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Feb 9, 2019
Oct 22, 2006
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Mathias Jay

beauty is in everything

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Feb 9, 2019
    1. terminallyCapricious
      AHA! I guess I'm one of those rare people who DO understand the physics! But thaz alright, there's still the geek culture that's pretty funny
    2. What?
      Ah, I see. That indeed sounds quite nice - I shall hope the gameplay made up for the story which has been a tad panned?
    3. terminallyCapricious
      YES! I just--UGHN! it's the sex!
      I'm one of the very few people who understand it
    4. terminallyCapricious
      Your avatar....
      ..............Big Bang Theory..............

      *begins to stalk you until the world ends...and then we get reborn in the world were cowboys throw balls at dinosoars riding dinosoars and I will begin to stalk you once more*
    5. What?
      Ah, I see. And how is the game, sir? I have been hearing numerous amounts of mixed reviews over it.
    6. What?
      I suppose we all do at times, for I have fallen victim to the late-night gaming factor as well. And which particular game is this, sir?
    7. What?

      And indeed it is, especially considering how we are in the literal middle of the educational year as such.
    8. reptar
    9. Kites
      You're welcome!
      And yes, I'm just happy I don't have to pay for it haha.
    10. reptar
      your sig reminds me of q*bert
    11. Kites
      I KNOW RIGHT?! I'm so excited!
      Good game selection too.
    12. Misty
      Hey hun, your sig is kind of gigantic. <3 500 by 500 limit.
    13. Kites
      Sounds like it, recently I've been really into Call of Duty again. Luckily I haven't had too much homework this year except for studying for AP tests but at least I get out almost a month before the rest of my school which is nice, at which point I get a bootyfull new Macbook Pro as my graduation gift and a trip to Disney World ^^
    14. Kites
      Yes, it was quite a surprise to me when I figured after the filtering that happened that my prem was taken away D< Oh well.
      I'm doing good, just looking for a way to spend my excess time, waiting for school to be over. Since it's my senior year it feels like it's taking foreverrrr.
      How are you?
    15. Kites
      DUDE! You were the Doctor before you changed user names to this psychiatrist guy.
      Sorry, I just got really excited cause I've been taking a lot of Psych courses and saw Jung and was like "OH MY GOD I KNOW WHO JUNG IS" and thus I clicked to see if we've spoken before and we have a long time ago before I left the site for a while.

      tl;dr - I like you username.
    16. P
      Also, the resulting song will be so bad, it'll come out the other side of complete atrocity, and be the best thing since MBDTF and itAotS.
    17. P
      If it happens, it will be glorious. All the rage of the interwebs, focused on a single point.
    18. P
      Friday is a work of art, of course. I eagerly await her fabled duet with Justin Bieber.
    19. P
      One could say that, yes.

      While you have an affinity for accordions?
    20. P
      Refresh my signature a few times. They're still there.
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