Peace and War
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Feb 3, 2019
May 25, 2007
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Cisgender Male
Jun 1, 1992 (Age: 31)
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Peace and War

Bianca, you minx!, Cisgender Male, 31

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Feb 3, 2019
    1. Fork
      Is there something between you and Chev? ;~; You belong with me dammit!
    2. Chevalier
      Aye cap'n. I want you to whisper in my ear with your goddamn sexy voice.
    3. Fork
      I want you to love me and hold me like I do, my dearest PaW.
    4. What?
      (For all we know Chev could be sending you a virus!)
    5. What?
      PaW, remember to use protection first!
    6. Chevalier
      PaW, I'm afraid that I need you for something. I assure you I'm much more easy-going than your argumentative boyfriend here. So let's go, babe. I needz u on Skypez
    7. Makaze
      You should doubt all of your own claims. When you go to make a claim, check yourself, and doubt it. As I make a point to do.

      As it is you are cherry picking the evidence that suits you. Yes, I have traits that coincide with your projection of my personality. No, those traits do not cover all of your experiences with me. Let alone all of me that you have not seen.

      I didn't say I knew you. That would be the same arrogant dismissal I was condemning.

      Because you have consistently made these types of comments for months. Do you want me to fetch them? I will, to the best of my ability. Across both Skype and this forum.

      I am not reading too much into them because I am not reading into them. That would be the same arrogant dismissal based on direct observation of a result rather than insight. I am challenging you. This is an action. Having read into them is past tense. I am challenging you right now. I am trying to both get your intentions and possibly change your behavior if your intentions are not positive.

      If you are joking, then it is a bad joke. There are those who hold as you do, and seriously. By speaking such generalizations, especially as a member of staff, you solidify the simple, easy way out in the minds of the weak-minded. Furthermore the joke must have been meant for an audience. Who did you expect to laugh?

      If it is serious, then you are brushing me off in order to avoid confrontation. You could do this for any action of yours. "Oh, it wasn't in discussion, so it's not that big of a deal."

      Unless you have another explanation, these are the only two. Predictably your first inclination will be to say I present a black and white choice and offer no alternative yourself. I do not intend to allow that. Present your motives or intentions. Claiming that I do not know them while refusing to present them is a cop-out.

      I know you are not joking because this is a common occurrence.

      Either stop making such comments or discuss the topic with me. Please do not brush me off again.
    8. Makaze
      I don't want it to change to anything specific. I want you to doubt your assessment at every moment and continually reevaluate. That is how you treat people. They are not static. Yet your opinion has been very stable and simplistic for many months.

      I expect your opinion to be less simple. I expect you to attempt to understand me as an individual, particularly if you are going to then say that I view everything as a number. You know that is not true. Look back: can you think of an instance where I acted outside of that black and white projection of yours?

      Yet you use it anyway. Why? Not rhetorical. You did not address my points last message. Please address this one.

      It isn't the first time you have said such things. If it were I would not have bothered.
    9. Makaze
      You remind me of a banker. Everything is a number.
      You remind me of yourself. Leaping to extremes because it is easier on your mind.

      Your idea of me is what you see brought in, and your personality projected back out. If you cannot think of an instance in which you would act as I have, then your model of the world is too small.

      The difference between knowing someone and understanding them is that claiming knowledge is arrogant and it takes the other person out of the equation. It implies that you have enough knowledge merely by coming up with your own explanations for the actions you see. It is not insightful.

      To understand someone is to become them; to see why they have done what they have done and see it as within your own capacity to choose the same under at least one set of circumstances.

      You do a lot of projecting and conjecturing without personal empathy for someone who believes I see only numbers.
    10. Terra254
      I know right?
      But I don't think that's possible... ; ;

      For Rat ; ;

      Are you tired for any particular reason, or just work?
      I'm okay I guess.
    11. Terra254
      Just asking to make sure, But is my signature okay?
      I mean size-wise Unless a rule has been broken . . . ? Sorry to Bother you.

      Hmm...This post template isn't good.
      Really repetitive . . . back to the lab!

      Anyway, How are you?
    12. Krowley
    13. Terra254
      The game is a war, And we have only lost the battle!
    14. Terra254
      Now is the time, Rebellion lies on the west coast sleeping soundly.
      But out of one, Many!
      The time was right, I had to seize it! But could I some alone?
      Would I be a fool, or courageous?
      No! The time was now, There wasn't time for question!

      *Hugs you* *Blows up on you*

      Normal Memebers: -1

      Hehe...Your welcome?
    15. Machazo
      Yeah, it's nice to play the Left 4 Dead 1 maps with the L4D2 mechanics :v
    16. Machazo
    17. Jayn
      No problem. Good luck. :c

      Aw, thank you very much. I didn't/haven't told very many people...I was thinking about telling KHV as a whole, but alas. Too insecure, etc. Either way, I appreciate it. Never thought I'd end up engaged to someone I met on KHV. V:

      It is! I'm either legitimately busy with irl things or busying myself with KHV/online things. I don't think I would have thought to share it with staff either, though. I'm not that private a person, but I don't know. Talking about myself or my life always seems very insignificant/pointless. c':
    18. libregkd
    19. Jayn
      Hey bby--*shot*

      Hmm. Let's see. Well, for KHV Chorus a couple of people expressed interest in helping me mix (and were decent/good at it). It was Slaughtermatic (gone) and Vexen (gone). So...I'm not sure. I know The Fuk? and Ghetto can mix. I'm not sure how willing they would be, but I know they can probably do it.

      I'd love to help you, my schedule is just really inconsistent until August 14th. :c
    20. libregkd
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    Jun 1, 1992 (Age: 31)
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