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Dec 20, 2009
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Dec 10, 1996 (Age: 27)
In the always forgotten dream
Your worst nightmare~


Merlin's Housekeeper, Female, 27, from In the always forgotten dream

I wish I may, I wish I might. Have the wish I don't wish tonight. Jul 24, 2013

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Dec 5, 2013
    1. nasirrich
      Kim-*Sees some car parts as she speeds, and just slows down instantly still can be heard roaring down the streets.*
      Ashley-*Sighs* Of course Kim of course ^,^

      Me-*Wakes up from the sound of all that beautiful power.* WOO HELLO SEXY COME TO PAPI!!! NON!!! Sis be careful ok there's glass just... wow that this in really in there.*I spin flip up and just star at your back.* Damn is all that can be said you ok. And no one likes you Iccara... Jk hang on sis...*I try to open the door but end up getting glass deep inside of my hand.* Wow seriously dude? -/-*I could care less about the pain as I still try to pry the door open.*
    2. nasirrich
      Me- Huh well ummm...*I just drop on the floor and pass out.*

      Kim-*Does NOS speeding up even more making the speedometer out outta control a bit.*
      Ashley- Don't think you're going fast enough Kim.
      Kim-*Doesn't think much of the comment, and just keeps killing it almost getting to you all, but also towards the big festival 48mils more north from where you all are.*
    3. nasirrich
      Me- Wow team nice on there ^-^ But you sure you ok NoN nothing happened with anything on you?

      Kim-*Still speeding down a bit worried still so she thinks she's being sneaky by taking the long way.*
      Ashley-*Sighs since she knows what Kim is doing, but says nothing.*
      Kim-*Kicks it up a nickle, by going into 6th just killing it on the highway.*
    4. nasirrich
      Me- SIS!!!*I just blast off to your wreck and do a drift around the car, stopping, and just jumps out of my car rolling over to yours. From there I punch the glass, and try to get the door to open.*

      Kim-*Here something on the radio.* Just in we got a couple of street racers on the bridge and medical assisstance is needed.*
      Ashley- Wow kids now adays huh?
      Kim- Yea heheheh ^^"*Worried that it might be you, and Nas, but she gets in her car starting it up, and shuts the door.*
      Ashley-*Gets in herself feeling the interior leather, the dashboard, everyhting.* Wow this car is somehting else ^-^*Shuts her door.*
      Kim-*Revs up the engine a bit then peels out the parking lot speeding down the main road.*
    5. nasirrich
      Me-*I stop my car instantly watching you make it to the line.* YO WHAT THE F***!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

      Kim-*Makes her keys appear out of the blue unlocking her newest car....*

      Ashley-*Hears the car, and wen she looks outside her jaw just drops.*
      Kim- Ahhh gotta love extra credit, and student bonuses for working on campus ^.^*Smiles as she walks outside shutting her door, locks it, and goes to the car.* Ok let's go ^,^
      Ashley-*Is speechless, at a complete loss for words.*
    6. Technic☆Kitty
      Sorry :sweatdrop: and yea ^_^ I hit my four hundredth post and boom king's apprentice :P
    7. nasirrich
      Me- Just me myself and I in this...*Sees Lucas pass me, and you too.* O_O What... The... Hell...*Getting blown out the way.*

      Kim- Ashley I'll be another second ok...*Almost done just making the last minuet touches.*
      Ashley- Oh cools it was just Kim thought...*Just stops herself, walks inside, shuts the door behind her, and waits.*
    8. nasirrich
      Me- Ummm but you are though HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!*Keeps pushing the car to it's limit as we reach the final 18mile straight stretch.*

      Ashley-*Blasts back off to where Kim is.*
      Kim-*Feels Ashley's aura, and has her aura unlock the door.*
      Ashley- Kim!!!*Knocks on the door and it opens.* X_X The hell was that?*Not understanding how that happened and just gets the chills.*

      (Naw it's all good silly head.[MARQUEE]No but it really isn't though how dare you!!!![/MARQUEE] And quick question when do you wanna bring us back into gods? Cause I've noticed we just stop showing up in there? So weird we are focused on everything else, but ourselves literally wow ^^")
    9. adamboy7
      lol I honestly think that if they were you'r children it would't so much as phase them XD

      Kid: Okay. Pass the salt? :3
    10. Technic☆Kitty
      I know what you mean, I didn't go to school today because I started feeling sick on top of maybe only two hours of sleep. Maybe i'll go tomorrow -_-
    11. adamboy7

      Much love <3
    12. nasirrich
      Me- YEA PUNK SO WHAT UP!!!!*I just fly past him and keep a strong lead.*

      Kim- I hope this will be ok, and not to flashy.

      Ashley- Alright now time to be out!!!!
    13. Technic☆Kitty
      Dang, only missed you by like ten minutes. Oh well, I wasn't going to stay on very long anyway. Well, maybe tomorrow :P
    14. Technic☆Kitty
      Hey, sorry I haven't been on lately. I've been out and about. I won't be on for long, but I might be back on l8r tonight.
    15. adamboy7
      lol How are you? :D
    16. adamboy7

      Happy Easter to all those mutilated bunnies out there :3
    17. adamboy7
      Indeed :D And on that note I apologise but I must be going to bed lol. Its nearly 12:30 in the morning XD (odd. According to google chrome apologise is spelled wrong. According to it apology is a word O.o I dunno)

      Anywho, nighty night :D
    18. adamboy7
      Well, actually, if you think about it we already do have borders around our house. That's how we separate our property from our neighbors. That, and your not really supposed to go on other people's lawns without permission, and it is quite illeagle to break into somebody's house XD So don't we already have them really?
    19. adamboy7
      lol Baby steps XD
    20. adamboy7
      lol Its funny how much better the world would be if governed from a child's point of view XD lol Well, not completely. Just things like peace, nobody need borders, stuff like that lol.
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    Dec 10, 1996 (Age: 27)
    In the always forgotten dream
    Your worst nightmare~
    I'm that feeling you have when someone's watching you yet when you turn around, and no one's there.
    Though really I'm just a girl who's trying to make it out in this world. My first Kingdom Hearts game was "KH:358/2 days" for the DS and I fell in love with Roxas~ <3
    The only other game that I've played was "KH: Recoded", and have yet to finish it. The last Nobody is soooo hard to beat D: I swear to god it's roxas!! (haven't seen or read anything about Recoded and dont plan to ruin it for myself)|
    But I am planning on getting a PlayStation so that I'm able to play the other games. :)

    Things I like? Music, friends, RPGing and walking in the rain at night.^^ I love walking through the forests around my home town and just having a warm cup of coffee :) I love coffee <3


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    -Thanks to the amazing Nights for the Amazing signature! <3