Feb 12, 2011
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The Café Musain


Twilight Town Denizen, from The Café Musain

One of the strange things about living in the world is that it is only now and then one is quite sure one is going to live forever and ever. Nov 20, 2014

    1. Te Deum
    2. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      No no, dear. It's tomorrow. That's the idea, I'm not eligible to drink for another day.

      I agree, but if it's the hardest language to learn... The language is a big deal. I've tried to learn a few, but only simpler ones like German and Spanish. I don't know what Scandinavian languages would be like, but they sound pretty tricky...
    3. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      WE ARE ALL TOUCHED. The sounds somewhat wrong.

      No, I don't know spelling. I just sounded it out.
    4. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      It is... It really is.

      And I was reading your conversation with Sforzato (if you don't mind) and I was touched that you actually considered my get-together plan. That was so sweet of you ‹3

      I just remembered. Vietmia! or something like that. It was the first word I learned in Russian.
    5. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      Pfff, drinking buddies... Larlar is too young to drink! xP ...Hell, for one more day, so am I.

      I do not know very much about any of the choices. All I know is that Finland is among the more influential countries in the metal scene, which would make it my default favorite, but I suppose that's not a very good reason. Sorry I can't be of more help :c
    6. Te Deum
      Te Deum


      How did you find this?
    7. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Damn duplicates.

      Why does this keep happening to me?
    8. Te Deum
    9. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Yes. And too much of it if you ask me...


    10. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Look what I found:

    11. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      This message has been deleted because it is a duplicate of a previous VM.
    12. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Eh. I could care less.

      Really, it is only my avatar that is Spain.

      My sig is from The Boat That Rocked (released in America under the name Pirate Radio).
    13. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Put something about me in your sig and openly regard me as your brother.

      Nothing more to it.
    14. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      Haha, you're fun. Yes, I would define "near" as falling within those parameters. But how much use is that to us when we decided a one-on-one meeting would be awkward? Maybe for the future, once we've all gotten together a few times. If that ends up happening. Which I am not opposing. :L
    15. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      I dunno. :V And if that's true, what's all this stink about me having cheated you? Wouldn't you have cheated me if I agreed to give you my city when you never really gave me yours? Naughty, naughty. *waggles finger*
    16. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      It's not a contract, darling. xD You gave it freely. It's not like we agreed to exchange cities. If it was on good faith that I would give mine in return, I'm sorry to disappoint. If you consider it to be of value, shouldn't you have been stingier with it? ...Besides, I don't actually know it anymore. I forgot. :V So you have another chance to be stingy.
    17. What?
      Thank you dearly, and oh indeed, I am already dissecting French through my own efforts to be fluent. As of now I am at a point where I wish for a method to be productive in my French absorption. An hour a day is usually quite an excellent standard.

      Bare-bones, very skeletal. In fact I would be able to identify the meanings of Chinese characters themselves more than their actual pronunciations in Mandarin/Cantonese/Wu/Hokkien/Chaozhou/et cetera. Sino-Tibetan languages are most likely as weak as my knowledge of Nilo-Saharan or Bantu languages.
    18. What?
      Linguistics and language are one of my passions, and usually when I have nothing to do one of my major divertissements is reading through the basics of some sort of language, be it a history, orthography, pronunciation, basic phrases, and the like. I suppose this would simply be a direct extension of my extreme adoration for the cultures and various factors that make up our world. As a result of this I am a rather extreme linguistics nerd.

      I wish you luck, bonne chance mademoiselle! Continue to advance your understanding, I say.
    19. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      Aw, that's nice of you to say c: Well, most of the people who would be particularly interested are not close enough for it. Bad luck, really. And yes I agree that would be quite awkward, a group meet-up would be preferable. I am no good around people until I've had a few rounds to get used to them. Hells awkward, shy, etc.

      I'm not crazy about privacy, but I draw the line on city and address. Sorry, hon. :c And I think you've actually given me your city before, as I recall calculating the distance between us by miles/hours.
    20. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      Hahaha... It might actually help you to say you were searching for me. No, that's not what I mean, silly girl. Don't lie, I know you were thinking it. I usually only give that out to people who plan on visiting me. Which is hypothetical, since no one ever has before.
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