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Mar 25, 2010
Nov 1, 2009
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Destiny Island

Roxas's Afterlife

Merlin's Housekeeper, from Destiny Island

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Mar 25, 2010
    1. Korra
      ...Um. You know reporting a VM...all the staff members with the option of recieving email notifications get it.
      First, how is it offending, and second, how is it racist?
    2. Korra
      Defending your opinion and dodging questions are two different things.

      So I restate what I said:

      "And um...not exactly the sort of proof I was looking for. Bible stories aren't exactly legitimate proof."
    3. Korra
      Guess that means you're not mature enough to have a real discussion on the argument that God does not exist.

      And I thought swearing and insulting people was considered a sin?
    4. Radiowave
      yeah pretty much the same. Listening to music and stuff.
    5. Korra
      See these are the insults that I was also talking to you about before.

      And um...not exactly the sort of proof I was looking for. Bible stories aren't exactly legitimate proof.
    6. Radiowave
      nothing much, you?
    7. Korra
      You know what forget you if u dont believe n god your be in hell and r be in heaven

      No, seriously, I'd like to hear your side of the story, so to speak. What's your proof that God created the universe and the other things stated in the Bible?
    8. BlazBlue Calamity
      BlazBlue Calamity
      The sky, gas prices, The population of china.

      Why'dya ask? xD
    9. Korra
      There is no proof that exists that God created the universe.
    10. Korra
      You should, because that can result in another warning. :/

      How about cosmic energy? Mainly the Big Bang and Big Crunch theories.
    11. Korra
      You do have an attitude. I'm telling you that right now.

      And how am I wrong? Where's your proof?
    12. Korra
      Hey remember that attitude thing we talked about yesterday? And insulting people?

      And I have actual facts and proof as to why there is no such thing as a god. Which goes beyond a book.
    13. Advent
      Not much, tired as hell, back from trolling the mall with my friends. You?
    14. Korra
      So I suck because I don't believe there's a higher power in the universe?
      How do you know that something you cannot prove is real actually exists?
    15. Korra
      No, that means when I die I stay in the ground and become bacteria and worm food.
      Just like everything else organic that's buried in the ground.
    16. Korra
      That's what "not religious" means in my case.
    17. Korra
      Um...hey, here's a thought, I'm not religious.
    18. Mako Tsunami
      Mako Tsunami
      Nothing much. o.o
    19. Korra
      Where did the "wow u suck" comment come from?
    20. Korra
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