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Jan 22, 2011
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May 27
The Matinée


Some kind of mercenary, from The Matinée

Onward we ride! KHV is back and kicking. Aug 3, 2021

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Jun 23, 2022
    1. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      You remind me of yourself.
      Well isn't that peculiar? I am being myself, handy that.

      Makaze if you want my opinion to change of you, then you should show change and not explain it away and everything is a-ok.
      There's more to life then explaining it, there is also a matter of living it.

      And it was spam zone post with no discussing elements about it. Be less serious, dude, that is predictable for you at this point. SO if anything I at least know you more then not at all, maybe more.
    2. Mish
      (I just read the VM/Profile View thread and noticed Kitty tipped you off about Cadbury's. You remembered nothing and I retract my 'You so thoughtful' statement.)

      Yes, we always have a bit of a boom in activity during Summer and the release of DDD has helped us a lot. Glad to hear you're okay.

      I don't think she's one to ignore you or anyone for that matter. I just think that she is tired of Makaze style discussions.
    3. Mish
      In that case - you remembered! You so thoughtful.


      I'm very well, actually. Today is my first day off from my Summer job, and I won't be returning until Monday. This week shall be a week of indulgence. And how might you be?
    4. Mish
      Oh Makaze, you shouldn't have! Did I mention that it is my favourite?

      Feed me.
    5. Jiηx
      HoT has blocked my ability to view and post on his VM's.

      I guess there goes the peaceful ceasefire option.
    6. Jiηx
      So apparently, it is working, just that clicking dashboard or my blog name doesn't show it to me personally.

      That's just weird.
    7. Jiηx
      Can't see how I can't be, hitting save and it flashes saving until it reverts back to save like it's completed it's process, but even the little description for my page didn't save either, so something is wrong with my save function.
    8. Jiηx
      Attempted and failed, I really don't know why it wont stick, I'll leave it for now and try again another time.
    9. Jiηx
      I've tried saving a theme, but it keeps resetting me to default for some reason.

      So very confused.
    10. Jiηx
      I haven't, I'm not really sure where to even begin, this is all so foreign to me, closest thing I've had to this is a Myspace back in the day, I didn't do bebo.
    11. Jiηx
      MasterofMarionettes would be my tumblr name that is now following you.
    12. Jiηx
      I sent him a VM confirming the joking nature of the thread, so that he hopefully doesn't continue to believe the attempts to make Nyan Cat feel bad for rejecting you was anything more than a comical façade.
    13. Jiηx
      Sounds like you get to have a fun talk with HoT
    14. Jiηx
      For sure, I knew this would be the ending result, he seems to be taking it rather hard however, oh to be young again.
    15. Jiηx
    16. Terra254
      Without waiting a week?
      How many episodes are there?
    17. Terra254
      Does it matter if you watch it in order?
    18. Terra254
      Not that I'm quite sure how you would sign it anyway.

      It's not on at the moment here, unless you're watching it steam from somewhere else .
      What/Which (?) episode?
    19. Terra254
      Not when It's meant to be taken lightly, What was obnoxious was making a thread about it, Then saying he was gonna get kicked out of it?Anyway, I feel kinda bad about the entire thing but saying That It was a joke wouldn't make me any better than him in our previous arguments, So I'm sorry If I offended you.

      Aside from that, What's up?
    20. Jiηx
      It seems that the staff have no choice in the matter without putting more money in the program, $500 I think it was, I have no intention to listen to the radio anyway as there's very few occasions were I want to sit and listen to a video game soundtrack, and even less occasions that i'd want to listen to staff DJ'ing.

      It's still a nice feature to the site, I'm sure with time it will improve.
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