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Happily-Never-After, care to join me?
Living with life; it is harder than it seems.

morphine and lollipops

Merlin's Housekeeper, from Happily-Never-After, care to join me?

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Aug 27, 2009
    1. Asterisk
      You haven't been online for a while ..D:...that sucks.
    2. Asterisk
      I guess it was okay, a little sudden but it was alright.People only liked him for his flips and attacks after that ..I like him before all that.
    3. AxelRedHot
    4. *TwilightNight*
      Sorry about the humongous late respond. Been busy with some things, haven't gotten to anyone, really, unless they are quick. And now, I'm dealing with one of those "now you know who your real friends are" sort of deal. In the interwebs >.>. Don't know if you ever experienced that one xP. You really never get how people are in the end. Thankfully, not hurt, but just real irritated. I don't really understand how people can't tell you what they think in front of you :/. It gets to talking bull behind your back and all. But I'll save you the rant ^^;. My summer has been so far good, compared to those things. Just went to a vacation trip yesterday for a day. Was really nice. Beach and the boardwalk. In fact, I dare say it's the most I've ever felt so relaxed.

      Free time for me is usually spent in the computer xD. Or playing some video games. I kind of gave up on TV. I swear I have never finished any of my DS games as of now o.o. And somehow, I'm getting back into it just when college is about to start for me again. It's better, because I got rid of all my English classes, so no more massive essays. If there's anything I hate about education, it's those damn massive essays. Especially the ones of those "critical thinking". I'm more better at creative writing, lol xD.

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't do much OCs. Not that I find them difficult, or dislike them. Sometimes, they can be fun. Yet, I just rather prefer to roleplay canon characters the most, considering they already have a personality, and you have to keep them that way.

      And awwww, KH is a good game. I don't think it's the best, considering the flaws, and the many gripes I have about it, especially on the director. But it's good and fun. There's 358/2 Days coming out for the DS, speaking about it. It's suppose to be great graphics and a good game play. Decent story. As I said above, I'm not much of a gamer. I kind of leave things halfway, and the only thing I ever really played are the Pokémon games xD. I don't even have a PS, and I never played KH or KH2. Or CoM. Though the internet does wonders to make up for it. A part of me wants to get a PSP, because I want to play Birth By Sleep. KH, yeah, but it sounds fantastic. At the same time, I don't want to buy something a bit costly for one game, you know?

      As for Blaise Zabini, well, he is a Slytherin xD. I guess that is the good thing about characters that have no real development. You can do anything with them. It's disappointing in a way STILL merely because of the fact that their personalities seemed interesting enough to explore. The Organization members have more role in the story than Blaise did.

      And I agree. It's not really that I'm being cruel, or that I'm too strict. It's that there's just no quality in an RP when something is barely thought of. Where's the plot in that?
    5. Asterisk
      Anakin is meh ..he was okay, but he had too many conflicts with himself.
    6. Asterisk
      Luke is only a pussy in the fifth movie.
    7. Asterisk
      Obi-Wan is meh ..Mace Windu was a pimp.
    8. Asterisk
      Lmao, children don't come to my page ..I think xD Life is a little annoying right now with some ******bags I know, but otherwise things are going well with me.
    9. Asterisk
      Morphine, what's good?
    10. Near
      It's fine ::L:
    11. *TwilightNight*
      It was huge, wasn't it? I'm glad to get it out of the way. I have more free time to do whatever I wish. It's good to have a fellow procrastinator to understand what it was like making that reply xD. And I agree, MSN is addicting. Among everything else that distracted me, if I log on there, I would have never gotten what I needed to do finished at all.

      For an RP, I rarely do OCs. If I do, it's because it's needed. Otherwise, I stick to playing the actual canon characters. I like to a lot, to be honest. As I said, I'm just really into getting their personalities correct even if it kills me. And the tough part is when the said characters are in a position that they wouldn't normally be in, so you have to sort of find a way to keep them from being OOC in that situation. I'm surprised you don't know much about KH. Not that it's weird and all, considering that most are here for friends and other discussions. But I guess being a roleplayer makes me automatically think that they know the stuff, in case they ever got to play any of the characters. Nonetheless, if you think that about HP, then KH is in the same boat. Minor characters are REALLY minor characters. The creators have obvious bias and favoritism with characters, and they expose and whore them out so much (good presentation being: Axel. I love him and all, but God, his face is plastered everywhere), that it leaves everyone else behind. 13 Organization members. Barely any screen time. Even in 358/2 Days. It bothers me. But that's another pet peeve.

      I actually like that literacy idea. Text talkers somewhere and literate ones elsewhere. Sticking together in some part. Then again, it sort of forms here by itself. I mean, when you see an RP thread, and note all the bad writing and one sentences and liners, you kind of leave as fast as you can if you are one of the better writers.

      And really, would saying that be cruel? =P
    12. Near
      Aww, that sucks Dx
      Maybe try writing in NotePad or some other external word processor? So KHV won't eat your post.

      and lol xD
    13. *TwilightNight*
      Sorry for replying so late >.<. Been rather busy, and, disconnecting myself from MSN. I get easily distracted that way. You know, procrastination. Especially with long posts to do. I only managed to reply to a RP today. But otherwise, you're welcome! ^^ But it's true. I was serious when I said I think you're good. And I'm always kind of afraid to try my hand at HP RPs or any other RPs that don't have to do with a familiar series like KH is to me, now that you mention it. I mean, I know the characters in KH by heart. For the others, I'm nervous that I'll slip up and do it wrong. I should try it once. Yet, I'm one of those that REALLY drives to do a character justice to the best of my abilities that I know of them. And I freak if I don't do it well.

      Ah. The one that is just one action and dialogue. I really don't get why they do this. Is it that they think RPing like a chat? That they don't want to work at all to give some description? Haven't they read books? Gone to school? And the weirdest thing is that they don't take the examples of others who write a good post either. Ah well. There's nothing to be done. It's not like we can tell them: NO TEXT TALK, DAMN YOU! D<

      Though I feel tempted once in a while, I admit.
    14. Asterisk
      Lol, I'll let you know how the movie is.If the Wayan Bros. did 'White Chicks' then this is sure to be awesome.
    15. Asterisk
      Nice, I'm gonna go see 'Dance Flick' with the Wayan Bros.
    16. Asterisk
      Nothing much, planning to spend time with my pops tomorrow for father's day and all : D
    17. Asterisk
    18. Asterisk
      Good, good, what about you?
    19. Asterisk
      That's exactly why I changed it just sticks xD
    20. Korra
      It's fun, we just got a new lightboard too, so I was excited. xD
      I was on a trip during the showing of the winter play and didn't get to use the board...I was sad. ;~;
      But then this came along and I was like, "YAAAY". >_>;;

      I always thought so too. xD
      It can get tricky though, if the actors mess something up we're the ones that have to scramble to make things flow onstage. I can't even tell you how many times I've had to flip around my script to find where the actors are and then change the lighting so we can transfer back to the right screen. xDD

      Alright, I'll upload those when I can!

      Aww...I'm sure you could order it online or something. :3
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