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May 13, 2013
May 18, 2009
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Sep 13, 1993 (Age: 30)


Moogle Assistant, Female, 30

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May 13, 2013
    1. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      dexnail is the person who's playing as yenzo, one of my brothers and he can transform into a fox.
      he had just started to semi-approach ur house in fox form...
      apparently he fancies you...
      duty quote?
      i'm gunna have to reread what the king says.
    2. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      well if you scroll down to the bottom of the thread, it shows who is currently viewing the thread at the time.
      that's how i new you were sitting on a post.
      you could pretend to see the little fox and walk over too it being all aaawww!!! how cute! come her little fella' and such.
      but it says dexnail is viewing the thread so he might say something...i guess we'll just have to wait and see...
    3. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      i no!
      i love him so much!
      seto: my 'knight in shining armor'
      did you read the begining where i found the puppy?
    4. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      good times good times.
      ya' know, if you add the ppl in our rp you can have more than me and memmey 4 frndz...
      i saw ur sitting on the rp, r u gunna post?
      thrz sum1 near you...even tho that sum1 isnt like a person yet...
      ah! how much of the rp have you read??
    5. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      i doubt that...
    6. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      i have more than nothing.
      marqx be bad?
      as if!
      ur far from it!
    7. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      about that...
    8. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      wut a scandulous avatar!
    9. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      lol i no.
      i'll send ur summary through a message on myspace that way it duznt take up so much room.
    10. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      are you to lazy to read??
      sure i can send u a summary.
    11. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      oh and ur background is different along with the bracellets on ur left arm.
      but its so weird to see so many different versions of the same girl...
      *thinks to self*
    12. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      go bak 2 the thread and it will say so.
      and u r accepted i already saw.
      dude i saw this picture last nite w/ black hair so i used it 4 an appearance in a new rp i started but i changed the hair and i color to shades of purple and then today i saw it again but it wuz like a yellow blonde color and i cud ONLY find the blonde version and it had the red instead of green.
      i wuz just like...weird...
    13. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      lol nice.
      oh and its ur lucky day.
      the guy that started this thread is currently online and he hasnt ben on 4 like a week so yea...
      u can get accepted right away.
    14. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      Name(if royalty you need last name Tenturus if king/queen/prince/princess):
      Allegiance(Tenturus or Kanato or neutral):
      Class(put your rank in the respective family)
      Spell(you can have magic, limit 3):
      Bio(you need one, cant just say he doesnt have one):
      Preview post(so i can see how you RP):tama stood on the little detached island by herself; she was more confused than before.
      where did that person go? how did i get here? what is going on? i no i wanted to go adventuring, but on my own terms. not just magically appear somewheres.

      ^i put in a preview post 4 u since u havent rp'd b4.
      so all u'll have 2 do is copy that, do as i instructed b4 and fill out the required spots. i suggest not being part of the royal family bc there r more royalty than katano-kanato wutever it is...
    15. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      first u have to copy and paste the oc character form.
      i'll copy it 4 u and send it to u, okie dokie?
      then u'll just have to copy and paste wut i sent u in the quick reply box.
      make sure to go 2 the last page and the last post will have a little arrow.
      click on that and it will activate the quick reply.
      then paste the form and fill it out.
      if there is a picture u want to insert 4 the appearance let me no and i'll tell u how to add that.
    16. Hyuge ✧
    17. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      i'll send u the link to the 'Knights Tale' one.
      that's the one where i'm the princess that got kidnapped.
      u probably wont get 2 start rite away tho.
      u have to w8 4 the creator of the thread to accept u.
      so it's good to check the thread often.
    18. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      i have an rp 4 u to submit a request to.
      its not kh related so u'll probabaly b okay.
    19. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      *raises eyebrow*
      reeeeally?? i find that haaard to belieeeeve...
    20. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      nope not yet!
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