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Dec 20, 2009
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Dec 10, 1996 (Age: 27)
In the always forgotten dream
Your worst nightmare~


Merlin's Housekeeper, Female, 27, from In the always forgotten dream

I wish I may, I wish I might. Have the wish I don't wish tonight. Jul 24, 2013

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Dec 5, 2013
    1. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      *i brush my hands off and then put them in my pockets*
      Well Sensui won't wake up til tonight anyway. That punch was way too strong for him to handle. We can bring it up tonight. I don't mind. As long as we decide. I mean he isn't doing anything to us. So that's why i say we wait.

      (I got 15 hours in last night. I'm good.)
    2. nasirrich
      Me- I think we could walk there.... But fixing the cars would be a much better idea.

      Kim- =.=*Grunts at him.* Hey why are you so mean?
      Ashley- ******bag*She coughs* Damn allergies -,-
    3. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      Me: I say we leave Stein alone.
      Sensui: I say we go after the ******* and kill him.!
      *i clench my fists, fire starts to burn all up my arm.*
      Me: let's leave him be.!
      Sensui: let's kill him.!
      *i swing and punch Sensui in the jaw sending him flying into his room.*
      Me: who's a ******* now.

      (it's all cool. As long as the place has AC it's ok.)
    4. KeybladeMasterJoe
      (haha its fine I'm just glad your back on here and stuff :3 )
    5. nasirrich
      Kim-*Tries on a few things she sees.*

      NoN are any of these ok? Ashley do you like?
      Ashley-*Jaw drops* W-Woo...
    6. nasirrich
      Kim- Hmmmm...*Browsing this one section looking at high heels and nice dresses.*
      Ashley-*Looking at school girl, rocker, goth type things.*

      Me-*Nose bleed gets even worse.* We gotta go to that damn store to see them, but the cars aren't working =.= Goddamn Iccara I wish I was there...*Just picturing what he sees Ashley, you, and Kim dressing like.*
    7. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      Sensui: this is Stein we are talking about. He could have made more since he's been back. Or what he blew up, could have been a second lab and his 1st and main one is hidden away, and there could be tons of books.

      (I'm on the border line of cracking. But it's ok.)
    8. nasirrich
      Kim- NoN come on sweetie I think you'll love the stuff in this store. Please keep Iccara long to ok.
      Ashley- Yea now he can wait and watch as I get these cutie panties with a anime vampire on it ^.=.^

      Me- She's so hot and when she gets NoN to dress the same way they always tease the guys by doing sexy poses or just walk around getting so much more beautiful each and every stop. Now that Ashley is with them who knows the sick meamn hot things they'll do.
    9. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      Me: But why must the girls take care of us? I'd rather wait to see Stein's next move. If we do that then we can prepare ourselves for anything.
      Sensui: we are risking our lives if we let Stein go on longer. I want to steal some of his notebooks.

      (interesting, well the insanity keeps going on. I need sleep, I've working on 2 hours of sleeps a day.)
    10. nasirrich
      Kim- Iccara you have 6 seconds to get back here or I will personal end you myself.*She says with an evil glare.*
      Ashley- I'll watch...

      Me-*Almost pukes* But have you ever shopped with Kim to get her under where which I'm not complaining about, but its just...*Starts to get a bloody nose.* Its sick to think about her in that way when she's pretty much like your mom. Pain and lust at the same time AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
    11. nasirrich
      Ashley- Yea ALRIGHT!!!!*Giddy with joy.*
      Kim- Ok ok you two come one lets go.*Takes your hand walking over to that dark, goth store.*

      Me-*Starts to cry a bit.* Its so much torture man I-I couldn't take it. I thought I'd never make it out alive of the one store. They just don't stop like how?*Crying even more going over to Lucas crying on his shoulders.* BAGS AND BAGS, AND BAGS AND BAGS!!!!! SO MUCH BAGS SO MUCH BAGS!!!!!!!!!
    12. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      Me: but why chess? Why can't we leave stein alone? He is like family to me. He may be a psychotic person but he is still family.

      (CR, and Nas? They took over? That's good and bad? I think. Good because the group is still alive, bad seeing how nobody can jump back in. But oh well, just break the chain, and do a wandering hero type of thing.
      Months? I thought it was a year? Looks like I'm wrong. Just have to start again. I think Alice went to her room, and so did NoN. Also Amy passed out. All crazy stuff.)
    13. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Ignoring Iccara cause she can't wait to go shopping.*
      Kim-*Is in amazement cause the store has 8 floors in it.* Wow...*She says while tearing up a bit.*
      Ashley- N-NoN this is gonna be fun.*She says giddy with Joy.*
      Kim- Hmmm I wonder what she'll want to get for the festival were going to.
      Ashley- I'll probably find a lot more stuff for me to get in here XD

      Me- You know we should have went with Kim, but I just got this feeling they're doing something I'd hate to be at. And seeing how fast she was going I bet you it was shopping -.- At that damn store she'd always take me and NoN at so she can buy NoN cute stuff =.= Females
    14. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      Sensui: No.! You said you are a cat and you have Nine lives but a few of them were wasted.! Now chew this gum and it will make it immortal like us.!
      Me: Sensui, just quit it already.
      *Sensui frowns then puts the gum in his pocket.*
      Me: Chess, if Stein is back, then Hatter will be back too. And him combined with Stein, it's going to be a mess.
      Sensui: SH, you know I am a little bit like Stein.
      Me: I know, but Stein also looks out for us. So I don't wanna take him down.

      (if only I was in Gods of KH again, maybe I could figure out my people's personalities again. But it's good to be able to msg you again. What happened to you and Alice in this RP?)
    15. nasirrich
      Ashley- Hahahah Loser you have to go with girls when they shop man you gotta hate your life right now.
      Kim- Well mostly cause we have to find something outstanding for NoN, and they could take a while XD*Kim in such a trolling mood right now which is kinda new for her. But hanging out with you too much can alter her...*Sniped* *

      Me- Stupid Shadow now time for his Mark Ass!!!*Goes to Lucas this time and kicks some rocks at him making sure a lot of gravel gets in his mouth and all of that.*

      (I put that vid up cause you ruined it when I said no one can touch ya ~,^*Sniped*

    16. nasirrich
      Ashley- Yes Kim I'm ok don't worry about me. I'm just so happy we get to go....
      Kim- Go what?
      Ashley, and Kim- SHOPPING!!!!*Laughs a lot now.*
      Kim- And we get to go with NoN this is such a treat let's go.*Gets out of the car starting for the store.*
      Ashley- YEA COME ON NON!!!*Opens her door pulling the seat up when she gets out so you can leave as well.*

      Me-*My eyes twitch as I get out my car and start to kick Iccara while he's down.* YOU SUCK MAN!!!! STUPID COP!!!!!

      (I hope you destroyed those damn exams. But then again your Madame NoN like no one can touch you.)
    17. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      Sensui: It's perfect for you chess.! It will make you immortal.!
      Me: Yeah, seems like it. I thought he died way back when, but it looks like he didn't. Well we can have fun again.

      (This is my escape from everybody. And just so you know I am so lost with this and what has happened before.)
    18. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      Sensui: I know what will happen.! Just try it.!
      *i walk right up to chess and look to sensui*
      Sensui, stop terrorizing the Cat.
      Sensui: weren't you sick with that thingie where you became a monster?
      I go over it somehow. A guy with a doctor's outfit came and injected me. A few minutes later I'm back to normal.

      (there are probably lots of reasons. But I am to the point now where nobody in the family likes me. I am officially the black sheep of the family.)
    19. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      Sensui: Come on Chess.! Don't bee like that.! I just need you to try this.!
      *pulls out some Gum*

      (Oh, no. It wasn't because of school. I mean I could have made it been because of school but it wasn't. I had a lot of work to do. Learning more about crazy people to influence my people like sensui, and when I say crazy I mean people like Russia from Hetalia, or Kululu from Sgt. Frog. Then I also had a lot of family BS to take care of. People causing problems with others and what not. Also had some outside family problems too.)
    20. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      Sensui: torture is such a mean word. I prefer experiment.

      (hey it's been a while)
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    Dec 10, 1996 (Age: 27)
    In the always forgotten dream
    Your worst nightmare~
    I'm that feeling you have when someone's watching you yet when you turn around, and no one's there.
    Though really I'm just a girl who's trying to make it out in this world. My first Kingdom Hearts game was "KH:358/2 days" for the DS and I fell in love with Roxas~ <3
    The only other game that I've played was "KH: Recoded", and have yet to finish it. The last Nobody is soooo hard to beat D: I swear to god it's roxas!! (haven't seen or read anything about Recoded and dont plan to ruin it for myself)|
    But I am planning on getting a PlayStation so that I'm able to play the other games. :)

    Things I like? Music, friends, RPGing and walking in the rain at night.^^ I love walking through the forests around my home town and just having a warm cup of coffee :) I love coffee <3


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    -Thanks to the amazing Nights for the Amazing signature! <3