Mathias Jay
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Feb 9, 2019
Oct 22, 2006
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Mathias Jay

beauty is in everything

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Feb 9, 2019
    1. P
      Oh yeah. I changed my name from Pika_power a while back to to name-colour shenanigans.
    2. What?
      There is a greater probability being struck by upper-atmospheric lightning whilst terrestrial, good sir.

      That is absolutely excellent to hear indeed. I am doing quite well, though I must say I am a tad tired at the moment.
    3. P
    4. P
      Oh, I remember you now. We had a conversation in the Chatroom, IIRC.

      Life is comprised of sleep deprivation, school and KHV. They're usually linked fairly closely. :P
    5. Absol
      Yeah, same here. sort of.

      Buuut it'll be a win/win situation either way. :v
    6. P
      Nope, don't remember you in the slightest.

      The sand video was pretty good. Although now I'm reminded to update my signature. I'll go and find new quotes eventually.

      So, how's life?
    7. Absol
      Alright. :B

      Might not be this Friday though, because me and Wolfie have been trying to work out a time to get in touch with each other there for a while and she might finally be able to then. I'm not sure, though, but I'll be in there either way. .-.
    8. What?
      How in the world would I forget about my favourite psychoanalyst and one of my greatest good friends? How are you, my good sir?
    9. Misty
      I don't really see how that is. Just because you're a Prem doesn't mean you have to associate with them.
    10. Misty
      Not really, you've been very on and off on here. I've been here for five years straight, haha.
    11. Absol
      Added. :lolface:
    12. Absol
      Added. :lolface:
    13. Absol
      **** yes.
      And yeah, I'll be happy to talk to you on there when I can, since it's a million times easier. Not to mention how fun it is. xD
    14. Absol

      Ah, good. Either one of those will work. But yeah, it's pretty awesome, I've had long conversations with Pika and Advent on there (and I'm gonna try to meet Wolfie next week), so the mic works suprisingly well. Thing is, usually I can only do it late Friday and Saturday nights, so yeah.
      Make sure to post yours here then, too. :B
    15. Absol

      Weeell every time I see him he looks at me so ****ing much, I get confused as ****. what the ****.

      Well, as long as it isn't Black or White, I should be able to talk to you on there sometimes. And voice chatting is fun as hell. 8D
      Anyhow, my code's 2407 2124 1718. :v
    16. Absol
      Tell me about it. I'm pretty sure me and Wolfie can make this work, though, so I'm really excited.

      Yeah, what makes it worse is the fact that he has no gay mannerisms whatsoever and it was quite a while before someone told me he was gay. Still, though, there's a good chance he's bi, but I haven't got that confirmed. ugh.
      But oh god, the staring. I can't understand it. /suicide

      But hey, do you have a Pokemon friend code? It's been a lot easier for me to talk to people on there on certain nights.
    17. Absol
      Don't worry, I'm a seasoned player when it comes to that now. But Wolfie says she wants to deliver a laptop to me this summer, so I'll be on a computer again soon. **** yes.

      Well, good luck, and I wish you all the best, buddy.
      Things are pretty good on my end, though I've had this fixation with a gay guy for over a year now and it just isn't going away, lol. And I really want to get a job. .-.
    18. Absol
      Because I'm an idiot who keeps getting caught online and then is forced to leave for long periods of time. Now I'm strugging on a PSP yet again. I feel bad for not talking to you and everyone else I know more, but dear god it can get tedious on this thing.

      But, ****ing hell, I missed you. How's it going? :lolface:
    19. Misty
      What? is still around, dunno about Dalk.

      It depends on how you define funny people though, I guess.
    20. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Haha, awww you sound like a proud father :b *hugglecuddle*

      At least he would let you play it t.t

      Huh, my bad, it was with you saying your parents had gone home, who do you live with then? Have I missed something? x3 Also its ok, you dont have too long to go now :b
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