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Aug 2, 2011
Jul 18, 2010
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Moogle Assistant, from in your closet, eating your last cookie! >:D

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Aug 2, 2011
    1. Kaidron Blaze
      Kaidron Blaze
      lol don't worry it's the first time I've been mistaken for a staff member you made me feel important lols
    2. Cloud.Strife.
      Hey what's up?
    3. Mr. Van Whippy ♥
      Mr. Van Whippy ♥
      Hello to you too, hero of Hyrule. Thanks for the friend request. How are you?
    4. Kaidron Blaze
      Kaidron Blaze
      I'm not Repliku, I'm Docyx no15 (still wanna be friends?) nice to here from you though.......lol
    5. Korra
      I don't have to, but I chose to. Sometimes I go through threads, but most of the time it's through members' profiles when I know they spam a lot.

      I would say that it'd be a good idea to know the basics of the rules, yeah. Not necessarily memorize them, but know what is and isn't okay to do.
      Swearing and our policy on it is also explained in the rules. :]

      Nah, it's okay, don't worry. Everyone has spammed at one point, and I'd rather you learn what it is now then later on. ^^
    6. ShibuyaGato
      Heyz! Since I don't know if ur a boy or girl i'm just gonna say, Hiya Elfie!!!
    7. Dark Link
      Dark Link
      I'm still a noob when it comes to graphics, I don't know much on filters and stuff and my text is still...weird. I didn't make my avi, though I wish I was that good. Skyward Sword looks great and the fact that it comes before OoT gives a lot of questions on it.
    8. Fracture
      We are now automatically friends xDDD
    9. Cloud.Strife.
      No, I couldn't
    10. Cloud.Strife.
      Lol, yeah it's working.
    11. Dark Link
      Dark Link
      8DD Another LoZ fan
    12. Cloud.Strife.
      lol, I can't imagine you a girl. but i geuss you are.
    13. Cloud.Strife.
      Yes, like "badass Link-man" or something.
    14. Cloud.Strife.
      Like kingdom keeper, moogle assistant, etc etc.
    15. Cloud.Strife.
      I don't know, but you get a second image at premium, the ability to change your name every two weeks, and the ability to change your title. but you need 500 rep and 1,000 posts for premium
    16. Cloud.Strife.
      You can only have one image in a signature.
    17. Cloud.Strife.
      Yes. If you want it.
    18. Cloud.Strife.
      I didn't make this, but here and the link http://media.photobucket.com/image/link%20signatures/CloudSenatu/Signatures/Link.png?o=4
    19. Rissy
      Hey there. :3
    20. Korra
      Uh...well, it depends. Some people, like me, Fayt, RvR, Mike, and Misty, are on every day. Others don't come on as often, or don't exactly to their jobs.
      I guess an example of dedication would be me going through the entire forum to clean up spam, since it takes hours and hours and really isn't fun at all.

      They're not that bad, it's just sort of common sense stuff. xD

      Well, they'd get in trouble too, since instead of notifying a staff member, they flamed back. But again, it usually depends on the situation.

      Er...I'm not familiar with the term "neo spamming", but spamming means you post something that either doesn't contribute to the thread, is off topic, or is a really short post.
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    whats better to know about me than the fact that i am me?! :D
    yes, i know that i make complete sense (and not the dirty change you find under your couch! D: )! ^^

    Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Legend of Zelda