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Nov 27, 2011
Dec 20, 2007
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Princess Celestia

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Nov 27, 2011
    1. Makaze

      I do not like any of those other than Starcraft. That only sparingly.

      I didn't like either of those very much; Tales of Pirates was my kind of thing. Until everyone that I knew quit playing it.
    2. Makaze
      "Made this thread golden."

      Then you should rep me for it, you meanie. ;w;
    3. Makaze
      Art and people. I really like playing games for their stories or experience-based aspects, but not for the competitive edge. I see a lot of games as repetitive if you can play anybody. A game needs to grow with me and have an ending to satisfy me.

      MMOs used to interest me for these reasons. I love anime, films and other works of art, and games are just one of them. When you play a game for competition, I lose some interest and it becomes an activity for parties only.

      What makes me tick especially are forums, like KHV. I have loved them for a long time and they have become a large part of me. More than any other form of entertainment, forums consume my time and energy, and I enjoy them thoroughly. Usually.
    4. Makaze
      I have not cared for online gaming for a long time. Sorry.
    5. Makaze
      Even if I had a computer, I am not that into gaming. I would buy it and never play it except for socially.
    6. Makaze
      Maybe, if I had free money.
    7. Makaze
      I only played up to Brood War. Good times...
    8. Makaze
      I play and played the original game at LAN parties. Did you?
    9. Makaze
      Feel free to PM me if you are interested in continuing, but I would avoid any antagonizing. A lot of statists love to antagonize me for my nonconformity.
    10. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      wow. o.o
      that's quite a while actually...dang.
    11. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      oh shi----
    12. Beucefilous
      i have a suggestion for your next deadliest warrior thread that i think would be good. Vincent Valentine versus Dante from devil may cry
    13. cloud's buddy
      cloud's buddy
      For the next Deadliest Warrior could you please use Sabin from FFVI?
    14. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      I was gonna post earlier but it's been a long day. Don't worry, some threads might take longer for replies than others. let me sleep and I'll do it tomorrow.
    15. Kites
      on a diet yo for real LOL
    16. Kites
      yeah i'd probably like it hahah and i've actually only played ii which is the one i'm playing now so i really don't know. ii's cool though because it's all italian renaissance times with da vinci, etc etc and i like it a lot.
    17. Kites
      oh yeah i knew what is was, just never bought it and played it LOL. HL2 was fun though.
      as for games i just bought assassin's creed ii cause it was $20 and i saw a walkthrough on youtube once and thought it looked fun so i got it and i like it a lot. but other than that i liked l.a. noire and heavy rain.
    18. Kites
      ah i see i never played portal/portal 2. i'm good, how're you?
    19. Absol
      Thanks, and the same to you.

      I'll be coming after you guys within three years, I promise. :lolface:
    20. Kites
      what up yo?
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