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Nov 27, 2011
Dec 20, 2007
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Princess Celestia

Supreme Co-Ruler of Equestria

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Nov 27, 2011
    1. Sumi
      And no, I was Sumi/Skullyphones~/Lovely Rose/England::./Darth Glomper/a lot of other things.
    2. May Kitsune
      May Kitsune
      I bet I can! D:<
    3. Arch
      On that thread about Enoch vs God-Emperor...don't worry about it. I didn't take anything personally and was glad to offer a source. I've really done a few hours of reading about Enoch and the meaning of the title "El Shaddai". I don't know why the developers had to make it so convoluted! You really do have to go out of your way to find deep meaning behind the story! Or be some kind of specialist in the Book of Enoch! D:
    4. Jayn
      If you're just following the competition, but you've not entered in it as a contestant, you can vote too. But you're still required to follow the same rules and give a valid reason. If I feel your (or anyone else's) reason is not detailed enough, I will call you out on it. c: (You guys can do the same to me if I seem vague)
      I saw you voted in the RP Idol thread. The vote won't be counted until you post a detailed reason as to why you voted for Marushi. c':
    5. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      D: what about texts?
    6. Maki
      Woooooould you rather be frieeeends then, Ms.Ponyponyponypony?
    7. ArchVice
      xD I think you've all drank the crazy juice...
    8. burnitup
      Well, like the shop guy said Ork players usally use Trukks and mobs of Boyz. Now, there are no sniper Orks (that I know of) but there are stealth orianted Orks (Kommondos). Personally I just like to swarm my enemy with Orks and crush 'em. Not sure how I can help ya.
    9. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Both need Princess in front of it tho.
    10. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Celestia and Luna ftw?
    11. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      *claims your entire profile*
    12. Princess Luna
    13. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      ;~; ............
    14. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      That's all that's left here... V_v
      Spamware still brings back too many memories.
    15. Styx
      It's been from "Was Sora justified?" that we've opposed each other in a debate. A real shame we never got to finish that one.
      I don't really understand how I'm being "too scared" though. I entered the discussion, did I not?
    16. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      she's 19. =]
      first year of college, perhaps.
    17. Mixt
      From a sociological standpoint it is very interesting to think at how piracy progressed. It wasn't long ago that it was unheard of outside of the vague idea of criminal hacker types. Then slowly you get people realizing it was possible but still hesitant because it was seen as wrong, then people started going "well companies aren't collapsing, so it can't be bad", and as you've seen people have actually started to convince themselves it might be good.

      Personally I think both sides of the coin like to exaggerate in this debate. Yes it is stealing, you are taking something that cost money to produce and getting it for free; saying that you weren't going to pay for it either way doesn't help it. No, companies aren't going to go bankrupt due to the losses piracy creates. Really the conflict over the whole thing is probably worse that the piracy itself is.
    18. Fearless
      Oh I see. XD
      I don't have a character there right now, but I'll make one sometime.
    19. Fearless
      Please tell me Nude is your guild.
    20. Jube
      She's not from any anime
      She's just a piece of art drawn by someone
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