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May 9, 1988 (Age: 36)
If I'm online, then I'm probably in front of the c
to get a new one :P


Kingdom Keeper, 36, from If I'm online, then I'm probably in front of the c

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Feb 28, 2013
    1. Fracture
      Really? I had to throw it out because it didn't fit with the rest of the story line, and it made me mad?
    2. Fracture
      Your welcome...! And thanks for the rep
      Point....I only need 11 more till I get 100!
    3. Fracture
      Wow... It sounds like you have...:). But that sounds cool to do, and good luck with it, so do any of those names that I had to reject from my book sound good?
    4. Fracture
      Hey there Pezz, i seen tha you were looking for a name for your world on foreverocean *seen it by accident,srry* but i hought that it sounded cool so i thought of a few that i rejected from my book...
      -Kiristania *lame*
      -Perariol *Just thought of*
      -I hope that one of these either get used or help you out...:D
    5. zillagod
      Well, thank you very much, and I hope that my ideas can help you guys to come up with someting incredible. Maybe with the right tweaks and modifications all the ideas can come together perfectly! :D
    6. StarSeeker99
      Oh, and I forgot something. Sorry to double-post (or, technically speaking, quintuple-post) on your Profile.

      We should make a Social Group for the Desouls! Everyone who participates actively could join. Do you mind if I create one? We could call it "The Desoul Group", or even better, "The Masters of Desouls".
    7. StarSeeker99
      Interesting ideed. The End of the World is the same thing as Kingdom Hearts. But isntead of being made of Hearts from people, it's made out of Hearts of worlds.

      Oh, and by the way, that's not what Sora said... that was much later on. After Xehanort's corny speech, he said :
      "That's not true! The Heart may be weak, and sometimes, it may even give in. But I've learned that deep down, there's a light that never goes out!"
      Hm... I gotta admit though, your little mistake made me realise the links between those two speeched Sora gives. He really learned a lot from his journey, and even more as he fought Xehanort's Heartless.

      Also, yeah, it was me on the "I never noticed" Thread. I didn't make it though.

      And as for the Wiki, glad you liked it! I didn't write everything yet (that's why I put "under construction" wherever the info is incomplete). I also had problems with the Wiki's text. I wrote my text in Word, and Copy-Pasted it. Then I wasted 30 minutes until I could make my text match the Font yours used, until I got it by accident. The buttons didn't work too well.
    8. StarSeeker99
      *clears throath*
      *Xehanort's Heartless accent*

      "All worlds begin in darkness, and all so end. The heart is no different. Darkness sprouts within it, grows, consumes it! And in the end, every heart returns to the darkness whence it came! You see, darkness is the heart's, true, essence."

      That's what I meant, actually.
      Is it me, or does he seem to be right? A lone Heart makes a body of darkness... and Hearts DO return to darkness (aka into space), but they create that big yellow moon instead.
    9. StarSeeker99
      OK, we can manage this as a team!

      Btw, I just realised that your Desoul Emblem sorta looks like a flower sprouting within a Heart, like Xehanort's Heartless philosophied in KH1.
    10. StarSeeker99
      I apologize for being absent lately; it's because I've been overwhelmed with school work. Today's the first day in a while where I don't need to jump on my work as soon as I get home. I'll participate more now, before my schedule gets sadistic again.
    11. StarSeeker99
      Ok, I made a wiki user, which is named...
      StarSeeker99 ...
      As I said in my post in "Make KH3's story...", I'll first re-write all the ideas we had, and that can still work.
    12. Finale
      i see...
    13. Finale
    14. Finale
    15. StarSeeker99
      Of course, I could help you manage the Desoul topic. However, keep in mind I'm new at this forum, and in forums in general... So if there's anything "special" to do other than just put ideas together, I need to know.

      Also, don't worry about being a bit absent lately. I haven't talked much either, only flooded ideas in large single posts. You said you had exams... my school is extremely annoying and eats my time too... so you don't have to be sorry, we both lack time right now.
      The Desoul topic will definitely progress faster if we're two to take care of it.

      Good luck with your school! And keep your awesome Desoul ideas coming!
    16. RoxaSora2010
      I've got them all.
    17. RoxaSora2010
      Oh. Well, I'm actually readingf the manga, the number 6 for now.
    18. RoxaSora2010
      You wanna be a female character? Ok, but if it's dead, I'm not going to post.
    19. RoxaSora2010
      Just choose a character if it's available and tell me who you want to be. But I think it's pointless, the thread is dead.
    20. Finale
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    May 9, 1988 (Age: 36)
    If I'm online, then I'm probably in front of the c
    to get a new one :P
    I'm just loving life!

    Design, Games, anime, puzzles, writing, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (love that game to death!)


    Two Zs are better than one!!!! XD