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Mar 8, 2014
Feb 26, 2010
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Sakura Angel

Traverse Town Homebody

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Mar 8, 2014
    1. Xephos
      Don't say that master. *purrs and places both of my hands on your cheeks to face you to mine* you are my master and you are not worthless. You are precious to me.

      *soon I'm laying on the ground tired and dizzy*

      no problem master.
    2. Xephos
      Why and how did you begin to feel that way? *purrs and wipes your tears away*

      ^^ *purrs and rolls around with it a bit and sometimes chew it*

      I'll stay for probably 10 more min
    3. Xephos
      *purrs and wags tail slowly as I watch you calm down*

      Nya~ ^^ *purrs and stops when I catch it in my mouth*

      ah. I should get to sleep master. Shall I stay a bit longer?
    4. Xephos
      *purrs and watches you as I wag my tail*

      No master. I love this. Thank you. ^^ *purrs and gently takes it and would poke it a bit before pulling the string a bit and suddenly chase it around when it moved*
    5. Xephos
      *purrs softly and nuzzles your head*

      oooh. ^^ *purrs and looks closely* looks like something fun.
    6. Xephos
      No prob. *purrs and rubs your head gently*

      if you want. ^^ it is masters wish.
    7. Xephos
      *purrs and becomes neko and holds you against me* Ill stay a bit longer.

      Oh? I wonder what it is. *purrs and examines the outside of the box*
    8. Xephos
      Oh. I'm sorry. *purrs and rubs your back* if you want, I can just stay here with you for a few more minutes.

      Yes? :3
    9. Xephos
      *purrs and snuggles back* ^^

      Nya~ ^^ *purrs and wags tail*
    10. Xephos
      I missed you master. *purrs and nuzzles*

      *hugs back and licks your cheek* ^^
    11. Xephos
      Its okay master. ^^ *purrs*

      *wags tail and purrs* ^^
    12. KeybladeMasterJoe
      if you need to pm me
    13. KeybladeMasterJoe
    14. KeybladeMasterJoe
      busy -_-
      how are you?? ^_^
    15. KeybladeMasterJoe
    16. Technic☆Kitty
      Sure, well how bout a mythical mystery, with a good combination of both. What will the basis part be, murder mystery, romance mystery, or other. Like will some guy/girl lose there boy/girlfriend and have to find them or did someone die and have to solve the mystery of the death???
    17. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      *hugs you tight*

      Oh Sakura...I want us to be as close as we used to be again...I would do anything to have that wonderful friendship back that we used to have...I think about all the nice things you've done for me and those beautiful poems you wrote me everyday...I'm serious...

      And I still have them stored in my PM Box too...
    18. nasirrich
      I act different how do you mean?
      And umm no he didn't she broke up with me so Joe has all right to be with her hehehehehehehehehehe^^'
    19. Xephos
      *purrs and begins to eat* ^^ *wags tail*
    20. #8-Axel
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