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Jun 16, 2007
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Somewhere over the rainbow, trying to claim the le
Perfecting the 'evil glare' though like most jobs,


Chaser, from Somewhere over the rainbow, trying to claim the le

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Aug 5, 2010
    1. Chevalier
      No sarcasm involved, just wanted those two last posts included. xDD, I'm doing good. How are you? It seems you're busy most of the time nowadays. I remember ho we used to talk about how Nomura didn't know how to do female characters. xD, those were the days.
    2. Chevalier
      Lulz, Repliku I love you for locking the thread the way you did in the code vault xDD <3
    3. TsuxasKH2FM+
    4. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Long time no talk...
      Hope things are going well for you~
    5. Nova
      Awh, thank you :3
    6. Nova
      Awesome avatar! 8D
    7. TheMagicalMisterMistoffelees
      Pretty good. I've been writing a lot lately. You?
    8. TheMagicalMisterMistoffelees
      Oh hey man. We haven't talked in forever.
    9. Fracture
      lol xDD I have many answers :3
    10. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      xD If it wasn't for a select few Justice League Unlimited episodes and the Smallville movie, I wouldn't even know who Dr. Fate was.
    11. Fracture
      It is because you are a god, that is the answer xDD
    12. Fracture
      Why is it you always have the best avvy?
    13. White_Rook
      Nobody ****s with Dr. Fate. NOBODY!
    14. Fracture
      Okay, it is official, you are a god...because of Dr, fate >8DDD
    15. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Nice Dr. Fate avatar.
    16. Korra
      Makes sense, I'm probably going to go for a masters degree too, but that's still a bit off for me. But with the way the job market is now...a higher degree might actually mean a real job, so the extra years might be worth it.
      Yeah, I know...but there's a small one that opened recently near me, and I'm guessing they'll need someone to work there if the current employees are college students and have to leave in August. And yeah, I got fed up with the job I had at my high school, so I decided not to work there this year. >>
    17. Korra
      Best of luck with that, are you looking forward to the dig?
      And e_e I need a real job soon, I'm considering harassing the Gamestop near me for an application. xD
    18. Korra
      Ah, I imagine that must be fun. What work are you doing again?
      Haha, thanks, but I know there's a huge amount of room for improvement. But I'm not giving up on it.
    19. Korra
      Why hello there. xD
      Not bad, done with junior year finally so that's a huge relief. Really excited for the pre-college art program I'll be going to in a few weeks.
      What about you?
    20. Rosey
      maybe i will.
      bring some excitement.
      flame war or two. WOOHOO!
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    Somewhere over the rainbow, trying to claim the le
    Perfecting the 'evil glare' though like most jobs,
    I live as no other has lived and yet everyone has been there.

    Anything that keeps my ADD entertained, probably all at once too.



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