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    WHOOPS! I didn't know this thread was up. Guess I missed it. Yeah, I'll participate. Just give me a day or two to find a song.
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    Count me in! It takes me months to complete a four minute video, so pray for speed!
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    well, as I say, it was very good.

    well, as I say, it was very good.
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    Sora raised an eyebrow in confusion.
    What's with him? he thought. This was completely unlike the Xigbar he remembered.
    Well, if the guy wouldn't fight, and didn't wanna talk...
    "Guess I'll die another day then. We done here?"
    He wanted to check the other districts. Anywhere the Organization showed up, trouble followed, and he wanted to make sure there was nothing shady going on here. Was this a distraction of some kind?
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    Sora stood up straight again and cocked his head. He had a curious streak of benevolence which countered his sometimes rash anger, and teenage petulance. This resulted in a tendency to talk calmly, and even, to some extent, compassionately to his enemies. Now, this manifested itself.
    "Why are you here then?"
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    Xollot suppressed a yawn. Since his last exclamation Vexen had remained silent, apparently enraptured by his own brilliance. How long as she expected to hover about in silence?

    "You gonna cry?" taunted Sora, annoyed and confused at Xigbar's silence. The man always had a comeback ready. Why did he now keep silent?

    (OCC: prod prod. ;-))
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    Xollot looked up at that. Her interest was piqued and she walked up behind Vexen to peer over his shoulder. What was all this about?

    Sora started, and then glared at Xigbar.He had no intention of paying any attention to what this guy said, since it was all designed to wind him up. But...
    "Huh? Who's Ventus?"
    He echoed Donald, his scowl disintegrating into a puzzled look.
    Then he saw the weapons in Xigbar's hand, and, resuming his glare, assumed his hunched, half-crouching position of defence.
    "Stuff your orders, let's do this now!" he exclaimed, made angry by these mind games.
    It was imprudent. He'd gone rather to seed over his few months at home, and his strength, not to mention his agility, were not what they were, and he'd had no time to build them back up again. Apart from that, he'd sold, mislaid, or given away almost all of his magic and abilities, believing that he would no longer need them.
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    Has everyone but me fallen off the face of the earth?
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    Xollot wandered over to a convenient corner, and stood, observing Vexen, following every movement with her eyes. Without knowing precisely what he was about, she could make no accurate deductions as to his purpose, or the likely result. Quite honestly, she was beginning to really question this assignment. What was she doing here? Vexen didn't seem to need any help with his "experiment" and even if he did, he wouldn't have admitted it, nor would he have accepted any help from her.

    Sora slowed and looked around. Yes, it was different from what he remembered...and yes, there was no one around...but
    "Well aren't they in Hollow Bastion? Maybe all the people we met here have gone back to their own worlds...I don't know..."
    He stood there, undecided. Something was wrong, but was that just because all the people were gone? Wasn't Travers Town an amalgam of bits and pieces from fallen worlds? Maybe it was simply that some parts had been torn away and restored to their home worlds, along with the people. That was probably it...But what if it wasn't?
    "Could this have anything to do with the Organization?"
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