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May 27
The Matinée


Some kind of mercenary, from The Matinée

Onward we ride! KHV is back and kicking. Aug 3, 2021

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Jun 23, 2022
    1. Jiηx
      I didn't know you knew Saxima on a personal level.
    2. Jiηx
      The only true sleep is a natural sleep in my opinion, don't ever plan to use any sort of sleep aid if I can prevent it.
    3. Jiηx
      Basically what i've been into the past couple of weeks, sleep at 9am and awake at 5pm, not healthy or smart, going to my best friends today for a couple of days, and for that I gotta be awake at reasonable, normal human hours so this fix was needed.
    4. Jiηx
      It's because I've been fixing a messed up sleeping pattern all day, which has forced me to stay awake some 30 hours just to sleep at a reasonable time. Mellow is not the word, god damn drained is more suitable in this situation. I'd still like a couple more hours of sleep before I have to be up and about later today, so maybe i'll try for a few more.
    5. Jiηx
      It was only my idea, you went and did all that coding stuff that I know nothing of, I'm fine with you taking the credit since you did all the leg work for it really.
    6. C
      Hey Makmak, are you still together with Saxima?
    7. Jiηx
      Very much so, I'm biting my tongue as of the moment, but if he persists I will have to grant his wish, though I'm not quite sure he knows what he'd get himself into.
    8. Jiηx
      I really wish HoT would stop purposely trying to provoke me in threads that I haven't even posted in.
    9. Jiηx
      Ack, if you cant handle a little harshness from Vivi, you're not worth the time of KHV.

      In seriousness though I used to be more mellow, but people like starseeker3 who acknowledge they're bad, claim to be "improveing" as they spell it then repeatedly falls into the old routine just annoy me.
    10. Jiηx
      Yeah this "compromise" that i was included in was made without my knowledge since I was sleeping, Ghetto kinda gave me the foot notes of the entire thing and I get the gist of it, but in 6 years i've found it hard to bite my tongue during PDI (Public Displays of Idiocy) so this compromise thing is no real easy task for me.
    11. Hayabusa
      I know we had a bit of beef in that one thread, but I'm still alright with you if that means anything dude. Just try not to get too uppity next time lol.

      We cool?
    12. Jiηx
    13. Terra254
      Today have been a slow day...

      How are you?
    14. Jiηx
      Nothing really, it's just every time I read his location I have to say "really? What is even the point in that" along with the fact half his posts have a "*Hero's gf says*" now.
    15. Jiηx
      I can't actually remember if it was Seifer or Hero of Time I pointed out that kept putting the fact he had a girlfriend on display all the time now, but if it was Seifer he must've started a trend, because Hero of Time seems to do it even more now.
    16. NYAN CAT =^_^=
      NYAN CAT =^_^=
      ​Alright, thanks.
    17. Jiηx
    18. NYAN CAT =^_^=
      NYAN CAT =^_^=
      ​Figured it out?
      No, I merely just blocked out my VM's to where only my friends list can see them.
      I just got back to you late.
    19. NYAN CAT =^_^=
      NYAN CAT =^_^=
      ​I fixed the VM dilemma. . .
    20. Jiηx
      I'm much more a Hamlet man myself.

      The movie isn't bad, but it romanticized the story too much, end of day the play is about a love affair between a 13 and 17 year old that lasts 3 days and ends in 6 deaths.
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