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May 4, 1994 (Age: 29)
I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
The Black Ski Mask way is the only way


King's Apprentice, Male, 29, from I'll end you on the spot so watch your six

Talk behind someone's back is for cowards, amateurs, punks, and chumps Nov 29, 2015

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Dec 2, 2022
    1. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Corona- And a baby was able to see this...
      Me- *in my mind* No...only a true god of time could...and Lucy is right, I'm no god...
    2. NightofNights
      Iccara: well that's stupid. might as well of teleported.
      I'm going to the late show dumbass. and maybe I just wanted to go for a f**king ride too?
      Iccara: But you hate cars.
      Well maybe I needed something to distract me from my troubles like music.
      Iccara: Awe. so you didn't REALLY want to talk to me? *makes a sad face* that makes me sad.
      *frowns* you think I give a s**t if you're sad?
      Iccara:*smiles* only if it's someone else causing it to me.
      *is a bit red now* ya well. you're MY punching bag. not theres. they can go find their own shadows to pick on.
      *ccara:*grins* I knew you cared.
      Ya well. you're me. sort of. you die. I die and all that s**t.

      Lucas:*finds some left over rice and nukes it up before smothering it with soy sauce*
    3. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      Nd what happens to be that?
    4. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Corona- M-mother this true?
    5. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Past Me- *nods* thank you mama time
      Corona- *looks at past me* Mama...time?
    6. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Past me- *giggles again*
    7. ichigo1117
      hmmm ok ill but you up to nerd! now we are at the same level xD
    8. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Past me- *gets a serious look on my face, a look that says I'm determined to change my future self for the better, to keep the future me like I am now*
    9. NightofNights
      Iccara: Sure. Blame me. -_-
      Of course I'm blaming you!! *whispers under my breath* Not like I've got anyone else to blame...
      Iccara: UUhhh... You missed the theater...
      Shut up. I'm not going to that one. -_-
    10. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      I know, but i have an idea. hopefully its a tag team match, or maybe we will just have a talk to lay down the rules. and if we have to do that then i can ask for a tag teammatch. other then that i leave it all to chance. its a wonderful thing, chance, thats how i got here in the first place.
      *I look up to the sky, stretching my arm out, letting pieces of the sun go through my fingers.*
      Too bad i wont be mortal after this.
    11. nasirrich
      I gotta get off I'll try to get back on, but this money man I need to make more of it. Its a drive like this that keeps me going and getting newer ideas for the rp I'm in. Yo that Gods of Kh I rep that. The team I'm in you better respect that. BA BYE!!!
    12. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Past Me- *looks into her eyes with the purity only a baby can show*
    13. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Past Me- *smiles and giggles more*
    14. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      *i walk over to Ashley, looking at her from above.*
      hello there, did you have fun?
    15. ichigo1117
      hm i think i like dork better than that guy :P
    16. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      Solar Flare.
      *My body explodes, and fire streams from my body melting all the snow. The clouds on the sky disappear and the sun blazes.*
    17. KeybladeMasterJoe
      me: *i take her hand then teleport us outside* its so beautiful out here, but not as beautiful as you ^.^
    18. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Past Me- *giggles*
      Corona- *can't believe what she's seeing*
    19. Kaidron Blaze
      Kaidron Blaze
      ............ @.=.@ confused
    20. KeybladeMasterJoe
      Me: *picks up the dishes then place them in the sink* *I come up behin her and put my head over her head where it looks like my face is upside down to her* hey I have a great idea it's almost sundown why don't we go to a park and watch the sunset ^,^
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    May 4, 1994 (Age: 29)
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    The Black Ski Mask way is the only way
    I'm a very reliable person who can make friends very easily and is obsessed with anime... Anime All Day

    Tricking Out Cars, Kingdom Hearts Games, Going to new places, Meeting new people, Anime Conventions, committed to hard work old and new school, RP-ing, playing video games, drawing, expanding my knowledge on any subject no matter the caliber of intensity required


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    The truth of the person behind the icon is not always the truth about the icon itself


    (Nights good looks with this cwazy avy, and the siggy good sir ^.-.^)
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