Oct 19, 2010
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Bof, Male, from France


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Dec 17, 2014

    1. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      You have the Play Your Cards Right pin, too. I figured as much... Which game?

      Anyway, that's gotta take some serious determination to pull off. I mean, I know there are people that do it, but it's just plain mindblowing! O__o
      Is the feeling of accomplishment really worth it? Is it more fun that way?

      Sure, I'd try to do it as well--if I had time, that is.

      OH! And how come you've 600+ posts, but only 5 friends? :c
    2. Makaze
      Aha, thanks.

      It was a Black Mage, because they don't have Red Mages in Fire Emblem.
    3. Agent.T
      I meant your perspective towarfs seem like a really amazing person <3
    4. Agent.T
      I didn't really think of it like that! :D you're pretty amazing~
    5. Agent.T
      You know science proves nothing...It's full of theories...It's a best guess they take many pieces of data and say "You know what? this one sounds better than those...WOO we worked it out!" but there's no answers...just simple guesses~

      After-life or not...I don't fear it...I figure no matter what I'll be happy :)
    6. Agent.T
      With mediums...Well I believe that few possess any actual talet at contacting the supernaturl...May re there simply because there's money involved...So not always reliable...and the ccuracy of a depends on personal some people if a medium gets a single word of a sentance wrong then theyre clearly nt gifted xDD ny research is biased due to personal opinion...

      This is reminding me of a book I read a ways back, it's called "Through violet eyes" It's a really beautiful book :) You should read it some time if you get a chance :)
    7. Agent.T
      The video didn't work...But I think I can go one up~ [video=youtube;u4qGfNViVN8]
      Honestly though..The things she as saying...There's nothing on google that could have helped her...and to guess everything...WOuld hve to be mn consecutive coincidences~
    8. Fork
    9. Fork
      brb moving to china. ;~;
    10. Fork
      De un, oui je regardais des dessins animés français quand j'étais gosse, et de deux, ouai je connais le joueur du grenier xD C'est cool comme série, un peu comme le " Angry Video Game Nerd". Pourquoi tu me demande?
    11. Fork
      Je sais pas s'il fait chaud chez toi là, mais c'est l'enfer ici a Lyon @_@
    12. Makaze
      Why do you even care ? You hide your rep and you can' t do anything with it. You know I wanted to rep you, it' s all that matters, right ? ^^

      I tend to forget reping people (shut up auto-spell check, it' s not a typo), I don' t exactly throw candy at every noteworthy line I hear irl. It' s a shame really, it' s not like people can read the enthusiasm on my face on-line.
      I just like to get rep, it makes me happy. That and I can get higher in the charts. Aside from those reasons, I think it strange that people do not give rep more often with how much they seem to enjoy others' posts. I am pretty liberal with rep myself.

      Yeah, it is sad. But I usually remember if I laugh the second time I go through a thread too, so it ends up being fine in the end.
    13. Makaze
      You should get around to that. You haven't repped me in a while, have you?
    14. Makaze
      They could not intentionally annoy you, and you could not try to stop them from doing it. You would be forced to reach a compromise once the other person voiced their annoyance. It is a matter of intentions. You would be incapable of wishing harm (or perceived harm) on someone else. Everyone would.

      No, you seem like a peaceful fellow. I feel that there are hostiles and those who would harm me and not care about it, though. It has always been this way. I am always threatened by people who choose to rely on those who mean me harm, but I have been more susceptible to it than usual lately.

      Heh, I am not that paranoid. It is more of an "I willingly support the greatest threat to you" than an "I want you dead" kind of threat.
    15. Fork
      Prout :D
      Ben en fait je suis plutôt neutre, donc ça m'est égale >_> Tant que le nouveau ne fait rien de chiant, je le soutien.

      Par contre j'ai pas mal d'amis qui sont vraiment déçu xD
    16. Fork
      Pffffft xD
      T'étais avec qui toi? Ou tu t'en foutais vraiment d'eux? :P
    17. Fork
      Aah non j'ai jamais pensé ça. C'est normale que les gens passent aux extrêmes vu qu'on est en crise...
    18. Fork
      Oula, ne parlons pas de Le Pen. Franchement je suis dégouté qu'elle a obtenu 18% au premier tour.
      Mais bon, j'étais sure que tu t'en foutais des élections xD C'était juste un peu d'humour vu que c'est apparemment le seul topic que les gens peuvent discuter ces jours là ^^.
    19. Fork
      Alors, ces élections présidentielles? xD
    20. Makaze
      I am very open minded to material that takes some thought, whatever the genre. Something that could only have been done by that artist, something unique to them.

      This band seems like one of them.
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