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May 27
The Matinée


Some kind of mercenary, from The Matinée

Onward we ride! KHV is back and kicking. Aug 3, 2021

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Dec 12, 2023
    1. DigitalAtlas
      Dear Makaze,

      I have been dared to select five different members and leave a VM of genuine appreciation on their profile.

      As you know, I genuinely appreciate you. I like the way you work and think you're highly misunderstood and I look forward to getting to know you. Thanks for all the kindness you have shown me!

    2. Machazo
      JUS' 14 MAKMAK

      u happy nao
    3. GhettoXemnas
    4. Chevalier
      Whatever it is you two (you and PaW) are doing, keep it private. Thanks~
    5. Mish
      Yes, and I do love the characters from True Romance<3

      You should give it a shot someday.
    6. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      You say my views are small, you say my opinions are ignorant, even now you're claiming I am in some way in misconduct against you. You just never see your aggression, and it really can hurt people. Which is why I asked you to calm down, so you could read over your words and see why people may not feel good about the comments you make.

      You may forget Makaze but I am a human being. a person that has emotions and feelings on many things that help dictate what I should be doing. Right now my emotions are telling me that this conversation is both depressing and saddening me, and leading no where good. Staff or not, I don't have to discuss anything if I do not want to. And that is my right as a human, not a Staff member.

      I asked if we could not talk about it, since you disregard me as a person with an opinion I will instead not reply further as your requests further more would be considered harassment, which is against the rules of the site, and as you know the consequences of breaking rules.

      If you believe I am not conducting myself well as staff, then please contact another Staff member with your concern.
    7. Mish
      Welll, that was the plot in the simplest of terms, haha..
    8. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Makaze you need to calm down. I am not going to respond if you insult me continuously and disregard my requests to not talk about it.

      You can say I am slanderous, that's your opinion and it's obvious you're not in the mood to reason with me, and just want to force me to say what you want.

      Again, I never meant to offend, it was a joke, maybe it was bad, idk. But it wasn't serious. You're taking a flippant remark too seriously and need to stop worrying about it.
    9. Mish
      It's about two newlyweds with a stash of cocaine on the run from the mob and the police, simply put. It was written by Tarantino and it's one of my favourite movies. You might like it.
    10. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      I don't wish to discuss a statement that you are taking offence to it seems.

      Sorry you feel that way but I have given you plenty of hints I will not take this discussion seriously.
    11. Mish
      Have you ever seen True Romance?

      Ah, fair enough. I know I would certainly think twice before enrolling at a university in the US.
    12. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      > Says I shouldn't say things about him if I don't wish to Discuss them
      > I didn't start the discussion or make this 'rule' up

      > Says he doesn't deal in certainties and uncertainties
      > Says I deal in certainties and uncertainties, repeatedly, almost if certain of it

      > Complains people take me seriously when I say a bad joke
      > Only one who claims it's a joke at all

      > Says he doesn't know me
      > Still complain I am predictable and consistent, like he knows me or something...

      > Says Spam zone post is serious
      > Says spam zone post is serious, I mean come on...

      >Wants to know more about my ideas
      > Tells me I am ignorant. Made his mind up.

      Challenge accepted let's DUEL! Card games on motorcycles!
    13. Mish
      Ah, a fine choice! I've only seen it once, but I do like Tarantino's works.

      Out of curiosity, how come you haven't gone to university? I know it isn't for everyone, but I'm just wondering.
    14. Mish
      Ah, that is a shame. The friends I grew up with have all moved out of town. As have I, but I'm moving back in about a month. :\ So I know that feel. My boyfriend is pretty much my only form of social life outside of the internet.

      I often like to be alone anyway. But it is more enjoyable to watch a movie or play a game with someone else there, even if they're only 'there' virtually.
    15. Mish
      Mostly I hang out with my boyfriend. So, watching old movies, Tv series and playing video games with him. I've also been rewatching Naruto with an old internet friend for nostalgia's sake, lol..

      And you?
    16. Mish
      I-I'm not shy..

      Honestly, I haven't been talking to many people lately. It's difficult to juggle KHV, a full-time job and a 'social' life. I didn't even realise until Vivi commented today that I haven't been posting much that I've been neglecting the forum somewhat. Hopefully when I get back to Uni in September, I'll have more time to talk to you. I have enjoyed your presence in the msn mega-chats that I've been around for and I would like to get to know you better. <:
    17. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Should I doubt repeated evidence? I've done that already in a stage in my life, I found it led to only doubt and view others as untrustworthy or worse to see the bad parts of someone as good which lead me down a self destructive path.

      Then maybe you should start questioning whether my opinions are actually simple or not. Maybe you should question my motives. That is what you say is black and white, you say you know me, but do you?

      Because I made a comment. Do you need everything explained? No, you can not presume you should have everything and all knowledge, because not everything is explainable. You can use your mind to believe what you wish.

      Broad statements are broad. Reading too much into them.
    18. Mish
      Thank you kindly.

      Oh and thanks for the pity VMs.
    19. Mish
      Welp. Maybe someday we'll find we have something in common.

      Until then, you can always feed me Cadbury's. c':
    20. Mish
      Oh heiahrtg or maybe I'm just so absent-minded that I forget to reply to people. I jetted off to have a look at her VMs then forgot to return to you. .__.
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