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May 7, 2008
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August 30
Fairy Tail

Maka Albarn

It's called love, Panda, from Fairy Tail


This new year fills you with... determination. Jan 10, 2018

    1. Makaze
      Mmm. Well I wouldn't let one group affect your view of another. I was alerted last night to the dangers of extrapolating from a few that you focus on and projecting them onto the whole. You know how to get what you want from them, and you assume that others work the same way. It almost always has disastrous results.

      Relaxing always good you good on that front. Find someone who cheers you up or watch more MLP. Find something that will take you away from the bad things so that you can think about them objectively.
    2. Makaze
      Around here? Do you mean on KHV, or in your life in general? I try to take a different approach with group I speak with since they are not the same. It keeps me from getting stressed if I see each group as an individual problem that can be ignore rather than one huge reality that I have to either accept or deny.

      The key to not judging is realizing that judging is not going to make you feel better or give you better results. Once you realize that you are not profiting from it you should be able to get over it much easier than otherwise.
    3. Makaze
      Eh, I have also been immature. Letting the stress of everyone voting for things that could harm me make me lash out. Even if I am under threat, it is better for me to make the best of circumstances, and lashing out is not the best way.

      No, I like you. It is hard to dislike cheerful and nonjudgmental people. Unless you happen to be judgmental and you are putting on a face like you thought I was...
    4. Makaze
      Well, I like you, so I care for your opinion. I am not in the habit of devaluing the opinions of people I like.
    5. Makaze

      That's good. :D I just learned to ignore it, really. There's no use wasting your breath over something that won't budge no matter what. I think the more people who don't pay attention to him and his posts, the less he'll post annoying things to get attention and prove to be almighty king and a bleh god. lol.
      I'm glad you're feeling better. ^^
      Sorry, I could not help but notice this. (I was checking his profile).

      You are both a bit right and a bit wrong. While it will make me reconsider my actions, it also makes me feel that you will never accept my actions from that point on. That once you start ignoring me, you will never stop. In my experience, when someone decides to ignore me, they do not check up on my progress. People stick to their conclusions, for years even.

      Ignoring me is a double-edged sword because it could mean that I am at fault or that you are. I will never know if I am not told.

      Understandable, I hope...
    6. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Thanks for the rep.
      Makaze annoyed me when he came back and *****ed about the site, and it just pissed me that he didn't seem to care about this place but still came here. He just seemed like he was slightly Trolling.
      Ah well, thanks again, Maka.
      Oh and I can take him being an unmoving rock when we discuss something. I'm just use to it by now, so i'm not upset anymore! : )
    7. Janime6
      Well there are a lot of other people to duet with. o:
    8. Janime6
      Yes! :'P She does so much stuff, though. Must be stressful. >:
    9. Janime6
      It'd be awesome if she did it. :'D lol she said "we" should do it and I was like "whoa I can't sing gurl," then she said "we" meant anybody. Silly silly.
    10. Janime6
      I always bother her. :3 She wants to do the Smile song, I think. Since I showed her this.
    11. Feenie
      Truth = lies

      I loved the dubbed version. Kelly thinks I'm crazy >.>
      Ah same, Danu showed me a picture of him before I watched it and made a joke about how he's Finny and I'm Feenie.
      My response was;
      "Wait...THAT'S A GUY?!"
    12. Feenie
      You lie! I know you do!

      Ooh? Did you watch the Subbed version or the Dubbed version?
      And be honest with me, what gender did you think this was?
    13. Feenie

      No need, it's the truth. You have a nice singing voice //​tell me your secrets B|//
    14. Feenie

      Of course there is! I'm Pink! What more could a guy possibly want?
    15. Llave
      If I could eat it yeah. ;~;
    16. Llave
      It's purdeh 8D
    17. Janime6

      Eurobeat Brony is awesomeeee. I'll pester her until she does another. >:'D
    18. Janime6
      rainbow energy

      Well I graduate this June so I can't wait too long. :v

      It's by Eurobeat Brony as well. If you like Discord, then you'll probably like Luna.
    19. Janime6
      ...well when she's not she's full of energy!

      I can't wait till I get to go to college. xD Sorta.

      Hm. So many. Well you did Discord, so why not Luna (DREAM MODE) [cause I doubt either of you can growl/scream for the NIGHTMARE version]?
    20. Janime6
      Rainbow Dash is never tired! maybe Applejack, but not RD

      Are you in college? I'm swell. c:

      You and Jayn should do some more MLP-related song covers!
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