Feb 12, 2011
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The Café Musain


Twilight Town Denizen, from The Café Musain

One of the strange things about living in the world is that it is only now and then one is quite sure one is going to live forever and ever. Nov 20, 2014

    1. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      I should be invisibe right now.
    2. Te Deum
      Te Deum
    3. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      You are responding to my VMs are you not? Yes, a screenshot would be nice.

      My thoughts about Prussia are the same.

      I am part Russian (50%, actually). And Venezuelan. Yet I have failed to see a Hetalia Venezuela.
    4. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      And I must know...

      How do you appear offline when actually online?

      I tried doing that through General Settings, but it just made it yellow, not gray like yours.
    5. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      I would... but I look rediculous. Even though I got the whole outfit right.

      Well it's a good choice. My friend... she has a crush on Prussia.
    6. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Extremely late reply is extremely late.

      I'm loving your Hetalia Russia theme. I've cosplayed him once.

      I believe you got your idea for your sig from that post I made on your fanfic thread?
    7. What?
      Ooh, to be quite honest I adore all sorts and all types of music. All a colourful multitude of soulful human expression. Though personally, I am actually most privy to jazz and blues and both stay very close to my heart due to their unparalleled fields of expressive attitude and how lovely both sound. I may certainly suggest music to yourself of that sort, if you would enjoy. I delve a tad in a handful of other genres as well, but primarily my taste in music has coincidentally developed through my writing. What a fitting union.

      Prokofiev in general I have found to be a rather varied composer - his works accompany a great range of emotion and can paint so many sorts of images in one's mind. And ooh yes, I have indeed heard of that particular Hungarian Dance piece. Speaking of which, I recall Liszt's aforementioned Hungarian Rhapsody being stuck in my head for a good while. The Eastern Europeans know their music very well, it seems.
    8. What?
      My mood is much better, thank you indeed. I have been down with a horrendous bout of the flu, especially the coughs, for a while you see.
    9. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      What's with the symbols in your font?

    10. Plums
      Planned, all of it. Held a secret meeting while you were offline and everything.

      But no, I am waiting for someoe to get back to me about something, which made me realize I have lost contact with a few friends. So here we are.
    11. Plums
      Hello Lili.
    12. FuzzyBlueLights
      Plumsy, that's my boy. Friends don't usually need a lot of things in common. And I LOVE the Final Fantasy series(so I'm sure we can find something to talk about), ever since I played the first one on my cousin's PS1. Your mere 3 paragraphs in resphonse to my words make me fanboy. Lol. I do have a question for you though, if you want to master Perfection; does that make you a perfectionist?
    13. FuzzyBlueLights
      :x Now I feel a bit like a dork. It's a simple fact that it just took me a bit of time to work up the courage to start a conversation with you is all. I've seen a few of your posts around the forum (Your style of writing makes me envious.). So you among a few others would should be a great way to make friends outside my circle/bounds. Apologies if this is all weird.

      And I was referring to Neku Sakuraba of The World Ends With You series. Lol. Sorry, again, I have the habit of mentioning or referencing things with the assumption that people know what I'm talking about.
    14. FuzzyBlueLights
      Act upon it.

      It's a mixture of things. But mostly I'm following in Neku's footsteps and broadening my world by interacting with others who've piqued my curiosity.
    15. FuzzyBlueLights
    16. Saxima
      Ah, perfect. I love the Carnival of the Animals. We played the orchestral version of the suite in my eighth grade year, though the fifth movement, L'éléphant, was our highlight, seeing as we only played about six of them.

      I didn't, unfortunately, have the pleasure of playing The Swan. How relaxing it is.
    17. Saxima
      No, that first bit isn't the case at all, I was just waiting for you.

      My sleepiness has turned me incredibly slothful, so I thought I would just wait until you did whatever you were going to do. You're cute for over-analyzing like usual though. No, merely waiting, is all.
    18. Jayn
      Thank you for the rep. :') I think he liked them...Maybe. He didn't really respond, but ah well. At least he saw them. xD;

      I don't mind opening up. I mean. There are only a few personal things I would ever refuse answering. I just generally take forever to answer VMs, especially well thought out ones, so I apologize for that.

      And yes. Well, obviously he's here now and I'm thankful for that. When I first met Fuzzy, he annoyed me to tears. I mean, so much so that I lashed out at him and stopped talking to him completely. Mostly because I was young (this was back in early 2007) and infatuated with someone else, so him being around and as affectionate as he can be only irritated me. He was like that lost puppy always following me. We were just friends, and met through role playing here. He never admitted romantic feelings for me back then, but whenever I would disappear for too long, he would freak out. One night we argued because the guy I liked was just terrible and he was concerned and I was stupid and stubborn. Eventually, he told me to 'just go'. So I did.

      When I stopped talking to him (ignored), he called me once every night. He left a message to say good night and that he hoped I was doing okay. I didn't answer for about a month and a half, or two. Then finally one night I answered the phone when he called me. I don't know what changed other than the fact that I realized I was being horrible and that he had actually pursued my friendship in a way that no one had before. Either way, from that point on we became really good friends.

      Then that progressed until he became my best friend forever. I didn't find out he had romantic feelings for me until one night we were on the phone talking about my boy troubles. I was venting about my feelings for someone and how they treated me like I was a child, etc. Then it occurred to me that I talked about this guy a lot, and that if Fuzzy liked me, that would be annoying. So I joking stopped mid-sentence and asked, "You don't love me, do you?" And he said, "Love you? /insert laughter here." Then I was all tsundere-rage. Then he said, "You mean love you-love you? Like, wanting to marry you?" And I was tired of him playing around and said forget it and he answered, "Yes."

      THEN. From that point on it was typical falling in love/infatuation stuff. He helped me get over someone who was really never any good for me to begin with, and taught me how to be myself around people. He helped me get over my compulsive liar tendencies, and my struggles with family and such. He's just been good to me and I'm blessed to have met him. I would be immensely unhappy if he hadn't made me realize that the way I am with him is how I should be. I shouldn't have to pretend to be someone I'm not, like I used to be when I first joined KHV and in life in general. It's like I was incapable of being myself until he became the first person to ever get to know me and actually accept all of it. Every ounce. It's just been great.

      Even if things don't work out between us in the long-run, meeting him...This spazzy, childish FuzzyBlue (and all of my KHVfamily, actually...), has truly impacted me and I'm grateful for the experience.
    19. What?
      Ah, you see I am not completely a connoisseur in the Classical music regard, but I am familiar with a handful of things, I suppose.

      Do you hold any specific descriptions as to the tone of the music? if you enjoy Prokofiev I recommend Dvorak and Rimsky-Korsakov. Stravinsky as well, if you are feeling a tad adventurous.
    20. Styx
      I doubt we have much conversational history, seeing as I'm rather oblivious to Jiku's cynical nature.
      Happy holidays, by the way!
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