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July 17


Moogle Assistant, Female

What's a "Status Message"??? I don't know. Is it something you write to tell about what's going on or something??? Feb 1, 2013

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Jan 31, 2013
    1. Riku'sGotABigFan-Me
      What's a "Status Message"??? I don't know. Is it something you write to tell about what's going on or something???
    2. kingdomheartsgeek
      Welcome to KH-Vids
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    July 17
    I love poetry and fan made stories for Kingdom Hearts. I've made a few myself. Just go here www.quizilla.teennick.com and check out my profile, candycanelila. My favorite word is lollipops and my second favorite is thingamahugafugabuga(thing-a-ma-huga-fuga-buga). I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters and I hate the =/+ key `cuz it's right next to the backspace button, which I use a lot since I type a lot. That was a long sentance...
    My gmail is logansmefriend@gmail.com `cuz I am friends with a kid named Logan. The name on that gmail is fake, for safty purposes.
    Me and my brother are writing a novel which we will--hopefully--have done in about two years.


    Riku Rocks, Sora's Sweet, Roxas Rules, Terra's Terrific, Vanitas is just Vanitas and Ven's hair is awesome.
    "If you wait two seconds, you will know what would have happened, had you not waited. But you still don' know what will happen two seconds from now and you will have accomplished nothing."
    That was by me. TeeHee...
    I got a poem
    "So this hopeless child now saves this thing
    A signature, it's called, I think
    I love Kingdom Hearts, you see
    Kingdom Hearts is just for me
    I must eat now, I'm quite hungry
    Also my mom is calling me
    So I must bid you all a due
    Kingdom Hearts is for me and you"
    PS: I can never get the last lines right. Or mabye I'm just not good at writing poems. Whatever. Check out my poems on www.quizilla.teennick.com My username is candycanelila.