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May 23, 2009
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Nov 4, 2009
    1. Mathias Jay
      Mathias Jay
      Wow... you've done quite a bit! And you're still doing quite a bit... Well, I've gotten back into the 'swing' of playing tennis with a couple of friends and am exhausted from the constant playing. We play for hours a day, about 2 or 3 days a week, depending.

      It's nice to see that you're reading scriptures and doing devotions! It encourages me to do more myself! Though, some people at work hold me back from really getting into it, my iPod Touch truly helps with the reading of scriptures, I must say! The Lord has really moved through me and is helping me with many things. I hope you get to be an Alter Server! That sounds quite important, and very good! You will be within my prayers!

      Wow, you've got a lot on your plate, sir! You shouldn't be online very often, you've got too much to do! But when you do get online, be sure to gimme a VM because I enjoy your endless paragraphs! Ha ha.

      So, as you can see, not much has happened in my world, except we've almost entirely decided that my girlfriend will be joining me in going to Church Camp next summer! I am very excited! It will be my first time to meet her, and I'm almost nervous, even if it's a year away! As for Church Camp, it's a very large camp called Falls Creek over by Turner Falls in the Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma. It's had about 50,000 campers this summer in all! It's services stretch across the nation, and across seas! As a matter of fact, I believe we've got some of our campers whom signed up to 'Go Students' in the UK at the moment. Quite exciting!
    2. Mathias Jay
      Mathias Jay
      Greetings to you, too! Worry not, for I have been inactive as well. Church Camp and work have swamped me, along with talking excessively with my girlfriend and dealing with regular every day things. Life has been quite good, I must admit! I've gotten closer to Christ and am growing ever closer each day!

      But how about you, friend? How have you been this long time apart?
    3. Mathias Jay
      Mathias Jay
      L.A. And I'm back, now. Thanks, I had a good time until... Monday. That's when it got annoying. Anyway, I'm home now and it feels good.
    4. FinalF7
      This website is filled with immature freaks. >.<
    5. FinalF7
      You're not that old... There are people here that are 21 & up...

      Wow, you DO a lot... You seem like your really together with your life for a 19 year old. :/ i would never picture you to be on a website like this... you're like dream guy!! All you need is to be REALLy hot...

      Are you really hot? xD
    6. Panda Face
      Panda Face
      It's never hard to be polite, or to hold our own harmful speech.
      People are just lazy. (and they think THIS is an actual sentance! "Hey GuYz. wuzup?!")
      I like to write, so I have a natural editing program in my noggin. :D
      My rp of alice is "Welcome to Wonkyland".
      I LOVE Death Note. :D The novel that they have out of it was DIVINE. (The L.A BB Murder Cases)
      I like Naruto, Shugo Chara, Bleach, A.B.F, FMA, and many-MANY others. (hey, when the malls to far, the internet is working, and i happen to stumble upon a free manga viewing site, what else is there? :D)
      I love to read as well. ^^ I don't have a specific novel that I love. I actually like readinf "fanfictions" on the internet. ^^
      I'm 16 and however long until October 13st. :D
    7. FinalF7
      Hmmm... this is quite a difficult question... xD

      Tell me anything that you are comfotable with telling me...
      How old are you? What are you hobbie, or interests?... and anything else you can think of. :]
    8. Mathias Jay
      Mathias Jay
      Well, as I suspected, I was ungrounded the very next day - how wonderful! Nonetheless, I will be starting work soon, and I've got vacation coming up starting Thurs. and lasting a week.
    9. Panda Face
      Panda Face
      Most people don't have such lovely manners on here. :sweat:

      Hence- People are flamed, talked down, banned and the like. :D

      The things my dear friends in Wonkyland talk about are--

      American McGee's Alice, fanfictions or Alice, and-- the ever popular RP of Alice.

      Hmm.... I like to sing, draw, play the piano, and write.
      I'm a poet, novelist, and--- All around sweet but slightly strange Panda-looking girl. :D

      Do you have any favorite Anime (if you know what that is)

      or a favorite novel series? Or a favorite Poet?

      My favorite poet is Edgar Allen Poe, but thats because I'm a bit addicted to his works.

      Do you write any poetry?
    10. Panda Face
      Panda Face
      Well, it's splendid to chat with someone who has such mannerisms. ^^ I'm doing quite fine, dear Hatter.
      It's pleasing that someone new has joined "Wonkyland".
      I've been known to make friends on the random.
      It's quite a pleasure to meet you.

      Feel free to talk with me whenever,
      The February Panda-- Randsle. (Randy the Pandy)

      And a Very Merry Unbirthday to you to, Hatter. ^^
    11. Panda Face
      Panda Face
      hello mad hatter! :D
    12. FinalF7
      Hahahahah... same.

      Might as well start now... tell me about yourself. xD
    13. Mathias Jay
      Mathias Jay
      It does.

      Hm. I'll look into the Baptist stuff as soon as I've got permission to the computer again. Got grounded for being up too late.

      Hm. I still need to see it. xD

      No, you don't have to like it.

      I play first-person shooters and RPGs mainly. I don't play many PC games though, since I've got my 360.

      Sorry for such a short message, but I'm not even supposed to be online. I got grounded for being up too late on the computer.
    14. FinalF7
      I really don't think it's your honour... it's mine! xD

      And, you just seem like a pretty cool guy... I love the mad hatter! :]
    15. Mathias Jay
      Mathias Jay
      Thanks. I have always been interested in the early wars of the American past time. The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, WWI, WWII, etc.

      Oh, so that's J-Pop. That makes quite a bit more sense now. I could get into J-Pop, so I will end up exploring Miyavi and Gaekt very soon, I assure you. Music is a very big part of my life, so anything new I can find that I like I take hold of. I obviously don't have a specific band that I follow, so maybe I will find one. I've never really been much of a person to follow only one band, though. After a while, you start to see a repetition within their songs. That's why it's always nice to have a hand full of bands to listen to. I listen to almost anything, so it usually depends on my mood to what genre or bands I listen to at the moment.

      That makes much more sense, thank you. Though, I'm not entirely interested in religion except for mine (only at times, sadly). Religion never really caught my attention except for lately, in which I have chosen to really try to be a better Christian. The road to being a better Christian is very narrow and difficult, but I believe I can make it! :D

      I haven't seen the Passion of Christ, though I've always wanted to. I've seen small clips of it, but never the entirety of it. Maybe I'll rent it from BlockBuster soon. Other than the basic restrictions, I'm able to watch anything PG-13 and under. Films rated R are the only ones that I must get consent from my parents on. Profanity never bothered me much, because I hear it too often at school, so it's just a natural part of life for me, sadly.

      What about video games, do you play any video games?
    16. Mathias Jay
      Mathias Jay
      Thanks, it is Matt from Death Note.

      You're not that old. I all my friends are older than me, except a few that live in my hometown. Yeah, I'll be a Sophmore next year.
      Hm, that makes sense. Catholic service is Mass. Presbyterian is sort of like the Baptist way of Christianity, or is it the other way around?
      Well I've got a picture here:
      My Grandad

      My uncle did this. My grandfather was a pilot in WWII.
      I dunno. I might, after I finish reading DN. I'm just a couple pages from finishing it, so I think I'll finish it today and read Vol. 7. I might be done with it by the end of the weekend, if I really get into it.
      They're someone strict about ratings. It depends on why the film got the rating, like if there is a lot of sexual content then they're most likely not going to let me watch the film. Language isn't a big deal, but they still restrict me from a portion of movies rated R for language. Violence isn't a big deal. If a movie is rated R for violence, then they're most likely going to be fine with me watching the film.
      I will let you know if I need help finding some! I'm not quite sure what J-Pop is, to be honest. Maybe you should expose me to some of that, as well.
    17. Mathias Jay
      Mathias Jay
      Well, I must say, that I am not actually 15 just yet. My birthday is so close that I consider myself 15. I'm still 14.
      I'm not sure why she converted. I'm not quite sure she even did convert, but she follows how the Baptists do things while we're in church. Though, if she did, I would guess because of the marriage. Boy that sounds fun, though I'm not quite sure what Mass is or what Presbyterian is, either. Call me clueless.
      The arts, for me, run through my family. My gradmother was an excellent artist, and I have a few uncles and aunts that are skilled with charcoal, pencil, paints, etc. I have a portrait of my grandfather on the wall in my living room that my mom's brother did. Maybe I'll get a picture of it and show you.
      Well, maybe it's not childish. I read the whole series and left it at that. I haven't touched it since I finished the Deathly Hallows. Twilight is a good one, I must say, but I found it easy to obsess over, so if you read it: be weary. Manga, I'm quite easy on. I'm working on a new series called 'Ral Grad' with a symbol in the middle (though putting the symbol didn't work). That and Peace Maker, though I haven't bought any Peace Maker yet, for I haven't the money. Death Note is also a Manga I'm working on. I'm finishing up Vol. 6 and I'm borrowing it and 7 from a friend. I've been working on reading the series for a while, but sometimes I tend loose interest. I think I've got it this time, though.
      I'm quite restricted on films, I'm afraid, because of my age. Though, some films my parents will slack on and let me see, which I am quite grateful for.
      Well, I'm still trying to get into it. I haven't listened to much yet, so I'm thinking I should get started on some. I've had to listen to a symphony before for school, and I was quite interested. Then, a month or so ago I listened to a piono recording and decided to give it another try. Maybe I'll pick up a little operatic pieces.
    18. Mathias Jay
      Mathias Jay
      It's more exciting than 15. Yeah, thanks. xD

      It is. My mom's fine with it, though. Thats interesting, how does that work out for your family, might I ask?
      I find it fun, but I need to work on my graphic designs more. I've been on a sort of... hiatus for a while, so I'm needing to get back into the swing of designing. That's cool, you've got art in your family, as do I.
      Mainly childish books, such as the Harry Potter and Twilight series. I read the Manga that Japan spits out, and then ever once and a while I may accidentally come across a decent book.
      As for movies, I've taken a serious liking to the Dark Night, Slumdog Millionair and There Will Be Blood. What about you, what films do you enjoy?
      I'm not all that interested in Opera or Broadway music, really, though I am starting to find an interest inn orchastral music.
    19. Mathias Jay
      Mathias Jay
      I guess so.
      I'm Baptist, I'm afraid. My mom grew up as a Catholic, though. Languages are intersesting, but what I plan to major in is Graphics Design and Media Arts. I'm... somewhat an artist in my "own special way" and I tend to draw every once and a while. I mainly specialize in abstract stuff, though.
      Music is something I can easily relate to people with. I like just about anything (with the exception of rap and country).
      Movies, I like comedy most. But adventure and action are fun to watch too. Romance, only if I'm in the mood, and scary if I'm with someone. Otherwise, I don't do too many movies.
      I'm quite picky with books, so I don't read too often.
      Traveling is fun, but I've only been to both coasts of the U.S.
      I also do better if I'm asked questions, summaries aren't exactly my area of expertiece.

      Happy birthday! I'm sorry your birthday is under-celebrated. Mine's not for another month or so.
    20. Mathias Jay
      Mathias Jay
      No, forgetting whom I am would actually be quite difficult for me, actually. I'm constantly shown who I am whenever I talk to my girlfriend. It's interesting.
      Well I live in the 'Redneck' area, so dialect is just another a part of life with me. I usually change my accent/dialect with the different people I'm with. It's quite entertaining.
      Nah, I'm not goodlooking. Though, my girlfriend beg's to differ (she get's really mad when I talk about how I don't like myself).
      I have interests that range widely. Music, books, movies, games, and all kinds of stuff. What're your interests?
      And don't worry about taking up space. The conversation is worth it.
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