Feb 12, 2011
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The Café Musain


Twilight Town Denizen, from The Café Musain

One of the strange things about living in the world is that it is only now and then one is quite sure one is going to live forever and ever. Nov 20, 2014

    1. Saxima
    2. Saxima
      . . . My mom still thinks your a prostitute. I haven't the heart to tell her we were pulling her leg.
      1. LARiA
        If I recall correctly, you weren't even in on it. I recall much protesting from you. It was totally me. Feel free to let her in on the fact that I made it all up, I don't mind.
        Nov 7, 2012
      2. Saxima
        That's alright. She hardly ever thinks about you anyway. But how else could she have found out? I was the one who told her, after all. Maybe I did say no. It was a long time ago, I'm getting too old to have a good memory at all.
        Nov 7, 2012
    3. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      My God, I love your avatar.

      And your ability to ignore my VMs.
      1. LARiA
        You love my ability to ignore your vms? How odd that is. I love my avatar too. Cass is awesome.

        I just stumbled upon this and am speechless. Opinions?

        maybe make a thread...
        Sep 21, 2012
    4. LARiA
      You smell like strawberries.
    5. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      i miss u
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      2. Te Deum
        Te Deum
        Yes, it is something.

        Would you like to talk?
        Sep 10, 2012
      3. LARiA
        My therapeutic session due Monday?
        No thanks.

        Though the sentiment itself is appreciated. How goes your life, faceless folk?
        Sep 10, 2012
      4. Te Deum
        Te Deum
        .... just wanted to chat.

        Faceless fo--

        Sep 10, 2012
    6. Terra254
      Haha Naahh. I followed you because I think you're funny. Don't be alarmed, as long as you stay out of your closet , You should be fine =D.
    7. LARiA
      status status status *fades into oblivion*
    8. Beau
      Hey there!

      We've never really spoken, so I figured to drop a hello!

      Oh, and Nova says hi too! c:
      1. LARiA
        Late, late response. Hi. I'd tell you to say hello to him, but I'd surmise it's too late for that now.

        How goes the singing? I was Somnum, that one time.
        Sep 21, 2012
    9. GhettoXemnas
      Yeah, I found myself simply picking out the flaws and things that bothered me rather than enjoying it. It's the rap critic in me.
    10. GhettoXemnas
      Never watched a single episode of that mess in my life.
    11. Chevalier
      Not really, haha.
    12. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      absolutely! The more help the better. I'll send you an invite right now. I have only familiarized myself with about 6 parts of the very extensive series.
    13. Makaze
      Fixed. Thanks for letting me know...

      Okay, I think I will then...
    14. What?
      I actually received the good ending on my first try! The major factors were actually admitting my feelings for her, agreeing with Lilly's judgement (since she was more familiar with Hanako than I), and I suppose listening to Hanako quite a bit. But yes, it is interesting how her route is ironic in regards to her protection.
    15. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      No no, ees joke. You missed the bit where we went from rational progressions relevant to the game, like
      >"I wouldn't want to be rude."
      >DROWN JAYN?

      to complete balls-out absurdity, like
      >Sandwich has no mayonnaise on it
      >DROWN JAYN?
    16. What?
      To be quite honest, Lilly is my second choice. Apparently I hold some sort of innate thing for rather adorable and fairly intelligent bookworms and potentially a sort of protective streak. Even in noting that, however, it can also be argued that Hanako is fairly mature and polite, but her social anxiety prevents most from seeing that side of her.
    17. What?
      I am not quite sure what may be considered the default route, to be honest, but Machazo also received Emi on his first try. Hanako was my first attempt but I was attempting to get the Hanako route regardless because Hanako is adorable and I wish to give her as many cuddles as possible. Emi's route, however, is apparently one of the better ones, so I hope you enjoy it! I still must go through a few routes myself but I have only recently gained time to do so.
    18. What?
      Hello, my apologies for the late response! I was busy with school work. And yes indeed, you are a tad reminiscent of Rin, I must say. I recommend the game dearly - it has an absolutely wonderful and charming series of plots, and of course, the music is beautiful.
    19. Jayn
      Arigatou gozaimasu, LARiA-chan. <':
    20. Daxa~
      Oh no no dear,I do read through conversations,but only if I see something eye catching or have a particular stalkerish interest in them <3~
      And oh goodness,I laughed and then d'awwed at that. Look at them! They are ever so very adorable I must say.
      I do believe I shall make them someday,just because. But knowing my,uhm,lack of cooking skills....boom,kitchen gone.
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