Feb 12, 2011
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One of the strange things about living in the world is that it is only now and then one is quite sure one is going to live forever and ever. Nov 20, 2014

    1. Noroz
      Well, I'm headed to bed as I have class early in the morning, so I'll expand on this tomorrow.
      Anyway, in short, you have so much different nature close to you. Back home (my primary home) I can drive 15 minutes to the coast and 30min - 1 hour to get to Pulpit rock and fjords.
      Our Secondary house (yes, we have two) is 3 hours away from where I grew up (primary house) and it is simply gorgeous. If you google "Kristiansand" you'll see the city.
      The area I grew up (where our primary house is) is Jæren. Google it.

      I'll expand tomorrow, gnight.
    2. Rhiscx
      I don't believe I did. With the memory I have, I'm sure I would remember something like that. As for my face, I have posted about 3 times in the post yourself thread if I'm not mistaken.

      Well, I'm quiet susceptible to humor, but in a good way. I would never laugh to spite someone.

      Hmmmmm..........If my memory serves me correct. I believe the first time was Snow White (loved that movie, but mostly the music) and the second time was Cinderella.

      Sad to say, I do not believe any photos of me doing that were made/kept.
    3. Rhiscx
      Yes well, I've worked more on my legs than any other part of me due to the past activities I've done. It is not an easy dance, so the fact you can do it, even slow-mo is quite a feat in my book.

      I remember my grandmother saying the same thing to me before. I only wished I knew what that meant at the time.

      I see. Quite the coincidence indeed. It does not bother me at all. In fact, during my college english session, I read a story with a character with similar thoughts of the english system. Spell the word the way it sounds, and if you hate the word, don't bother using it.

      It is no trouble. I do enjoy lengthened and detailed posts/VM's they can be quite a good read.

      As for me cross dressing. The answer is yes, but not on here. I was much younger/cuter/more attractive. Not awkward for me at all. It takes much to throw me off actually. I hoped I answered/responded to all your questions and comments.
    4. Rhiscx
      I see, sill me then. It does take a good amount of upper body strength, and a lot of muscle in the legs. The legs part I have, the upper body strength....not so much. I am a man of my word, when I get my hands on one, it'll be the first thing I do.
    5. Rhiscx
      Well I just tried it in my kitchen, and fell gracefully on my bottom. I'm still laughing hard about it. I'll get a camera somehow I promise.

      Oh, and your leaving for a bit? I hope you have a good time.
    6. Jayn
      Take care, LARiA.~ <3
    7. LARiA
      To anyone,
      I'm doubting a person will care but
      I will be away for the weekend.

      Perhaps without internet access,
      See you in a few.
    8. What?
      Bah, bah, goodness, I have to apologize so dearly madam. Staff are sadly exempt from this, it appears. I am so sorry gah.
    9. Llave
      Thank ye good madam. You are a rather intriguing and erudite person.
    10. Llave
      Twas not naïveté as much as it was not being in the loop of such matters. Do not be hard on yourself.
    11. Llave
      Ah yes, Saxima PM'd me obviously, stating that she wanted to have some fun with Makaze.

      It takes a lot to offend my person. So fret not. I actually agree that if that were a serious matter, to converse amongst themselves.
    12. Llave
      I am not offended madam. Seeing what you meant specifically about the recent event between Makaze and Saxima in the Postbox, it makes sense. I actually agree. Why put on a show? Attention? What good will that do? But I suppose it is mere fun and no harm done.
    13. Sumi
      All of the thanks.
      All of it.
    14. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      I thought you never responded.

      But you did, in edits.

      Respond in a VM next time. I do not check my VMs that often.
    15. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Smirnoff. The vodka.

      Try Loud Pipes by Ratatat.
    16. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      0.o Cool coincidence.

      I drank...

      That stuff was goood.
    17. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Vodka. Lots and lots of vodka. I'm not joking whatsoever. It was my "training" back in Russia that has given me the ability today to drink vodka like water. At 16, I'm pretty proud of my self.

      Try Wildcat by Ratatat. It's not dubstep, just more like house music. It's mellow.
    18. Te Deum
      Te Deum

      It's really hardcore electronica, but IMO, it's more than that. YouTube search Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex.

      Fav meal: Crepes with Nutella (I know tht is a dessert, but I consider it a meal. Yes, I went to Russia when I was 6. i don't remember much of it.

      Edit: I just saw your most recent post, about pastramajlija.
    19. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Well that makes it sound awkward.

      That poor, neglected account...

      Do you by any chance like dubstep? (Random questions tiemz)
    20. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Into the shado--*shot*

      I always wondered why we didn't talk more often.

      Do you have MSN?
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