didn't check until now anyways)
    17. fadedphantom
      Hahaha yeah I can't do it right now either I'm watching my sister paint/watching tv... I guess I COULD go into my room but then my sister would still hear me and make fun of me lol. Yesss just send them to me at in mp3 format. Yay!!! This is gonna be AWESOME!!
    18. fadedphantom
      Yeah!! Omg, I'm pumped. Okay, if you really wanna do it then I'll put it together if you want!! You can send me the lines and then I'll edit it all!! Unless you want to edit it of course, and then I could send the lines to you. OMG I'm so excited hahahahah :D
    19. fadedphantom

      Ahhh and then we could post it on VAA!! Omg, you're brilliant!! That would be so fun!!
    20. fadedphantom
      Haha thanks. Yeah, that's why I tried to voice both of them, because they're so different. I'm glad that they both turned out well lol :D

      Lol that's okay don't worry about it :D
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    Dec 31, 1993 (Age: 30)
    Central U.S.A
    Student and Babysitter
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