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Dec 25, 1992 (Age: 30)


Not All Who Wander Are Lost, Daddy, 30, from Pennsylvania


for future reference so I don't have to keep searching for my OG BB code in old threads like an idiot Dec 18, 2021

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Jul 27, 2023
    1. Rhiscx

      Story of my life mann......................
    2. Heart ❤
      Heart ❤
      Hahahhahaha You are awesome too :D
    3. Heart ❤
      Heart ❤
      I try to help my friends when I can. I will try my hardest cuz Id want someone to get there for me if I was in his spot.
    4. Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen
      I think Tifa is pretty, she's the sex-symbol for square practically. I think Lightning, Lulu, and Rikku are too. I think most of their characters are. I mean they are video game characters after all.

      Yeah, that counts. It's one of my favorite games now. I only have Dissidia. I wanted to get that other one though.
    5. Heart ❤
      Heart ❤
      It's alright.

      I have a lot of guy friends so they all act like that, but I'll try my hardest to be there for him. Like I told Daxa We aren't Tight Tight but we are friends so Ill be there for him when he needs someone
    6. kitty_mckechnie
      It's my over-active imagination - I get the craziest ideas from nothing. But at least he ain't creepy like Ronald McDonald!

      As long as he doesn't wear red shoes.
    7. Daxa~
      It is,it is,it is.
    8. Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen
      Yeah. I guess I am just a Vincent fan girl. Haha, I would have rather her not be stupid and not go for Hojo but, then we wouldn't have a plotline would we?

      Do you like X? I am replaying that now. Well, I got stuck on a part awhile ago so I started over and now I'm way past that so I consider it kind of replaying, haha.
    9. Daxa~
      Im afraid c:
      Like really afraid.
      Like terrified.
    10. Daxa~
      Trolololol very nice~
    11. Daxa~
      The dog is staring into my soul.
    12. Daxa~
      Aww you always know what to say to make me feel better.
    13. Daxa~
      D'aww you sweetheart.

      And meh,I am sure there are far more interesting people than me on KHV.
    14. Daxa~
      I slept...
      Okish D:

      But but but,its the weekend now~
      So no school for 2 days~
      So I can relax~
    15. Daxa~
      Love it.
      He is adorable :3
    16. Daxa~

      Why hello there~[/SPOILER]
    17. Ienzo
      Well, I have an interest in drawing and that's it really, art, not so much- it's a nice way of expressing yourself but I'd rather use something like a story or poem to do so.
    18. Ienzo
      Ahh I love Science but not maths, but I also love English >.> To be honest they're all good subjects, Art isn't realyl for me any more. Our art department at school has gone downhill over the last year, since we've had teachres pass on, teachers getting pregnant and gonig on maternity leave, teachers getting depressed over a failed marriage and teachers just moving on >.> It's not good. All my friends who have this one teacher basically hasn't been in school for most of the days so all the lessons have been cancelled.
    19. Rean
      Oh, I forgot. The same goes for VMs.

      Clicking on Go Advanced will make the Current Activity show Posting Visitor Message instead of just Viewing Conversation.
    20. Rean
      Just a tip.

      If you double-click on Reply to Thread or Edit Post, you'll instantly be taken to the advanced editor window.

      Not only that, but it'll make your Current Activity show Replying to Thread [thread name] when actually replying to a thread instead of just Viewing Thread [thread name].

      Also, whether you single-click or double-click Edit Post, your Current Activity will show Modifying Post. However, after saving an edit after single-clicking, it'll stay at Modifying Post, whereas if you had double-clicked Edit Post and saved, it will change back to Viewing Thread [thread name].
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    Dec 25, 1992 (Age: 30)
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